In the line of duty

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“I watched the vultures looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured”

These merciless clouds of death had already devoured my friends and now in this lifeless desert, I’m all alone. My vision is getting blurred and it’s hard for me to keep my eyes open.

I can see their bald heads and red eyes, they are getting closer. Oh my people! Remain witness to the fact that I’m not a traitor, I’m a patriot, I’m not a lawbreaker but I respect law.

I’m an ordinary person who has assigned some special duties. Remember, I’m a journalist who has embraced martyrdom in the line of duty.

Despite all the advancements, there are still some areas in the world which are considered dangerous for journalists. 


This post is a response to Mondays Finish the Story. We are provided with an opening line and we’re supposed to write a story between 100-150 words.

Jerry: The bravest man

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of forest.”

Jerry, was known as a man of strong nerves and when everyone was assuming little Daniel to be dead, he proposed to look into that forest.

The younger son of Bob the truck driver was missing. Every nook and cranny of the town was searched but to no avail.

So, Jerry took two men with him but on reaching at that spot, they refused to move farther and holding torch in his hand, Jerry decided to enter alone.

Deep in the woods the owls were hooting and cupping his hands, he was shouting Daniel’s name.

Suddenly, he heard someone sobbing. Moving his torch in the direction of the voice, Jerry saw the white face of Daniel. Sitting beside the tree, the kid looked frightened.

Jerry took him in his arms and rest is a history.

It’s been a long time and Daniel while narrating this tale to his son never forgets to conclude.

“Never get afraid of darkness. You must learn to take risk.”

(166 words)


This post is a response to Mondays Finish the Story. The first sentence is given and we are suppose to write a story between 100-150 words.

Story: Mystery of castle

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island and no one knew about my plan.

On one sunny morning, leaving a letter for my family, I went on an adventure.

The emerald green island was surrounded by a blue sea. On getting closer, I stepped out of my boat and tried to hear the gushing of waves.

It was all very calm.

Searching for sometime, I finally found the castle. It was a sure sign of grandeur and I was busy in observing it when I noticed something was written on its wall.

It read

Welcome, I’m amazed at your bravery!

In no time sky changed its color. I felt a strange sensation and the next moment I realized my mistake…

Closing the novel, I felt my hands were wet . My heart was beating profusely and I was sure that scientists were right.

Reading the novel had improved the function of my brain and very successfully I started to put myself into the body of book’s protagonist.


This post is a submission to Mondays Finish the Story. First sentence is given and we are suppose to finish a story using 100-150 words.

Story: A walk to remember

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“The A & B building was made entirely of driftwood”

On their way to home, she used to stop at that spot. No matter how much he tried, his little angel never moved.

Looking above, she tried to spell and whenever she spelt the letters correctly, her father’s heart got filled with joy and he used to take her in his arms.

With the passage of time father lost his vigour and his daughter moved on in her life and then the day came when she wore her wedding dress.

He cried on that night.

Two years later, once again the freshness returned on his face.

On that day, he wore his special dress and ignoring his walking stick he moved towards the door to welcome his guests.

Behind, the letter was placed.

Dear father,

I’ve never stopped dreaming about our walk. In my dreams that driftwood building is still fresh. I missed that time and guess what little Elizabeth is quite excited to meet you.

Your’s loving daughter

(159 words)


This post is a submission to Mondays Finish the Story by Barbra. Thanks Barbra for this challenge. I love this photo 🙂

Story: The depressed witch!

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.”

Down in her garden, the golden streak of morning sun was tickling the yawning petal. As, the red rose opened its eyes, the witch closed hers.

Tears of failure welled up in her eyes. She had worked really hard to design that plot of destruction. She had given her best to that task but her efforts proved fruitless.

Mustering up her courage, she looked down. Children were playing. The air was filled with the joys of their laughter. She clenched her fists in anger.

She was still twitching with anger, when she saw his face. The shining black eyes of that tall figure forced her to bite her lips.

Standing on a street, the mayor smiled while looking at the barbed wires around witch’s house. He was satisfied about the safety of his town. For, in the darkness of night, the mayor was awake.

The witch’s plans were foiled by him.

(155 words)


This is my submission to Mondays Finish the Story hosted by Barbra. Barbra is not feeling well and I wish her a speedy recovery. Stay strong Barbra. You’re really brave 🙂

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Story: A precious memory!

2015-08-24 - Photo taken of an old photo in 2014 - Barbara W. Beacham

“The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be a nation’s pride.”

Living a life in an extended family was a great fun. Luigi, a lively boy had keen black eyes and everyone loved him.

There were servants and there were chauffeurs but he didn’t like to give them orders.

It was a strange sight for neighbors, when they first saw him walking on foot under the scorching sun but it was his daily routine. Passionate soul of that tall and active guy, found refuge in military, and when he entered his house in his uniform, his black eyes were smiling.

Once, he was on a mission in an enemy area, when his plane got crashed. He got injured but before receiving bullets in his chest, he killed two men bare handedly.

A year later, staring at a picture, tears rolled down from his mother’s eyes. Indeed, time had frozen that precious memory of his brave son.


This is my submission to Mondays Finish the Story.

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