Glad to have routine in life


It’s seven in the morning and sitting at my favorite spot in drawing room, I’m thinking that at times it feels good to get back in routine.

There are school going kids at home and it’s my duty to make breakfast and lunch for them but with the extra holiday on Friday, this weekend was quite relaxed, it was a long weekend. Somehow, I got relaxed too and on Sunday I woke up round eight thirty in the morning which for me was quite late.

Getting relax on weekend feels good but after spending some time in laziness, it feels equally good to get back in routine on Monday.

This space in drawing room is my favorite, it’s quite secluded from rest of home and the thing which I like most about it is a clear view of sky from window here. On the other side of street, there are shades of dull winter sun on the front wall of double story home. It’s been more than two hours that sun is up, yet, I’m not able to see shimmer of yellow rays on the familiar tree upon which I observed the effect of early morning sun a month ago.

Perhaps in sky above the winter sun is still busy yawning.

Life feels joyous when we get chance to take a breath outside the monotony of daily routine but there also exist beauty in systematic life. Nature with all its grandeur is a manifestation of this very fact of life.

This morning when my alarm went off at five forty five, I was reluctant to leave the bed and lying under my warm blanket, I was doing nothing but was busy killing time when I heard the sweet melody of little black sparrow outside window of my room.

Now, the windows of the house located on the back of my home have some space on their outer ledges which this bird has intelligently used for its living. It won’t care for Sunday or Monday, for the bird is an early riser. This morning hearing its sweet melodious sound made me embarrassed, I thought if a bird can wakes up this early than why can’t I.

Today, I’m feeling good getting back in routine. I’m happy to wake up early in morning. I’m pretty sure this is going to leave positive effect on my mood this day.

Well, for me routine is good. Do you feel the same for yourself?

9 thoughts on “Glad to have routine in life

  1. Happens mostly the way same to me as well. At 5 in the morning sometimes I am up planning the day ahead. Then sometimes at 5, am still yet to go to sleep.

    Glad to read your post after a long time. 🙂 Nice to know you have a “happy-spot”!

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  2. Sometimes I like having a routine and sometimes I like have free time to do with what I want. I think a routine makes us feel secure, comfortable and when there isn’t one sometimes we don’t feel in control…but that feeling out of control can sometimes be fun! Sounds like you have a lovely spot for quiet time in your home, that’s wonderful Madeeha! 🙂

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    1. Hi Deb, great hearing it that you think routine makes you feel secure and comfortable. Hmm.. it’s great idea 🙂
      And sorry for late response. Actually we’re making a move to new home. It seems it was only yesterday that we were here but I’m bit excited for new opportunties and fresh environment. I would definitely love to write about it.
      Wishing you very best for your Christmas holidays ahead. Have lots of fun 🙂

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      1. Oh no worries Madeeha, I’m always delighted when I hear from you!! Oh wow, it was not long ago when you were moving and now you are moving again. I’m so happy that you are excited about it and yes you should definitely write out about it!!
        Thank you for your wishes, I shall certainly enjoy Christmas and have lots of fun!! xo 🙂

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    1. Sorry due to problem in internent connectivity, I wasn’t able to read the comment. Can’t agree more with you.
      There’s beauty in every day and it’s our connection with God which keeps going through every day!

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