A small achievement

Prize amount

Edubirdie conducted an online essay writing competition and I’m very much excited to share this news that I’ve been declared winner.

The most memorable part of sharing the news with my family was receiving a kiss and a warm hug from my mother. Yeah, she’s not always expressive in her emotions and always keep them for special occasions 🙂

There were some confusions in receiving prize amount and I must say thank you to my dear friend Deb Cowdrey  who guided me.

Thank you so very much to every reader, I was never able to achieve this goal without your help.

I’d like to dedicate this small achievement to my blogging family here. Your kind presence has always motivated me in writing better 🙂

Anyone who’s interested in reading , here is a link!




16 thoughts on “A small achievement

      1. Yes, I think there’re no issues regarding permission. It’s on their website. You’re right, I’ve just included a link in my post,
        here is a link also

        I thought to approach the topic in a different way and with some observation and with little bit of exaggeration, still not think it’s a great essay but I just wrote down these thoughts 🙂

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          1. Just to share, it was my second time that I participated in an essay competition. First time, I did receive an appreciation email. This time while reading instructions, I discovered that in order to write some fiction or non fiction piece for competition, it needed to be creative.
            The instructions said, “Look wider on the topic and find an unusual angle to cover it”.
            I wanted to enjoy the process of writing and for me it was all about creativity 🙂

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  1. Wow we sure do motivate you because your writings are sensational!! I always love the journey from beginning to end when reading your stories.
    Once again it was my pleasure to help you, anytime, anyplace, anywhere!!! xoxo

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    1. Now, I can understand very well that how human beings who’re living miles apart can connect with each other, small gestures of little help can make a lot of difference. There’s a culture difference and there could be a language barrier, yet we human beings are all same. Thank you for teaching me that how can I take a step forward in helping others. I sure love to help others the way you guided me.
      Lots of respect 🙂

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