Flu and Sinusitis


Suffering from seasonal flu is one thing but experiencing resultant sinusitis issue is completely different thing.

It’s been a long time that I was suffering from this issue but didn’t consult doctor thinkig it a petty issue, I never took it seriously but recently the problem started to hinder with my daily routine chores.

Sinusitis got so severe that while sitting in moving car, I experienced an urge to throw up. Some smells of food and perfume started to create similar type of effect.

On visiting doctor, he not only recommended me some antibiotics but also prescribed me a course of some allergic medicines to be taken for atleast five to six months.

Now, it’s important to note that in normal circumstances, symptoms of sinusitis go away within seven to ten days but in case if it persits beyond ten days then it is better to see doctor.

For no specific reason I was putting it off and taking painkiller at home, I was trying to treat it myself but I was wrong for the issue of sinusitis with facial pain, nasal discharge and cough is serious and must be treated properly.

It should be noted that inflammation of sinuses can be due to allergies, bacteria or a virus. In order to avoid contracting this disease it’s necessary to avoid allergens.

Steam inhalation, hydration and taking rest are some of the best practices to be practiced but more than anything else it’s better to stay away from people with cold and respiratory infections and in case if you need to get in contact with them it’s good hygenic routine to wash your hands frequently.

Right now when I’m on medicines, my mind is not fresh but I’m feeling better.

I’m hoping to get rid of this sinusitis issue soon 🙂

New year with new hopes


It’s new year with fresh beginning in new home. I like this change in my environment for in the abscence of any kind of traffic noise, this place seems more comfortable to me.

It’s nine thirty in the morning. I’m sitting in my lounge and while writing, I can hear the sweet notes of birds that are chirping outside.

It’s cold and the sky is not yet clear for the sun to appear.

I’m happy that this change in my environment has once again ignited flames of creativity in my mind.

If you’re also one who in this previous year didn’t remain much creative or if you’re one who for some reason remained down in dumps then you should not lose hope in this new year for life is generous in giving us this one more chance in the form of time.

Once agin we’ve this year to rectify our mistakes, once again we’ve time to hone our skills and once again we’re offered with time to express our gratitude for all the blessings in life.

Wishing you all a creative and blessed new year. May this year brings lots of happiness for everyone.

Glad to have routine in life


It’s seven in the morning and sitting at my favorite spot in drawing room, I’m thinking that at times it feels good to get back in routine.

There are school going kids at home and it’s my duty to make breakfast and lunch for them but with the extra holiday on Friday, this weekend was quite relaxed, it was a long weekend. Somehow, I got relaxed too and on Sunday I woke up round eight thirty in the morning which for me was quite late.

Getting relax on weekend feels good but after spending some time in laziness, it feels equally good to get back in routine on Monday.

This space in drawing room is my favorite, it’s quite secluded from rest of home and the thing which I like most about it is a clear view of sky from window here. On the other side of street, there are shades of dull winter sun on the front wall of double story home. It’s been more than two hours that sun is up, yet, I’m not able to see shimmer of yellow rays on the familiar tree upon which I observed the effect of early morning sun a month ago.

Perhaps in sky above the winter sun is still busy yawning.

Life feels joyous when we get chance to take a breath outside the monotony of daily routine but there also exist beauty in systematic life. Nature with all its grandeur is a manifestation of this very fact of life.

This morning when my alarm went off at five forty five, I was reluctant to leave the bed and lying under my warm blanket, I was doing nothing but was busy killing time when I heard the sweet melody of little black sparrow outside window of my room.

Now, the windows of the house located on the back of my home have some space on their outer ledges which this bird has intelligently used for its living. It won’t care for Sunday or Monday, for the bird is an early riser. This morning hearing its sweet melodious sound made me embarrassed, I thought if a bird can wakes up this early than why can’t I.

Today, I’m feeling good getting back in routine. I’m happy to wake up early in morning. I’m pretty sure this is going to leave positive effect on my mood this day.

Well, for me routine is good. Do you feel the same for yourself?

Just be happy..


Somewhere on internent, I read this quote which states that if a person searches for some kind of reason to be happy than there’s a chance that he finds none that’s why it’s better to be happy without any specific reason in life.

Reading this left such an impact on my mood yesterday that while doing house chores of washing dishes and arranging things, I kept on singing different songs.

I didn’t notice myself but probably I was smiling way too much that my younger sister who’s in her final year of medicine due to her natural “doctoral instinct” can’t help noticing my condition and looking worried asked me if I was doing well.

Well, yes I’m good and I’m feeling way better for I’ve learned that happiness is not something to be looked for, it’s a thing which can be successfuly attracted in life.

I very much like to relate my feelings of happiness for the two new books which I’ve read in this past week. Interestingly, Farenhite 451 and the boy in stripped pyjamas were both devoid of feelings of any kind of happiness.

