I’m a wounded…


I wanted to see you in person but these days when I’m down in spirits, I’m finding it really hard to leave my room. This morning, I mustered up my courage and after a week of living a secluded life in my room, I finally peeped out of my window and saw children laughing and playing in the street.

The world has already ended for me and I’m amazed how anyone on earth can feel so happy.

Please Dr, I’m not ill. I’ve just checked my temperature, it’s normal. My pulse rate is fine but I’ve this strange sensation that I’m sure that sooner or later I’m going to bid my farewell to this world.

I’ve just Googled my symptoms but found nothing that could fit well with my condition.

Now, it’s been an hour that I looked in the mirror and found my eyes puffy and while trying to write the draft for this mail, I found it hard to concentrate. These days despite my utmost efforts I’m unable to focus and while talking with my family, my mind is continuously taking a ramble in that strong world of imagination.

Everyone at home is sure that my mental state is not good but what they don’t understand is the fact that I only want a reassurance.

The mere sentence that the show that I had been busy watching in these past days hadn’t ended can bring a whiff of hope for me.

I’ve pleaded and I’ve requested them but all they’re saying is this that I needed to accept the reality.

I wanted to see you but couldn’t find the heart to leave my laptop. The last episode of the last season is open on my screen. I didn’t count but I’m sure I had already watched it for at least hundreds of times.

With no apparent reason of any disease, my health is deteriorating day-by-day. No one at home is happy for me. I really want your help and waiting anxiously for your reply.

I’m a wounded binge-watcher



14 thoughts on “I’m a wounded…

    1. True, it’s a kind of addiction and when one is watching a quality drama, he’s more likely to learn a lot from it. I was reading that binge watching a good TV show is just like escaping in a fictional world which in turn provides a pleasure which one gets from reading books.
      It’s good that you have enjoyed watching various soaps. I think you’re talking about Indian soaps? Not sure but maybe you’re also the one who likes to watch Game of Thrones?
      I once came across a blog, its title was
      “I don’t watch Game of Thrones and I’m still living a happy life”
      So yes, this kind of addiction also exist 🙂

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      1. Yeah. I did google and read a few articles on the topic after reading this post.. 🙂

        haa.. Nah! Not Indian family drama soaps. At home, all do and at times I don’t have any option rather to sit and watch along with them. We mostly stick to reality shows.

        Game of Thrones, Yes, yes and yes. I have been reading and as well watching. I have been following it since season 1 so it was watch-while-release. But have watched many other soaps day and night. it sure is fun.

        What i believe is, We cant force or restrict one to watch or deny something. If something is amusing us, they we should just do it no matter what others think. My whole family has watched GoT. They all have found it good. 🙂 🙂

        oops! That got lengthy… 😛

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        1. Not at all lengthy, it was very interesting to read your perspective 🙂
          I can imagine family sitting together watching their favorite play and enjoying discussing it. It sure strengthens family bond 🙂
          (These days I’m busy with my exams, It’s been more than a month that I haven’t visited any blog. Still a busy week ahead but I hope I’ll be able to find some time to read and write again) (:

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  1. I know, when I read this the first time through I was so upset and worried and then I thought, this must be fiction. I left awhile to think and read others and have now come back to comment and I saw your fiction tag, oh boy was I relieved!! Do you have any programs that you are addicted to and would feel distraught about if they were to end? I’m so happy you are fine!!! xo

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    1. Not these days but once I was watching a drama series when my sister told me about binge watching. Interestingly I didn’ know about it but once reading and observing this phenomena, I was sure it’s this kind of addiction that person feels really bad for a while 🙂
      What do you think about binge watching? Have you ever observed binge watchers?


    2. Deb, can you help me in understanding the meaning of this statement. It’s the topic for an essay
      “The place on Earth where you won`t come for any money in the world”
      The word “come for any money in the world” is confusing me. I perceive it means that there’s a place on earth which I would never like to visit despite of having offered money.

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      1. I think what it means is…there is no amount of money that “they” could give to you that you would agree to and then you would go to this place. For example, ” I’ll give you 10 million dollars if you go there.”. There is no amount that would be enough, to entice you to go. You perceive it correctly. 😊

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