Plane Crash

After it fell on mountain, the plane caught fire.

It’s been more than sixteen hours of receiving a tragic news of plane crash in Pakistan, there were some forty eight people on board and the tragic incident has left no survivor.

Death is inevitable, it’s a reality and being Muslims it’s our belief that those who have lost their lives in plane crash have all embraced martyrdom but reading stories of the relatives who have lost their loved ones in this incident, I’m thinking nothing but the fact that at the moment no pill but only prayers would help them in lessening their grief.

The people on plane were from every walk of life; there was a twenty-four year old engineer, there was country’s popular personality on board and there was a young civil servant with his wife and infant daughter, they all have perished now.

Couple of hours before hearing the news of incident on TV, I was watching heroic and inspirational moments on you tube. There I also watched a link to last seconds conversation of pilots before their planes got crashed.

It’s been told that after take-off, pilot radioed Mayday call. He had no control over his plane and while imagining the failed attempt of the slain pilot who tried to take control of his plane before it hit the ground, I thought of the passengers and  felt a tingling sensation in my spine; they knew they were all going to die.

This is a sad news; the nation is mourning and I can feel the grief of bereaved families. Their loss is irreplaceable and in the midst of this entire scenario, I’m thinking that sooner or later we’ll forget about this incident for when the life is moving we cannot stop, we’ll move forward and will forget about the loss of all those precious lives that were on board.

On hearing the news of someone’s death the Muslims are asked to recite prayer. Here is an English translation

“We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

May they all rest in peace (Ameen)

The BBC has reported this news on its website

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