An excerpt for his will

three line tales week 35; deer at sunset

I’m seventy and when I’ve lived life to its fullest, people consider me lucky but I think myself an unfortunate person who despite having loved ones in life never tried to own them.

Today, when I’m losing my strength, I can hear the voice of my father who was aware of my feelings of displeasure which I always possessed for my aunts and uncles and explaining the importance of relations in life he once gave me an example

He had said,

“Ever noticed animals? They preferred to remain in herd!”

This post is in response to Three Line Tales, Week Thirty-Five by Sonya. This magical photo prompt is courtesy to  Rebecca Johnston.

14 thoughts on “An excerpt for his will

    1. Well, at times it happens that after writing some posts I don’t want to read them again 🙂
      I’m not satisfied with the beginning and flow of this story but thought to write it in any way. Thank you for finding this message strong to read 🙂

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    1. I think there’s some sort of ambiguity left here in the title of this three line tale. I’m not much satisfied with the flow of this story but very much like to write this message 🙂
      Thank you, for liking this message Deb 🙂

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