The boy in stripped pyjamas was dark while Farenhite 451 with the protagonist’s ominous job of burning book was horrible.

Nonetheless, I was happy and felt satisfied after going through such gems of thoughts by great writers in literature.

It’s one in the evening and while I’m writing this, I can hear sparrows are busy singing their merry songs outside. This November has proved itself to be foggy and smoggy and instead of showing their displeasure, sparrows are busy in composing this new song for a day.

Maybe this movie quote from Abraham Lincoln and Vampire Hunter is not directly related to this post but I feel that the realization of the importance of a moment will lead to the better understanding of life and thus to the fact that happiness is not something to be looked for rather it’s a thing which can be attracted and creates magic in life.

This quote from the movie is my all time favorite

“Days are swift as an Indian Arrow

Flying like a shooting star.

The present day is here,

and slide away in haste.

that we can never say is ours,

but only say, Is passed.”


An old kitchen tray…


Recently, I’ve been thinking about the presence of some old things in my home. There’s this silver ladel of my great grandmother on which the year 1941 is inscribed.

There are also some old pictures which are hanging on the walls of my home but my association with this tray in kitchen is different.

With made in England inscription on its backside, the tray is more than thirty years old. It is a long time but the colors of this village looking scene are still bright.

In these past thirty years the tray along with other things in my home made frequent travels with us. First we were living abroad then here in this city we moved quite a lot. During this time when most of the things lost their strength this tray along with a picture hanging on the wall of my lounge retained their vigour.

My association with this tray is different.

For me it’s a reminisence of my carefree time. As a child I would look at the scenery and would think about the presence of people inside the homes. I very much liked to think about what was happening in those homes, I would imagine the presence of rooms with beds and kitchen inside.

There’s lot of work going on in this picture, as rooster and hens are busy in eating so do men and woman are busy in their work for living.

I admit, I have almost neglected this tray for some new trays have replaced it and it’s not in use much unless we have to place some ten to fifteen cups on it which is not a usual occurrence but yesterday when I was reading ode on a gracian urn by John Keats, I thought about the scenery on this tray.

Keats’s in his poetry asserts that art is permanent while human life is mortal. In his poem, the beautiful image of a boy playing music for his lover remains unchanged on urn and so does this scene of village on this tray in my home.

These days the tray is not much in use and for the sake of taking this picture, I scrubbed it hard. There were some tea stains and once they were removed, I hold it in front of my eyes and looked at the busy people in scene.

In these past years lot has been changed in my life. I’ve lost some people who were closed to me. Though, in their lives I didn’t realized their importance but once they were gone I understood the importance of relations in life.

From all good and bad experiences of my life, I’ve learned that though life is about work and struggle but at the end of the day we can’t ignore our loved ones. This is what this picture tells me for I can assume that during the day men and women remained busy doing their work and once on getting back home they’ll find relief in the company of their loved ones…

Before we’re able to understand the importance of people in our lives, sometimes life ends. There’s nothing more beautiful than to end my post with these beautiful words of Valadimir Nabokov, he writes

“The cradle rocks above an abyss, and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness.”


I write because….


During exams of my seventh grade, I was asked to write an essay over the topic of library. In those days I didn’t own much books but I often dreamt of having a large and airy library at home.

I wrote an imaginary essay in which I gave desription of my ideal picture of library with two large windows which I imagined opened in garden of my home. I was supposed to write that essay in Urdu and thirteen out of fifteen marks were considered highest in class.

In her remarks, my teacher wrote excellent work on my paper.

I kept that paper for a long time but later lost it during shifting process of my home.

Two weeks ago, I was reading George Orwell’s essay in which he mentioned that he had a lonely child’s habit of making up stories and holding up conversation with imaginary friends. Reading this reminds me of that library essay and I thought I could relate to him for there is this magic in imagination that in most desperate moments of my life, I have always found refuge in secret haven of my imaginary world.

I write because it gives me an excuse for reading.

I scribble because it provides me glimpse of my own thought process.

I write because it keeps me alive.

It sounds like a cliche but it’s been some time that wtiting has become more of a life line for me. I have found the sensation of giving birth to words painful but the next moment when I saw words on previously blank screen of my laptop, I feel proud of myself.

My mother often scolds me that I also need to learn to explain myself through oral communication which I think I’m quite capable of doing for it seems funny but whenever my mother is furious, I get afraid of her temper and lost control over my speech.

I have no idea of the count of words I have typed so far. I have been interrupted twice and have lost control of my stream of thoughts whose speed I was unable to control. My fingers didn’t keep pace with it.

This post of mine wasn’t suppose to go like this. There were many things which I wanted to write but right now when I’m not able to recall any single of them, I’d like to mention that I write because through writing, I’ve explored many new dimensions of life.

