Granny: my Fairy godmother

On hearing that she looked like a pink rose, Granny would smile her trade-mark smile.

She loved to remain active and when other women spend their time in gossiping, Granny preferred to remain in kitchen.

Those were some interesting circumstances in which our first interaction took place.  After two weeks of my marriage, my husband called me from office and told me that he was bringing some guests for dinner. I was inexperienced in cooking and on receiving that news, I started crying. Granny lived next to my house, and on hearing me crying like a child, she at once took responsibility of preparing dinner for me.

I remember, everything in her home was clean and it won’t be an exaggeration if I’ll write that her kitchen was sparkling. I saw her pantry and comparing it with my own at home, I felt ashamed of myself. Milk, spices, nuts and boxes were placed in such an order that even a blind person could find them easily. On that day, I not only learned how to cook but I also learned the importance of keeping things in order.

It’s been a while and these days when Granny is ill, I’m not only sending her flowers but also sending her this picture of my pantry.

I know, on receiving these gifts she would smile her trade-mark smile.

This post is in response to FFfAW Challenge – Week of October 11, 2016 by Priceless JoyThanks Maria for providing this beautiful image.

15 thoughts on “Granny: my Fairy godmother

  1. A lovely story! Young people often learn so many things from grandparents or the elderly , and seem to be more impressed with that knowledge coming from them than from their own parents. It must be the child’s built in knowledge that the person has lived for so long , they have most of the answers in life.

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  2. Grandma’s always seem so knowledgeable and experienced to the younger generations. After all, they’ve had many years to hone their skills. Your granny sounds like a wonderfully caring lady – someone always willing to help younger family members to learn. Lovely story, Madeeha.

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    1. This is an interesting comment. I read my post again to find if there’s a story in each of its sentence 🙂
      Bloggers have written some very interesting stories and for these two prompts, I’ve just written what come to my mind. Thanks so very much, you appear so generous in your comment 🙂

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      1. Let me list a few, and I am happily doing it:
        – The trademark smile. The story opens and ends with that. That was nice.
        – kitchen or work, say no to gossips
        – The post wedding experiences
        – The help from the experienced
        – The ordered things
        – The kindness

        Every part has a story. They pull in things from every possible direction. So why, so many likes.. 🙂

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        1. Wow, that’s kind of intetesting 🙂
          I didn’t notice and you’re quite an astute observer 🙂
          Now, I got your point. Thank you for taking some time in writing this for me. The feeling that story can elicit such a response really makes me happy 🙂

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