Write an obituary (it doesn’t have to be for a person)

Words can’t describe my pain and on this very day when I’m announcing the demise of my beloved friend, I can understand very well that grief and sorrow are but inexpressible feelings of life.

Nothing would compensate for this loss, for the last three years of my life that I spent with my dear friend are priceless. Past years didn’t saw me putting trust in anyone but him and my sole confidant never failed me.

The story of our camaraderie is exceptional. Together we laughed and together we cried and this very moment when he’s not here, I’m finding myself incomplete.

On January 13, I was busy in writing a story when a loud bang on a door startled me.My hands shivered in fear and once I lost the control, it lost forever. My pen fell on ground and became unconscious.

Later, my father pronounced him dead.

My dear pen, you served me well. The words I wrote from your nib are immortal. Dearest pen,the beauty and the glimmer of your golden color will continue to shine forever.

Rest in Peace Comrade.

golden pen

(Image Courtesy:, amzingly-rich-free-collection-of-clip-art-borders-frames)



8 thoughts on “Obituary

  1. Wonderfully creative…I know he’s probably irreplaceable but you may find a newer style more suitable to your current needs…perhaps it is time for a change and this opportunity was part of your fate!! Lol…loved this! 🙂

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