I simply write because writing has provided me with this opportunity to embrace life…

My travel story


In my childhood when roads were not good the journey towards my native city was long. In those days Motorway was not constructed and eight to ten hours of journey through grand trunk or GT road (South Asia’s oldest and longest major roads) left my parents exhausted. On the other hand we children remained energetic for the mere idea of meeting with cousins and uncles kept us excited.

With time lot has been changed but my nostalgic feelings towards my city and late grandma’s house remained same.

It’s been some time that we wanted to take break from our monotonous hectic routines and this past week when our parents decided to arrange a trip to Attock, I and my sisters got excited.

It was early in the morning when we started our journey.

Province of Punjab is known for it green fields and as we were travelling between its two cities, we saw many beautiful scenes.

After every ten to twenty kilometers, I very much liked to stop and wanted to capture pictures of every scene but my mother reminded me that it would slow down our speed for at home the lunch was ready and every one was anxiously waiting for us.

In golden gleam of October sun, the road ahead was shining. I saw many villages where farmers were busy working in their fields while their cattle were enjoying eating food.

I saw workers along the road were busy in painting tree trunks white. At that time I didn’t understand but later I came to know they were doing this to protect tree bark from splitting and cracking.

white trees
While the car was travelling on Motorway, I captured this image. White painted trees are visible in this picture.

After four hours we left Motorway and covered rest of the distance through GT road.

I like this canopy of green leaves. The road ahead was looking neat.
Sitting in front of car my mother kept on reminding me that my phone was not good to capture images but when I saw these horses and couldn’t resist capturing this picture.

This year on August 6, while writing a post on my blog,  I unconsciously mentioned my desire to observe reflection of sunlight in sea and this past week when I visited Attock river, I captured this effect of sunlight in water.

sunlight in water.jpg
I was happy and amazed for this picture is very near to the picture I saw somewhere on internet.

My favorite moment of family gathering is moment of picnic. We were some thirty people who went to river Attock and to river Haro on two different days.


picnic 2.jpg

On that bright day the sun was shining. In the pictures the river looks calm but due to its unpredictable level it was dangerous to go near.




On that day, I didn’t wear my joggers and in order to cross this mountain of sand, I took off my sandals. Sand was warm but I enjoyed my walk.

This is an old Attock bridge that was built in 1883 during English rule in subcontinent. The upper level of bridge is still in use for train movement. It’s been some time that the lower level of bridge is not in use for heavy traffic but still motorbikes and cycles from nearby villages use this bridge.


While we were getting ready for picnic, we heard the sound of tain. I immediately got hold of my phone and tried to make small video on my phone.

What you give is what you get. We waved hands at the passengers in train. They looked grateful and waved back at us.


Sitting on a rock, I particularly enjoyed feeling the sensation of cold water on my feet.

While looking at the foamy waves of water, I silently thanked God for making the world beautiful.

Attock Fort is an important historical place which was built during Akbar reign from 1581 to 1583.

In this picture the outer wall of Attock fort is visible. It’s been a long time that visitors are not allowed to go inside.

It’s been some time that I read somewhere that a person who don’t know about his family roots is not confident in practical life. I have myself experienced that whenever I get a chance to meet with my extended family, I feel myself fresh and more confident.

I’m grateful to God Almighty for this blessing of beautiful blood relations in my life.


Gratitude post


It’s not me that’s for sure but my younger sister is of the view that just like a girl in the picture, I could spend long hours reading a book and that too on my favorite couch in drawing room.

There’s nothing special about this sitting arrangement in my drawing room. It’s only this that this little space is quite secluded from the rest of home and while reading or writing, I could move my head and can observe reflection of sunny sky in green garden outside.

Not always but at times this sitting posture of mine reminds me of Jane Eyre. It’s not that I can relate to her but when Jane in order to escape bullying of her cousins hid herself behind curtains of large window in library, I felt her pleasure in escape which she found in reading book.

I was supposed to write this post earlier but delayed writing it for in these past two or three days, I was busy enjoying the positive effects of a change which I had tried to bring in my behavior.

For some time I was trying to act boss at home. My bossy behavior was making my youngest sister and niece quite annoyed of me__ I have little patience for tolerating mess and kids have lot of stamina for producing it.

Recently, I have decided that instead of changing people in my surrounding why not try to change my own behavior.

It’s seven thirty in the morning when sitting in my favorite space in home, I’m writing these lines and feeling grateful for bringing this change in my behavior. I have stopped being bossy and have noticed that without shrieking and showing any kind of attitude, I can exercise my power on others with patience and respect.

I’m so happy for I’m able to bring this change in my behavior and I’m happy that while writing this gratitude post and I can observe shades of early morning sun outside.

On the other side of a street there’s a large tree whose green leaves among top branches are shining in mellow sunlight. Towards the bottom of tree where the early morning sun has not get an acess yet, I can see some shades of darkness.

