The Benificant


There’s a small vegetable bed in my garden. The gardener has made it with great care and love and these days when the doctor has recommended my youngest sister to eat as much of green vegetables as a cure for her poor eye-sight, she’s enjoying eating fresh salad leaves from garden.

Yesterday, mother while working in kitchen asked me to get some coriander leaves. She was in hurry but I never forget to take a picture with them.

They were fresh and they smell good and that reminds me all the blessings of Allah Almighty in life.

Late in night while everyone was sound asleep, I put on my headphones and started hearing these verses from Holy Quran.

This is Surah Rahman with English translation in which the Almighty asked us over and over again

“So which of the favors of your Lord would you Deny?”



6 thoughts on “The Benificant

  1. I absolutely love Mishary for his recitations – most of the Quran which I have memorised is because of Allah swt making me to listen to his recitations.

    Stay Blessed πŸ™‚


  2. None! God truly is amazing and this video reinforces that. We should always leave it to God’s plan, His ideas are far superior to ours, we could never come close to His imagination!! Thanks for sharing this Madeeha, it’s a great reminder of all the miracles, great and small, that happen daily!! Wishing you a blessed day. πŸ™‚

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      1. I enjoyed the video very much, it reminded me once again how amazing God is!
        I’m happy to hear that Allah graced you with a lovely day. Thank you for your wishes, my day was beautiful and creative!! πŸ™‚


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