An old kitchen tray…


Recently, I’ve been thinking about the presence of some old things in my home. There’s this silver ladel of my great grandmother on which the year 1941 is inscribed.

There are also some old pictures which are hanging on the walls of my home but my association with this tray in kitchen is different.

With made in England inscription on its backside, the tray is more than thirty years old. It is a long time but the colors of this village looking scene are still bright.

In these past thirty years the tray along with other things in my home made frequent travels with us. First we were living abroad then here in this city we moved quite a lot. During this time when most of the things lost their strength this tray along with a picture hanging on the wall of my lounge retained their vigour.

My association with this tray is different.

For me it’s a reminisence of my carefree time. As a child I would look at the scenery and would think about the presence of people inside the homes.Β I very much liked to think about what was happening in those homes, I would imagine the presence of rooms with beds and kitchen inside.

There’s lot of work going on in this picture, as rooster and hens are busy in eating so do men and woman are busy in their work for living.

I admit, I have almost neglected this tray for some new trays have replaced it and it’s not in use much unless we have to place some ten to fifteen cups on it which is not a usual occurrence but yesterday when I was reading ode on a gracian urn by John Keats, I thought about the scenery on this tray.

Keats’s in his poetry asserts that art is permanent while human life is mortal. In his poem, the beautiful image of a boy playing music for his lover remains unchanged on urn and so does this scene of village on this tray in my home.

These days the tray is not much in use and for the sake of taking this picture, I scrubbed it hard. There were some tea stains and once they were removed, I hold it in front of my eyes and looked at the busy people in scene.

In these past years lot has been changed in my life. I’ve lost some people who were closed to me. Though, in their lives I didn’t realized their importance but once they were gone I understood the importance of relations in life.

From all good and bad experiences of my life, I’ve learned that though life is about work and struggle but at the end of the day we can’t ignore our loved ones. This is what this picture tells me for I can assume that during the day men and women remained busy doing their work and once on getting back home they’ll find relief in the company of their loved ones…

Before we’re able to understand the importance of people in our lives, sometimes life ends. There’s nothing more beautiful than to end my post with these beautiful words of Valadimir Nabokov, he writes

“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.”


8 thoughts on “An old kitchen tray…

  1. The scene on that tray looks like it could be from here from like the 1800’s…it reminds me of a western scene. Funny how different items can provoke such thoughts and memories. My parents have this small elf, he’s wearing a green suit, he looks like Peter Pan. He was always brought out at Christmas time and I always loved seeing him…he’s over 50 years old now and his green suit has grayed but my parents still have him and still put him out every Christmas and I always love seeing him. Such simple things filled with such great treasures in our minds! I remember you remarking about the picture on the wall before too. Wonderful post Madeeha!! xo πŸ™‚

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    1. You are right, as the tray is made in England so the scene is probably somewhere of its village. Oh wow, fifty years is a great time. You and your parents must have developed strong association with it. Through movies I knew somethibg about the way families celebrate their Christmas but is it some kind of tradition in which this old elf is associated with Christmas day? Perhaps on this Christmas you’ll love to share its picture with us πŸ™‚
      Thank you for finding the post wonderful Deb, while writing I too thought of that old post of mine πŸ™‚ xo

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      1. Well Santa has elves to help him make the toys, and elves are also known to be magical…so he was more of a Christmas decoration but we always felt he was magical too! He has definitely become a tradition, every year we had to put the elf out…sometimes he would hang from a branch on the Christmas tree…sometimes he would hang from our fireplace holder of tools and sometimes he would sit on the mantle of the fireplace. It would be fun to move him around. I’ll ask my parents to take a picture and send it to me and I will share it with you. Great idea, thanks Madeeha!!
        I loved the post, your so thoughtful in what you write about, that’s one of the things I love when I read your stories. xo πŸ™‚

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        1. Oh yes now I remember watching some scenes of the movie Polar express. There were elves helping Santa in packing gifts. I can imagine it all look so magical when your parents would hang it from the branch of Christmas tree. I’m happy Deb that you like this idea of sharing elve’s picture πŸ™‚
          Much thanks Deb for your insightful comments on my blog, they make my posts appear more meaningful. xo


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