But, I’m not afraid of them for I know once the light decides to appear then the darkness of night finds no room to stay.

Previously, I was trying to change behavior of people in my surrounding but I’m happy for this dawn of light upon my thoughts which has taught me that it’s always better to bring change in oneself first.

I’m happy and I’m grateful that I’m able to bring change in my behavior first.

Image Courtesy: Google Image

Gratitude journal day 1


Yesterday, I came across a post on huffingtonpost. It was about benifits of keeping gratitude journal. The idea of maintaining one seemed nice and after reading it, I thought it’s been a long time that I haven’t sit and spend some time over this topic and thought to maintain my own online gratitude journal for atleast three consective days.

It’s ten in the morning when I’m going to read and make some changes in a draft which I wrote two and a half hours ago. The list is in no particular order and I’m going to keep it the way in which my stream of thoughts bombarded my mind this morning.

  •  I’m grateful for watching cricket match on TV with my siblings. After a hectic day watching this sport in evening helps in relaxing our minds. More than anything else it’s the first international match with foreign players playing here in Pakistan since 2009 terrorist attack on the then visiting Sirilankan team. It’s been a long time and people are looking happy about the return of cricket in country.
  • I’m happy and blessed to have a wonderful elder sister who despite being married always finds time in hearing my long speech on phone. She lives in another country but due to whatsapp and her caring nature she always seems near.
  • After watching some videos on youtube about killer whales, I explored a lot about them on internet. It feels good to learn about whales who preferrerd to live in families. The mother whale whose average life span is estimated somewhere around 90 years took care of her children throughout her life. I’m grateful for my internet connection which has helped me in exploring a lot about whales.
  • My Samsung Glaxy Tab is of Red color. I also have my mobile phone but I preferred to set morning alarm on my tab. I’m grateful to it for waking me up 5:30 in the morning. Offering the morning prayer is best way to strengthen your bond with God Almighty.
  • I’m grateful to hear all these morning voices outside. Sitting on top of trees, birds are chirping. Somewhere near the gardner is busy mowing lawn grass. It’s seven thirty and it’s school time. Two or three houses from my home, crow is sitting on wall. It’s harsh voice is giving background touch to noise of cars and motorbikes on road. I don’t mind hearing all this disturbance. It shows that life never rests, it moves on.
  • The sun is shining and the day is bright, I’m happy to start a brand new day

Image Courtesy: Google Image(Scrapbook Adhesive)

It’s been almost an year that I wrote this post titled happiness is… on my blog. The list in a post is very close to my heart. My apologies for not creating hyperlink here.



Writing some random thoughts


Month of August is always warm. Level of humidity in air increases so much that at times it seems impossible to take even a breath. This morning was relatively calm. I woke up early and right now when I’m writing this, I am sitting in my drawing room. I am almost lying on my couch and can see reflection of colorful lights on the screen of my tab. My father admires these decoration lights in home.

In the beginning, I was against this idea of having these lights in home but with passage of time I have developed a sort of liking for them.

They’re here in my drawing room and they’re fixed along the door in the enterance of my home. So, it happens that when someone enters in our home the colorful lights welcome him.

This past week exams and studies left me mentally tired. I wanted some break which I got by meeting with my uncle’s family.

This family get together happened after a gap of two years. Enjoying and laughing with my cousins, I thought of an article which I read in a magzine. It was about the importance of family and the crux of the article was the fact that people who are aware of their family roots are more confident in their practical lives.

It also reminds of a debate that erupted on a dinner table at my home. We received an invitation for dinner from some relatives of ours and other than me and my younger sister none of my sibling was willing to go. At that moment, I made a protest, I wanted everyone to go for I thought of a line from John Donne who is of the view that no man is an island.

Donne is right for we are connected with our environment and people, we can’t live in seclusion.

So, trying to establish my connection with a day, I can consider it a better day in terms of weather. Some parts of country has received rainfall and my city has also received its effects.

It is sunny but the fact that there’s less humidity in air has allowed me to open two windows instead of one. I have also drawn the blinds aside and now my eyes can see the greenish beauty of plants outside.

This dark green color of leaves not only reminds me of chlrophyll which I studied in my science class in school but it also reminds me of green-eyed monster of jealousy in Shakespeare’s world.

My fingers are trying hard to keep pace with my fast thinking mind but ideas are slipping out of my hands.

I can hear the noise of moving vehicles outside my home.

It’s been more than eight months that we are living in this new home but depite remaining positive, I missed my old home and neighbours. It was a small home. The houses on that street were near, so were the people.

Here living in this big home, I missed that connection which I had developed with my neighbours there but life moves on and so do we.

(These are some random thoughts which came to my mind and reminds me of a quote about writing.

“Start writing no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on”