A fun filled day

Home alone.jpg

There’s a scene in a Home Alone movie where the family members after getting late from their flight were shown running on airport. Today, we were not on airport but when mother was worried about cooking food and I and my sister needed to get shoes; on entering mart in order to save time, we all three were mentally prepared for running.

It was twelve in the noon when we left home for market. Father wanted to have food prepared for some colleagues in his office and to make some special dish, mother needed to get chicken and vegetables for kitchen.

The shoe shop was on the way to mart and though, time was short, I and my sister also accompanied mother. First my sister bought some canvas shoes for her college. Now, she’s never satisfied and takes long in choosing shoes and when after spending some twenty minutes she finally chose her shoes, I and my mother took a sigh of relief.

Later, on entering mart we grab hold of trolley and noticing the presence of people, we dropped the idea of running and opted for brisk walking.

At one moment, when I and my mother were moving trolley, I asked my sister to lend a hand but she being a medical student refused saying that it seemed as if some orderlies are moving stretcher in hospital.

Nonetheless, I admired her foresightedness.

In normal circumstances mother like a stroll in park prefer to spend some time in observing things in mart but today when the clock was ticking fast, we all three took hold of bags and started putting vegetables in them.

The scene was something like this, I was asking, “Where’re cucumbers?” and my sister getting panicked was saying, “I can’t find coriander!” and then we both helping each other running to get our desired vegetables.

Today, it felt as if the counter boy was not willing to work and escalators appeared as if they were not moving at all.

Back at home, I helped my mother and when the clock struck two p.m. the food was ready to serve.

With lots of running, it was a day full of fun and excitement and right now when I’m recalling the events of this day, I’m convinced that we need not to waste our time in searching for happiness, for these are little moments and unexpected events that can bring laughter in our lives.

(I and my sister preferred different shoe shops and on the way back home, I also got shoes for myself 🙂  )

A post of reminiscence

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This picture was taken in early 1960’s. Those were some early day of my grandparents’ married life.

Writers mostly avoid using adjectives in their writings but my grandmother was such a beautiful, kind and caring soul that for the sake of her, I can write hundreds of adjectives here.

I remember those long winter nights when we kids used to snuggle on her bed and while reminiscing about her past she would get sad but as the dreariness of cold night tried to cast its spell so did she, for while narrating stories from her past, her voice remained firm and calm.

At the time of her marriage, she was young and naive but in all her life she remained thankful to her husband who taught her to read and write. At times, when she was in mood she would tell us that due to her fair complexion she never cared much about doing makeup and would feel contend to have Tibet snow cream and red lipstick as her only makeup accessories.

Staying at home and taking care of seven kids, she didn’t find much time for herself and whenever my grandfather would buy clothes for her, she would gladly wore colors of his choice.

She was admired for her far-sightedness. In all her life, she never saw the face of school but learnt a lot from her experiences. Once, sitting with my sisters, I was joking and praying that something bad would happen to my old mobile set so that I could get free from its burden when she heard me and in her strong voice interrupted and said,

“Mobiles are not meant to show off. There only purpose is to receive and make a call.”

Such was her vision about life and such was her simplicity that despite all difficulties in her life, she remained thankful to the blessings of Allah Almighty.

The day she died, I thought that life would never be same and today after one year when I have finally found some time to sit and contemplate, I’m wishing that something might have changed but everything seemed to remain same.

In all these past months, I wanted to stop and take rest but as weeks melt into months and months are turning into years, I’m finding little and no time to contemplate.

Life is cruel, it goes on and so do we.

Thirsty crow

thirsty crow

That was that clever crow and here goes a tale of a poor sparrow.

On our terrace, a little sparrow after eating bird’s seeds tried to drink water from the pot but the level of water was so low that in her effort of bending down, she lost her balance and to her good luck, she narrowly escaped the death of getting drowned in water.

My mother while ironing the clothes in the corridor saw that scene and after scolding me for being ignorant, she ordered me to fill the water pot up to its edges.

The fictional characters and their heroic deeds cannot always be copied in real life. If it was true then that sparrow must have opted for dropping pebbles in the pot, for the construction work is in progress on the back side of my house and with little bit of search, sparrow must have found something from there.

