Camp Candy

camp candy

Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and open any page. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

This word “Camp” reminds me of a cartoon series of Camp Candy. It was a story of a summer camp where children remained busy in doing their fun activities.

The camping adventure in the beautiful surroundings of mountains and the comic dialogues were all meant to be our refreshing dose. We children loved that show and after doing homework we used to gather in our TV lounge. It was also a time for evening tea and while we ate our evening snacks, the joyous theme song started to play.

Those were some simple and colorful days of my childhood and I’m feeling really happy to find these lyrics of the theme song.

The flea bites,

The bee bites,

The bark of tree bites.

The quietness of darkness

The stories told by firelight

The long nights

The food fights

A summer made of memories,

At camp candy!

The moonlight,

The sunshine,

The rainy days and wet nights,

At camp candy!


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