When I fell from stairs

Slip and Fall

On that day, my journey down the stairs in my home was supposed to be a part of a normal routine but while walking down, I was immersed in my thoughts and the moment I looked towards my parents’ room, I lost control of my footing.

Next, everything went blur and then what I can recall is only numbness.

I tried hard to grab hold of railing but like Jill whose tumbling fall from the hill was uncontrollable, I also came straight on floor.

Lying on my back , I saw everyone gathered round me but my twelve year old niece was the one who reached the spot first. (Much to my annoyance, she felt proud in witnessing that scene and in the coming days, she enjoyed narrating and exaggerating it). To cut a long story short, I was so embarrassed that on seeing everyone gathering round me, I wasted no time and on standing up, I tried to assure them that I was fine.

In the coming days, I had to bear the pain in my back and what left me amazed was the fact that that fall from the stairs produced a loud noise but my younger sister who was busy studying her medical books remained unaware of that incident.

Later, the conversation between me and my sister went something like this 🙂

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27 thoughts on “When I fell from stairs

  1. Madeeha I have a question if you don’t mind answering, if it’s too personal then don’t answer. What is it that you say when you say these prayers before an event? Are you thanking God? Could you give me an example of a prayer being said before something, like what would you recite on the stairs or how about getting ready for work, or before you drive to work or whatever else you might want to share. Thank you, I’m just wondering what I should be saying. xo

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    1. Deb It’s a very good question and here’s my answer.
      As Quran is in Arabic so we recite prayers in Arabic and here goes English translation of these prayers 🙂
      1. While walking down we recite Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah) and while walking up we recite Allah ho Akbar (Allah is great).
      2. Prayer at the time of dressing
      All excellencies are for Allah Who gave me this cloth to wear and granted me without (using) any strength and Power.
      3. Prayer When Looking in the Mirror
      O Allah as you made my outward appearance good make my character good too.
      4. Prayer When You Become Angry
      I seek the refuge of Allah Almighty from the rejected Shetan.
      5. Prayer when leaving the house
      In the name of Allah Almighty (I come out of my house) I trust Allah Almighty, there is no capability of saving oneself from sins and neither is there capability to do good deeds but from Allah Almighty.

      So, there’s one thing common in these prayers that is accepting the power and might of Allah. God or Allah is capable of doing anything and we the human beings seek His guidance, kindness and mercy.
      Just to share there’s also this short prayer.
      “In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and most merciful”
      Muslims are asked to recite this prayer before doing every work. Like, before starting cooking or before doing laundry or just doing any type of house hold or office work. Its purpose is to remember Allah which is the most civilized kind of thing.
      I’ve tried my best to explain and I hope it helps 🙂

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  2. Oh wow Madeeha, I’m so relieved that you did not seriously hurt yourself! I hope your back is all better. That’s really interesting about reciting the prayers going up and down the stairs. You always do that on all stairs? Apparently it’s a good thing that you do, it certainly protected you from being hurt more badly. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Deb, I’m absolutely fine and yes these prayers are meant to recite on all stairs. You’ll find it interesting that in Islam there are prayers for every moment. Like before wearing new dress or before leaving your home for work. It definitely protects one from evils 🙂

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          1. Now I just have to remember to do it. Since it is not routine I will have to come up with some sort of reminder. I know, I will think of you often and that will remind me. 😊

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            1. Me too!! 🙂 🙂
              I am off to get ready for the day and shall say a prayer before I shower, that way I will be safe from any falls in the tub! xo

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  3. hope you are fine now. good that you wrote a post about that incident, i love writing about daily happenings -though not many become writing worthy. 🙂


    1. Thank you, I’m better and as far as writing about daily happenings are concern, I too feel the same thing but then we can also learn a lot from reading others experiences and that reminds me of your post free-fall of thoughts. There was a strong message in that post and I would like you to continue writing about such daily happenings, for we can always learn a lot from life (:

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  4. Hope your back feels better. You can injure yourself easily falling down stairs. A girl I used to work with broke her collarbone and had to have multiple surgeries she injured her shoulder so much. I have a big scar from falling down stairs and a metal thing on a pair of my brother’s boots cut me deep, burned through the tights I was wearing. Stay well and pay attention lol.


    1. Oh yes Mandi, you’re very right that could have been dangerous. I was lucky that I didn’t hurt myself and just to share while walking up and getting down the stairs we the Muslims are told to recite short prayers. So, while walking down we recite Subhanallah (Glory be to Allah) and while walking up we recite Allah ho Akbar (Allah is great).
      I said that prayer and it really helped 🙂

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