Last week on the way back to Lahore, I couldn’t help noticing some sign boards on motorway. Reading “Goodbye” and “thank you for travelling with us” saddened me. On seeing my face my sister laughed and called it madness and in the reply I only smiled because I knew she would not understand the reason of my sensitive nature.

And that reminds me of the view of those green fields and yellow flowers that made our six hour long journey colorful. The kind yellow sun continued to smile and when our car entered in Lahore, I saw the orange rays of setting sun kissing the large sign board on the road.

It read

Welcome to capital city

It’s been a week and while sitting on my bed, I’m busy in typing these words on my laptop. I’m glad to recall all these beautiful moments.

Believe me writers are not only sensitive but they’re also good in their exaggeration. 🙂

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