Proud Mother


The lady cradling her new born child in a picture is my mother and the other woman whose arm is visible as if she’s pointing at something was my grandmother. I can assume that my grandmother was looking anxious about the head of the newborn which was quite high in my mother’s arm.

It was the warm and calm day of March 1982 when this picture was taken.

There are many old pictures in my home but I like this most. It has this magical sensation that every time when I’m down in dumps, a look at the sunlit veranda and the mere glimpse of the shades of leaves on the wall behind my mother, rejuvenates my soul and sensing the pride in the eyes of young mother and feeling the confidence in her posture makes me smile.

Standing in front of Pomelo tree and holding her first born child, my mother is looking proud of herself.


18 thoughts on “Proud Mother

    1. Thanks a lot Neha for your kind words, thank you for discovering my blog and my heart filled with warmth and joy when I read “Ramzan Mubarik” from you.
      Keep in touch and I’ll be visiting your blog soon 🙂

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  1. Funny the emotions a picture can stir up. I’m so happy that this one of your Mom lifts your spirits!! I can see the resemblance between you and your Mom! 🙂

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  2. What beautiful photos of a beautiful mother and her baby. You look like your Mum in your profile photo – you have that same confident look in your eye! Thank you for sharing these timeless photos, they are stunning, as is the writing that accompanies them xx

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