6 thoughts on “Lonely bench

  1. Indeed! But the interpretation was brilliant as well. Someone somewhere wrote ‘The smallest coffins are the heaviest’ and it still rings in my ears whenever I hear of any massacre, notwithstanding the nationality and remoteness from my own country. Some writings are very powerful in that sense.

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    1. So true and I couldn’t agree more with you.
      ‘The smallest coffins are the heaviest’ always reminds me of Peshawar school massacre of 2014 in my country in which some 152 boys died. It was painful incident and we should ask God to give us strength to bring peace on this land.


      1. That event is indelibly etched into the memories of most of the Indians. I am pretty sure that the case is same across the entire globe, no one can ever forget what had happened in 2014. There were many questions especially as to why would anyone do that and that too to the children, but I feel, we all lost the very right to ask any questions, when we, albeit we were oblivion, did let the terrible thing happen in the first place.

        A single post sometimes brings a lot out in the open, on the table. Thank you for writing it.

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