Lemonade story

TLT week 15: lemons

Our school was not far and a walk back to home was not more than five minutes but when it was hot, it felt the distance would never end, and only the idea of drinking cold lemonade would give us much needed strength.

Today when so much has changed, the heat wave of summer season remained same and this morning while buying vegetables, I also bought some fresh lemons and thinking about sweet and sour memories of my childhood, I smiled.

I’m a mother of two and my mom was a mother of seven, she was strict but in the scorching heat of June’s sun the way she prepared lemonade showed her love for her kids.

This post is a response to Three Line Tales, Week Fifteen by SONYA author of the blog Only 100 Words.

TLT photo prompt by Erol Ahmed



24 thoughts on “Lemonade story

  1. Everything was beautiful when we were kids. Reading your post I just remembered how we used to love these lemonades, the respite they gave on hot summer day is still fresh in our minds..

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    1. The memories of childhood are precious. We can have lemonade today but the bundle of carefree and joyful moments of happiness with which it came in childhood are hard to find today…

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    1. It’s the fifteenth week of three line story and after watching the yellow color of lemons, I can’t resist writing it. The challenge is exciting and you’ll sure enjoy your experience (:

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