Heidi and Peter

Heidi and Peter

Today, before taking a nap in afternoon, I took Heidi from my shelf and after opening  it randomly, I enjoyed reading this little melodious song.

A little background: Heidi’s best friend Peter was struggling with his studies and with the help of this beautiful song little Heidi successfully teaches Peter how to read.

If A B C you do not know
Before the judge you’ll have to go.

If D E F you cannot say
Bad luck is sure to come your way.

If you forget your H J K
You’ll have misfortune all the day.

If L and M you can’t say clear
You’ll have to pay a fine, I fear.

Trouble will be in store for you
If you can’t say N O P Q.

‘If you get stuck at R S T
A dance’s cap your lot will be.

If you confuse a V with U,
You’ll find yourself in Timbuctoo.

If over W you fall,
Beware the rod upon the wall.

If letter X you can’t recall,
You’ll get no food today at all.

If you find Y is hard to say,
They’ll laugh at you at school today.

If Z should tie you up in knots,
They’ll send you to the Hottentots.


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