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November 18, 2016

In these past five years, I had been living in a house where in the absence of any kind of traffic noise, my ears got accustomed to hearing nothing but songs of birds.

The window of my room which was on the first floor of that small double story home opened in terrace, my blogging journey started in that room. So, while hearing the chirping of sparrows and observing the shades of sunlight filtering through the green leaves, my mind started to work and my fingers never failed to keep pace with it.

It’s been a week that we have moved to a new place. This new home is better; it’s bigger and airy but the thing which is disturbing me is traffic on road. All day long, I can hear the noise of motorbikes, cars and buses outside. Previously, my house was located on a street where during the day children remained busy in playing cricket and sitting in my room and while working in the kitchen, I could hear the sound of moving tricycle which was a signal that twins had come on street.

Trying to remain optimistic, I can take this traffic outside my home as movement of life but if there exists any difference between that noise of children on that street and this noise of vehicles here then it’s nothing but the fact that in that crying and laughing voices of children on street, I found hope and this sound of traffic reminds me of moving life which remains indifferent to its surrounding.

November 21, 2016

It’s eleven ten in the morning when here in my bedroom sitting on my bed, I can observe sunlight coming through window and making shades on my bed. These days when nights are getting cold, days are also losing their warmness and when I can hear the footsteps of winter approaching, I am enjoying this golden sunshine in my bedroom.

Three days ago while writing, I was kind of sad about change in my environment but right now I think that sometimes change is good. For the change negates the concept of monotonous life, it keeps us alive.

On October 26, I wrote this poem Creative day and then got busy and didn’t find time for writing. Today, when I’ve finally get my internet connection back, I’m posting what I’ve written and saved on my laptop.

On November 18, I was down in dumps and this very morning when I was observing the shades of sunlight, I could find myself in high spirits. I ‘m posting what I was feeling and while re-reading these thoughts, I’m convinced that nature can evoke different feelings in us, I’m happy that this morning, golden gleam of November sunlight helped me in getting back to writing.


19 thoughts on “My Diary

  1. Hmmm I did not realize you were moving. Moving is always a big change and adjustment. I actually moved from a busy street to a very quiet street. I previously lived in my house for 27 years and in the beginning the traffic noise did not bother me at all but the last 5 years of living there I could not wait to get away from it. Plus the fact that I had been broken into 3 times mattered too. Now that I am here a little over 2 years I could not be happier. I love the quiet and the sounds of nature! I hope you will adjust to your new sounds and maybe it is what you need to shake things up in your life for a while. Would you ever live on your own or is it tradition to live with your family until and perhaps even after you marry?

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    1. I’m sorry to hear it Deb, Life’s tough and change is difficult to accept. There’s lot of positive things in my surroundings
      and I need to keep my focus on positive things in my life 🙂
      You have asked a good question. In Muslim society, before they get married, girls continue to live with their parents. At times, they have good careers but they continue living with their parents and only leave them when they get married. It’s also interesting to note that boys prefer to live with their parents after their marriage but in Islam there’s no such obligation to live together with relatives.
      There’s nothing bad in living with in-laws but if husband can afford a separate house then it is preferable to live alone.
      For example my sister after getting married lived for some time with her in-laws but now she’s living with her kids and husband separately. Her husband’s parents do visit her and his husband considering it is his duty continue supporting his parents.
      Hope it helps and I think I haven’t deviate from the question you have asked 🙂

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      1. You’re attitude is in the right place with focusing on the positive. With that focus you should be just fine!
        Oh yes your answer is very informative. I was not sure what your custom was. I think it’s nice to have your own space but it’s also nice to be with your family. After you get married to live with the in-laws is not bad as you have said, or living with the husband and children without the in-laws works too. I think your appreciation of family is to be commended and one that we don’t put enough emphasis on here in the United States. I think you have it right!!
        Thanks for the info. 🙂

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        1. Parents continue to practice their control on their children after they get elder. In Eastern culture there concept of living on ones own is discourage and talking about girls they either studying or doing jobs, continue living with their parents until they get married.

          I’ve noticed the families get disrupted when they don’t follow their norms, there’s beauty in this family system.

          You’ll find it intetesting to read that some of my mother’s extended family lived in another city. They have a large home with separate rooms, I’m not sure how many people are there but let’s assume they are atleast twenty (which I doubt, I think it’s more)
          And it is necessary for all of them to eat together at the time of lunch and dinner.
          Deb, I’ll be honest people often forget their culture and norms. There are some stories in my surrounding in which children leave their parents in old homes but such people are not liked in society for in Islam children are asked to respect and take care of their parents especially when they get old.
          It gets lengthy and I just forget some point which came to my mind.
          Take care and enjoy your thanksgiving holiday ahead 🙂

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          1. There is absolutely beauty in the family system. I love how you put that. Wow that’s a lot of people together in one home, but I bet they have wonderful times and it’s nice to have each other around. Yeah the elderly here often go to elder homes, they are called nursing homes here, most times it’s because of the medical care that is required to take care of them, and here usually both husband and wife are working and are unable to take care of the parents. But after having taken care of my mother this summer when she fell and fractured her leg, I was so grateful to have been able to take care of her and for the longer length of time they spent here because she was unable to travel back home. I think your culture has it right as far as the family unity goes. I really like that.
            Thank you I will enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday. 🙂

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            1. Thanks Madeeha. Ever since then I do speak with them daily, they live 1200 miles away, I wish they were nearby, I miss seeing them. We have used Skype too and that’s fun! ☺

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’m glad you have adjusted to your new environment. Change can be good, yet difficult to adapt to, but there are usually some positive things about it and it seems you have discovered them. 😊

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  3. Many years ago, my husband and I moved to an apartment next to railroad tracks. I couldn’t sleep because of the sound of the trains in the night. And all day the trains drove me crazy! Eventually, I became so used to the trains that I didn’t even hear them anymore, and I could enjoy the beautiful lawn and trees outside our front window. Maybe soon you will not notice the sounds of traffic and will notice only the sunlight and the spaciousness of your new home.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It makes me feel that if you can get accustomed to hearing the sounds of train then I can also adapt myself to this new environment.
      There’s a small garden with Queen of night and rose flowers in my home. I guess I need to remain thankful for all this beauty in my home!

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  4. The sounds of Vehicles are the new chirping’s! New places always take time. Sometimes a lot more time than we expect. I hope this place will give you a lot or motivation to write more!

    Happy new home.. 🙂 Good to see you back.. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much and I wish it takes less but new places do take more time then we expect. It feels great to be back and I hope that this novel writing month is going so very well for you. I think I need to visit your blog and need to read what you have achieved so far in this month 🙂
      Thank you so much for your best wishes, I’m also looking forward to get lot more motivation 🙂

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