It’s highly unlikely that the sparrow hadn’t heard about the tale of his elder brother crow. The story is very famous but believe me the sparrow was also intelligent, for dropping pebbles would have absorbed all the water in the pot 🙂

So, here is the moral of this story

“Think and work hard but don’t try to copy others blindly.”


Baby birds

baby birds

Those were some warm days of June 2015 when I took these pictures and today while going through some of my older posts, I decided to share them again. In my house there’s a lamp above the car porch and the Bulbul bird thought it would be a nice place to design her nest.

For some days the father and mother birds preferred to remain closer to their nest and one night when mother bird finally decided to spent her time in her home, I made a reckless mistake.

In my excitement to capture the moment, I quietly mounted a stool and slowly took my camera closer to the nest but what happened next is a history, for the bird got frightened and left her nest.

My parents were angry, for in the middle of the night my act of capturing a picture has created a whole trouble and I was so embarrassed that the whole night I continued watching a dream about a bird.

Luckily, in the morning the birds were back and I took a sigh of relief. For, previous night everyone at home was so angry that I was considering myself to be a culprit 🙂

In the next days I remained conscious and with some help from my mother, I succeeded in capturing these pictures.





My parents weren’t satisfied so they made this protective layer of cloth beneath the lamp.


In this whole process of making a nest safe the birds made a lot of noise.


After some days of finishing this stunt of making a protective layer, I decided to look for eggs.The shape of the nest was such that despite standing on the ladder, I wasn’t able to look inside. So, I took my camera closer and clicked the button. Once, I got down I was happy to see the picture of these eggs.


After some days of wait the baby birds finally arrived.


They were pink and featherless.


Within days they were big and they looked ready to fly.

My brave friend


My father wanted to see me strong but throughout my childhood I continued to remain a frightened boy. Today, I’m an altered person but that change in my personality is due to an accident.

On one foggy day, I and my friend went for a morning walk when a pack of wild dogs attacked us. The mere sight of furious dogs made me to shiver and losing my control, I fell on the ground. The next moment, I saw my friend providing me a shield but the dogs confronted him. I remember them locking their jaws around his neck and to this day, I’m ashamed of my decision.

I ran for my life.

Sitting beside the window, I’m watching the melancholy shades of late afternoon sun. It’s been ten years now but the memories of that incident are still fresh.

I remember reading that only a horse is known to weep for its dying master but today the master is crying for his faithful friend.


Back in June 2015, I wrote this piece for Flash Fiction for Aspiring writers.

Hit the snooze button

snooze button

What is the first thing you do every single day (I mean, after you hit the snooze button)? When did that step in your routine begin?

At times, alarm is not needed to hit a snooze button, for I’ve experienced that daily practice of rising early in the morning gradually conditions the natural human clock and since the marriage of my elder sister, I’m in a habit of making morning tea for my family.


I could say that I’m in habit of making “breakfast” but I’m conscious here for my expertise in breakfast are limited in making tea and omelet. I’m not good in making parathas and my father loved to eat one in his breakfast. So, I knead dough for my mother and then she makes delicious parathas for us.


The tea culture is very popular in Asia. Without it the breakfast is incomplete and evenings remain dull in its absence. I’ve observed my aunt making tea for a whole family. That involves making thirty to forty cups at a time and she’s quite good at it.

Such, is the importance of tea which adds flavor to the family gatherings and this is what I do after hitting my snooze button, for I believe that without “tea” even “parathas” are  tasteless 🙂

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A walk to school

walk to school

Prompt: How did/do you get to school: bus, walk, drive or bike?

On drawing the curtains of my school memories aside, the details of those dreary winter mornings often become visible when on hearing the mother’s voice we reluctantly left our warm beds. It was cold and mother knew everything and in order to provide us relief; she used to warm our sweaters in front of heater.

Later, halfheartedly we ate breakfast and by the time we were ready to get into our car, the color of sky started to turn blue. The journey to school meant a drive of forty five minutes. That was a tough routine but my father never showed any sign of distress.

I remember there was a bakery on our way to school. I and my sister loved to eat its fresh buns and for a long time they remained our favorite school lunch.

The day we moved into our new house that routine changed.

