Starry Sky


Tired of this rat race

I want to embrace nature,

No phone, no worries

Glitter of light in the sky

I can feel magical stars.

This post is written in response to Silver’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #2 Magic & Glitter by Silver Threading.


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21 thoughts on “Starry Sky

    1. Great hearing it Deb that you too like observing starry sky 🙂
      It’s rare that I get this sort of chance but whenever I get tired of robotic life, I want to find refuge in nature 🙂

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          1. I remember how I felt while writing that. My windows were open and as the poem stated I was listening to the symphony of nature!! Tomorrow night is a full moon, perhaps tonight for you and its a Super Moon!! Full moons represent completions. Something is completed. 😊

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            1. And, those were so beautiful emotions you penned down in your poem 🙂
              Deb, I also needed to give you some feedback on on your blog. I’ve noticed the background color of green in your comment section is a little bit dark as compared to light font color in foreground 🙂

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            2. Thank you so much!!
              Oh I’m so glad you let me know this, I have changed my color scheme, please let me know how this is. I don’t notice what you do in the comment section as I don’t comment on my site, I do it thru my dashboard!! 🙂

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            3. What about using blue color in the background? or some kind of light color? Previously, while trying to leave comment on your blog, I faced a little bit problem when the dark green color in the background of comment section block created hindrance in my way of writing with light color text. It looks good now 🙂
              No worries and no mention Deb 🙂 🙂

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            4. In order to give my sincere feedback, I’ve just visited your blog again. Yes, the comment section is absolutely fine now. I’ve noticed you’re using black in the background of your blog. What about blue, pink or maybe yellow ? Take it as my two cents, Deb, I was thinking a blog with the posts of thankfulness and love and care can have lots of different colors 🙂 🙂
              If you are feeling comfortable with current theme color, keep it for a while and try experimenting with it later. If you like you can take suggestion from some other bloggers too, it would be good to read different perespective 🙂
              Take care and stay well 🙂

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            5. Thanks Madeeha, I love your suggestions. I change up my colors all the time too, I love trying new things! I will definitely try all three colors and we can see how we like them….I sincerely appreciate your feedback!! xo

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