Power of football goal

football goal

“Leicester city football fans caused earthquake after last minute winner”

The news came when Leicester university students noticed a minor 0.3 earthquake on seismograph and that was the same time when the last minute goal occurred in a football match.

This is the actual power and this is the true energy of this game and there was a report on BBC.

It reads

“It wasn’t just the case of cheering and clapping, it was 30,000 people standing up at the same time- an awful amount of energy.”

With all its passion, power and excitement, football is unique. I remember watching 2010 world cup final and can never forget those elephant trumpeting sound of vuvuzelas which kept on echoing in my ears for many days to come. Living miles apart from African continent, I enjoyed each and every moment of that game.

Perhaps that was that widely acclaimed song of Shakira or maybe the attraction of its venue but there was something special about that world cup which I missed in 2014. Nonetheless, I cherished the moment when “Mario Gotze” scored a beautiful extra time goal and settled the final in Germany’s favor.


There’s this strange attraction in this game that every other person despite his age only want to enjoy the moment of goal. For, penalty shootout is meant to test the nerve and mental strength of a player.

I like these lyrics of waving flag. Back in 2010, that was the official theme song of South Africa’s football world cup.


9 thoughts on “Power of football goal

  1. That song has quite the catchy tune, before I wrote this but after reading your story I got up to get a drink of water and as I walked to get a cup I found myself singing the song. 🙂
    In American football there is a team called the Seattle Seahawks and their fans are called “the 12th Man”, as there are 11 men on the field for each team. Well the Seahawks were in the playoffs and it was at the end of the game, they were losing and one of their players was running with the football a long distance towards the end zone and while he was running the fans were jumping up and down in the stadium hoping that he would score. He did and the Seahawks won the game and the crowd went crazy, so crazy that they too caused an earthquake that registered a 1 or 2 on the scale…and this was the second time this particular player for the Seahawks caused the fans to go so wild that it created an earthquake, the first times was in 2011.
    What a fun story Madeeha, so you like soccer/football huh? I don’t follow that too much, but I do love American football. 🙂

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    1. Wow, Deb this is a nice piece of information. I didn’t know that and just Google it to know some more about it. You like the catchy tune of song, it makes me smile (:
      Don’t know much about American football but I love watching soccer. I think, the FIFIA world cup is meant to provide a harmony between nations and I like watching this game with my family (:

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      1. I think you are right, sort of on the same idea as the Olympics. It’s meant to unite, which is always a wonderful goal!! (hey get it…goal!) HA!!
        Hope your day is an enlightened one!! 🙂

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    1. Waving flag was actually coca-cola’s official song and you’re right about it’s controversial lyrics about poverty in Africa but then I like the force and the power of this game which keeps people united in any country and in any state.For, in the presence of the darkness of poverty this song depicts love for sport 🙂

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      1. I agree. For me this song is the best sports song ever composed. Its so powerful. Have been sung in so many languages and still it sounds so adorable in every language. The beat is just what a sport emotion needs. Love this song. Way better than waka waka

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