The new home brought school on a walking distance and we children started to enjoy that new aspect of life.

Never before I had ever witnessed the beauty of sunshine and my experience of walking to school early in the morning took me closer to my environment. I can recall there was a ground in front of our house and instead of taking a walk on street , I and my sister preferred to cross that ground.

In that process my polished shoes often got mud on them. I was so scared of uniform inspection that I started to put a piece of cloth in my bag. So, by the time I reached school ,I found some time to clean the dust from them.

In summer walking back to home was an unforgettable experience. Under the sweltering heat of warm sun, my black leather shoes burned like fire. It was a distance of hardly seven minutes but often it seemed that that distance would never end and only the idea of drinking cold water and sitting in front of room cooler gave us strength and we continued walking towards our home.

In those days it all seemed a burden. The routine was tough and the days seemed hectic but today looking back at that time, I can conclude that in the absence of any harsh realities of practical life and in the presence of innocent school friendships, I swear that was the best time of my life.

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Camp Candy

camp candy

Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and open any page. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

This word “Camp” reminds me of a cartoon series of Camp Candy. It was a story of a summer camp where children remained busy in doing their fun activities.

The camping adventure in the beautiful surroundings of mountains and the comic dialogues were all meant to be our refreshing dose. We children loved that show and after doing homework we used to gather in our TV lounge. It was also a time for evening tea and while we ate our evening snacks, the joyous theme song started to play.

Those were some simple and colorful days of my childhood and I’m feeling really happy to find these lyrics of the theme song.

The flea bites,

The bee bites,

The bark of tree bites.

The quietness of darkness

The stories told by firelight

The long nights

The food fights

A summer made of memories,

At camp candy!

The moonlight,

The sunshine,

The rainy days and wet nights,

At camp candy!

Dear Papa

dear papa

Dear Papa,

The warm and bright sun tried its best but it failed to make me smile. Today, I was missing you and was crying a lot.

Everyone was trying to make me laugh but I only smiled and wiped my tears off when mama whispered in my ear that she was baking croissants for me.

The croissants were so delicious. I didn’t count but I believe that I ate lot of them and only stopped when a servant came with a huge package.

Mama opened it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Papa, it was a doll house. Do you remember that I was asking you to get me one? But, I’m confused. You have told me that every package contains the name of its sender but there was no name written on it.

I was asking mama and she was smiling. Perhaps, it’s a gift from fairy; for, mama thinks that I’m behaving really well these days.

Papa, I’ve learned my tables. I’m brushing my teeth twice a day and I never forget to clean my room.

There’s a lot to tell and much to share.  I wish you could saw that large cake with my name written on it.

Mama says that you’re busy in serving the nation. I don’t know what she means but what I really know is that that I only want you to be here with me.

Mama is calling me to bed and I need to stop writing now.

Love you papa

Yours daughter

That was the moment I knew!


(Thanks Ameena k.g for this prompt. I’m sorry that it is not a free write but the prompt inspires me and I love writing it 🙂

The prompt reminds me of an intelligent girl of my college. She was teacher’s favorite student and I’m not hesitant to accept that I was a bit jealous of her. My “immature mind” was not capable of interpreting her real beauty and I was not wise enough to accept her intelligence as a “source of inspiration” for me.

It so happened, that she stopped coming to college. I heard that she had met some accident. I got busy in studies and forgot her.

One day, I was coming out of Examination Hall when I saw a familiar face on a wheel chair. I was shocked to see her. With some hesitation, I moved towards her and asked her what had happened. The story was shocking as the “stray bullet” had damaged her spinal cord and her lower body was paralyzed. She was on wheel chair and with the urine bag attached; she had come to college because she was worried about her studies.

Her strength amazed me and to this day I can recall her “sweet smile”. I can still feel the firm hold of her hand. I felt a strange attraction in her sparkling eyes and when she spoke, I felt her voice was firm and strong.

It’s been more than ten years now but that moment is still fresh in mind. That was the moment I knew that my feelings of jealousy for that “pure soul” was wrong. That was the moment when I realized the “importance of life”. How much ignorant I was in complaining about the negativities in life, and yet, how “complacent” she looked in her ordeal.