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When I was in school a weekly page in newspaper was reserved for kids. All week, we kids remained excited about reading stories in it and on Wednesday when the page was published, I and my sisters used to argue that who’ll read it first.

Those were the days when my father without reading newspaper couldn’t finish eating his breakfast and as routine become habit, this practice of taking breakfast along with reading newspaper becomes a norm and much like a morning dose, it is necessary to start a day in my home.

I remember that special bamboo stick magazine rack that was placed in our drawing room.

magazine rack
I wish I could have an original picture but this Google image is very close in resemblence

It served us for nearly seventeen years and it’s only been lately that my mother like most of women who find it hard to get rid of old trash, mustered up her courage and let go off that crippled magazine rack, for the worn out rack lost one of its leg and when a new magazine rack replaced it, a debate erupted in my home.

In the presence of high speed internet, my parents are of the view that there’s no need to purchase printed edition of newspaper but every time when the idea is proposed, my younger sister, who after getting from school lies on couch and enjoy reading newspaper gets angry and, we all agree that as internet connection is not always reliable so it’s better not to stop the routine.

Now, it’s been some time that nothing has been said on this topic and yesterday while dusting off the furniture, I noticed the magazine rack which was filled up to its brim with papers. I sat on my knees and as I got myself busied in arranging newspapers, I recalled these lines from Wilbur’s poem

Richard Wilbur  in his poem “After the last bulletin” writes

After the last bulletins the windows darken

And the whole city founders readily and deep,

Sliding on all its pillows

To the thronged Atlantis of personal sleep,


And the wind rises. The wind rises and bowls

The day’s litter of news in the alleys. Trash

Tears itself on the railings,

Soars and falls with a soft crash,

When Wilbur talks about the worthlessness of news that become a litter on next day, I can recall reading that the Independent newspaper has called an end to its print edition after three decades and had gone online only and while arranging the messed up pile of old newspapers, I feel sorry about the loss of all news which has been arranged and published with great effort but it only took fraction of time before the most prominent news in the paper lost its vigor.

And, when daily Independent has decided to put an end to its printed edition, there are still newspapers which are getting published and despite the fact that morning news becomes worthless in evening, the same effort of gathering and publishing news is performed the other day.

To cap it all, I can say that when news is collected and fresh papers are published, it depicts the very fact of life that as new order replace the old one,life continues to move on.


19 thoughts on “Morning newspaper

  1. So what did they have before newspapers, a person on the town square telling of the days news…and when it started to come out in print and be delivered to people’s homes I wonder if they thought how they would miss the town crier…I wonder what will replace epaper…hmmm! Very thought provoking usual. 🙂

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            1. Maybe the future man will get so busy that robot would be there to read newspaper for him but I would never support the idea of replacing e papers, for they have already taken place of printed versions and I always prefer reading from paper 🙂
              So, yes I’m not much happy for e papers but still there’s a concept of reading associated with them 🙂

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            2. Hmmm…I agree with you. I’d rather write in my journal book than type it on the computer, something about picking out a journal first of all, then writing the words on paper, and then having it to hold in my hands and flip through the pages. 🙂

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  2. We used to have a special kids section on Saturdays. They used to give out a small book around 20 pages only for kids. Book turned to 4 pages edition and now its here and there. We still have 3 newspapers every day morning and no epaper can beat that experience. It’s some how more comforting to read it from printed paper.

    Yes, we always have new old’s. The way quills replaced pens and now keyboard, we never know what gets obsolete in future! We all are getting old as well! 😛

    Nice read.. 🙂

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    1. Hmm.. we’re getting old and yes I can’t agree more with you 🙂
      Time passes and we never realized. Today, the kids section in newspaper is hardly of one page while in my childhood it covers a good section in paper. The idea of reading 20 pages of small book in paper seems quite exciting for kids. Its sad that it turned to 4 pages edition.
      It’s very good that you prefer printed paper over e papers and I think same is the case with ebooks 🙂
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here and I’m delighted to know that you enjoyed reading this post 🙂

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      1. And today, I don’t read kids section any more . May be I will start back once my son starts to.

        I know you always enjoy reading them. Reminds me of your Post on Heidi.

        Pleasure. I have enjoyed reading this! 🙂

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        1. It’s ok if you’re not reading kids section anymore because once your son start reading books you’ll also start enjoying reading with him. It will be a fun for you 🙂
          You’re quite right, I do enjoy reading chlildren literature and after reading your comment, I read my post on Heidi and after finding a mistake, have made some editing in it. So thank you for reminding me of it (:

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    1. I’ve just realize that it’s been some time that I’ve developed same style of writing. I hope it’s not getting boring though 🙂
      Thanks Nitin, for finding this piece insightful to read (:

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