When my sister told me that the brother of protagonist in our favorite soap had returned, I got excited. I wanted to know more but she got busy on phone. So, I sat beside her, once she hung up, I asked impatiently, “How did he appear?”

She in her calm voice replied, “He’s premature!”

I was stunned and imagining a young man of some twenty five years of age who has appeared premature in drama, I tried hard to suppress myself from shrieking.

My sister got confused by my expressions. Quite innocently, she asked, “Whom you’re asking about?”

Later, it revealed that on phone she was busy talking to her friend whose brother was born premature.

It’s been some six years. At that time my sister was in her tenth grade and today when she’s busy studying medicine, we both laugh remembering that conversation.

Image courtesy: godwordsecret.com

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