Freshness in air


Sitting on a new office chair in front of my computer table, I’m enjoying this new working environment in my room. Outside, the song of chirping sparrows is a welcome note for a spring. February is already packing up and it’s time for March to appear on screen.

It’s such a joy to get rid of sweaters and warm clothes. For, the winter remained strict in its rules. I wasn’t supposed to open the windows and doors and this morning when the door in the corridor is open, I can see the shades of genial sunlight on my terrace. Under the tickling sensation of morning sun, the green leaves are smiling and hopping and jumping among the branches of climbing leaves, sparrows are busy in eating birds’ seeds.

They’re large in number, I haven’t count but I suppose they are almost sixty in count and when their beaks peck the seeds spread on floor then that collective movement produces a rhythmic sound of “tick tick”.

It all looks majestic.

After cold winter, I like this waft of warm freshness. Nonetheless, it gives me hope and no matter what it encourages me to move forward 🙂


18 thoughts on “Freshness in air

  1. Oh Madeeha, I so love how you write! The strict rules of winter, you are so right about that…spring, summer and fall are all so much more carefree. Spring is right around the corner here too…next week is supposed to warm up to about 16 celcius. Which is really warm for March…I so look forward to it. I also love that it gives you hope and encouragement…Spring does present one with new hope and new beginnings. I could say that I could do with Winter but then I perhaps wouldn’t appreciate the other seasons quite as much…although I’m willing to give it a try… 😉 xo

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    1. Well, we all must give a try to winter. Perhaps it is not that bad 🙂
      It’s great to hear that you are also enjoying the beauty of this season. The average high temperature of March in my city is 28 celsius.

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      1. Oooh, I like 28 celsius, that is 82 fahrenheit here and that’s my kind of warm!! We see those temperatures in July and August. What are your temperatures in July & August?

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        1. Specifically, talking about my city “Lahore” I’d like to tell you that
          the warm season lasts from April 19 to July 12 with an average daily high temperature above 35°C. The hottest day of the year is May 26, with an average high of 40°C and low of 26°C.
          There is much information on internet about the temperature in Pakistan and there is one thing which I think you’ll find interesting
          The hottest place is Jacobabad where temperature can rise up to 128 Fahrenheit and coldest place in Pakistan’s Northern area is Sakrdu where a record temperature of -26 C was recorded in 1995.
          So, there’s this variety in temperature in my country 🙂

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          1. Wow I did not realize it would get that cold there. It just occurred to me, my Dr. is from Pakistan. I will have to find out from where to see if you are familiar with the city. Our warm season is from June thru August, which is our summer. The coldest time months are December thru February. Last winter it was very very cold here, with the wind chill factor it was often -30C. It was one of the coldest winters I can remember…now this winter has been very mild in comparison…thank goodness!!

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  2. This is so nice. I love the coming of spring after a cold winter just like I love the cooling, crisp air of fall after a hot summer. My two favorite seasons! And your words paint a beautiful picture of a spring morning =)

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    1. Don’t you think that changing of seasons is a beautiful balance in nature?
      It’s so very nice of you to share your thoughts here and thank you Chelsea for finding my words interesting to read 🙂

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    1. You’ll agree with this one trait of winter that the coldness of this season gives us an excuse to sit together and enjoy each others company. But,the absence of colors makes this season dull and so the end of winter is indeed “liberating” (:

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