The Highest point in life!


Today’s Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

Dear Life,

I have always dreamed of conquering the “highest summit” and as, a school girl, I used to admire the seniority of the college girls.

For me, the college was superior but when I reached University, I realized that I was still a student and to achieve the high rank in life, I had to put a lot of efforts.

I remember admiring my teachers and then you gave me a chance to teach my Alma mater not once but twice.

Yes, I taught in my school and then in the same college in which I have been taught. That was a prestigious position and that was a great achievement but after some time I realized that that was not my destination. It dawned on me that no matter what, I had to move forward in my life. So, today’s prompt remind me of all those decisions which I have made in my life.

Dear Life, I must admit that with all these opportunities in life, you have always remained kind to me.My typical human nature has never allowed me to remain contented in life. I have a passion to go higher, I have a desire to achieve my dreams and I’m enthusiastic about doing “impossible” in life.

My dear Life, you have taught me to take a step forward not backward.

So, keeping an eye on that “mountain peak”, I’m still moving forward and my thirst for conquering the highest peak in life has not been satiated.

And, here I am making a firm decision that despite all the obstacles I’ll never cease to move forward. I’ll never look back and like a valiant warrior I’ll keep on fighting and the day will come when I’ll ascend that distant “mountain peak”.

Thank you for all the sweet and bitter experiences. I have learned a lot from you.

Yours lovingly

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Once it happened in a garden!

bench in a garden

The bird uttered a melancholy tone of loneliness and the autumn leaves gave a crunching sound under their feet’s.

Hand in hand, they entered the garden. Sarah with her firm hold on his hand was walking steadily while the man with his rough brown hair was faltering behind her.

“John, look the kids are playing. Do you want to join them?” she asked, but his vacant eyes and expressionless face made her feel dispirited.

She gently placed her hands on his shoulders and said, “John, you need to speak up. You need to share your feelings.”But he continued to stare at something and following his direction of gaze, she saw an old woman sitting on a bench. That old lady was busy in knitting a sweater.

Sarah felt something strange in John’s eyes. He freed his hand from her grip and started to walk towards the bench.

Holding needles in her wrinkled hands, Susan got surprised by their presence. She cast an inquisitive look upon those strangers and before she could say something the man felled on his knees and started to cry like a child. Tears were rolling down his eyes and in his hysterical voice he was saying,

“You looked like my mother please let me see your face for a while”.

Susan felt as if someone had clenched her heart.  The distant image of her lost child appeared in her eyes. She saw the man in front of her was sobbing uncontrollably.

At that very moment, the crusty brown leaves reflected the golden sunshine and Susan took that youthful figure in her fragile arms. She gently stroked his hair and whispered,

“Shhh!  All your sorrows are ended in my embrace”.

The little sparrow uttered a musical note of joy and Sarah smiled contentedly. She was happy as at last John had decided to share his feelings.

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writing 101: Day Nine (Point of view)

Writing 201: Descriptive writing (death to adverbs)

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Deep in the woods the monkeys gave a hoot, and his heart leapt into his mouth. The fear of loneliness had always made him afraid.So, he tried hard to look for a familiar sun but failed as the canopy of trees was blocking the sun rays.

He peered through the twisting ropes of merciless vines that had been choking the trees. “Is anyone here?” he shouted, but his voice reverberated in that malicious place.

The ruthless hands of stuffy and warm air were adding salt to his injuries and the mere realization of the idea that he was all alone in that unfathomable place brought tears in his eyes. He continued to sob for some time when he felt something strange.

The fluttering of birds startled him and he started to quiver like a dried leave. Those two glowing eyes informed him about the arrival of something dangerous. He wanted to run but couldn’t and the growl issued the much needed “May day call” and leaving that wreckage of plane behind that sole survivor of plane crash started to run for his life.

Writing 201, Character Study

dr amir habib

I was keenly observing that shy looking person. That plain looking man in his early thirties was nicely dressed. I was thinking that he was not a bad choice to become my brother-in-law when he raised his eyes and asked, ‘What are your majors in college?”

I told him that I was studying Math and Statistics. I told him that I found physics a difficult subject.It was then I saw a brightness appeared in his expressive brown eyes, ripples formed on the surface of a water and he started to explain me the concepts of Physics. To this day, whenever he has a time, he always used it in giving us a lecture about the importance of education in life.

He is average height, dark hair and wears glasses to read books. My brother-in-law is a hardworking man who has received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Vienna University of technology.

He’s been in teaching for a long time and his students admire him for his cool and calm personality. He’s a dedicated teacher who is always there to help and  support his students.

He’s more like an elder brother to me.Once, I was not able to clear one of my course in the University. I was heartbroken, but he encouraged me. He inspired me and finally I received distinction in that subject.

He’s not a book worm, but he likes to read books and watch movies.  He’s good in cooking and baking is his specialty.

Fathers are naturally attached to their daughters and the big loss in his life was losing his infant daughter. The family got shattered by that incident, but in that difficult time, he appeared to be an epitome of great courage. He remained thankful to Allah Almighty and just after a year Allah blessed him with the beautiful daughter.

He’s an easy-going person, who is mature in his thoughts and strong in his decisions. May God give him a healthy and prosperous life.(Ameen)

Once, I found a letter…

hand written letter

Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

While, eating my lunch, I cast him a quick look. Sitting in that lonely corner of the cafe, that man in his late thirties was shedding tears.

I felt a strange urge to console him. But, before I could say anything, he stood up and went away. I too, paid my bill and headed for the door.

Passing by his table, I saw a folded paper. Out of curiosity, I opened it. It was a letter

Dear Brother,

… We are enjoying spring season here. The leaves are green and the sun is shining brightly. Everything is looking beautiful…

Mother is missing you a lot. Do write to us.

Your loving sister

The dampness of letter revealed the agony of a man. Despite living among the luxuries of life, the man was missing his homeland and the pale yellow sun of a cold winter was reminding him of all the colors of life which he had left behind.

I folded the paper and put it carefully in my pocket. I wanted to give it back to him. After all, it was his most prized possession.

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Writing 101, The sunrise


The shimmering rays gently tickled the petals, the red rose stretched and slowly opened its eyes and the gentle sunshine simply passed a smile to that sleepy flower.

That warm gesture was widely welcomed. The scent escaped from the flower and soon the garden became a fragrant paradise.

The sun was rising, the colors were melting and the furrowed clouds were in a hurry to give space to that giant glowing disc.

Standing on the wet grass, I was barefoot. The dawn chorus of birds sounded sweet to my ears.They were large in number. Sitting in the dark green trees, they were twittering. Their voice was full of passion as if they were trying to burst their lungs.

I moved towards a tree and tried to find them. But, my presence startled them. Their fluttering of wings produced a noise and I saw them flying in the air.

I was absorbed in watching them when my father called me and we left for home.

It is more than twenty years now, but that morning walk is fresh in my mind.

Every experience of childhood is priceless. So, I wish  that I could go back and from the pure heart of a child I once again want to observe the beauty of sunrise.

Free writing for twenty minutes

20 minutes






I have decided to write for twenty minutes. Somehow, I’m not at ease with writing in this way with some time constraint but I have decided to give it a try.

It is 8:39 in the morning. The cold breeze is blowing outside. The voice of crow is normally considered as hoarse and rough but for me it is a sign of a new day. So, here sitting in my drawing room I can hear the lovely voices of birds. The sparrows are chirping and the Myna bird is whistling. All these voices symbolize the beginning of a new day.

My morning started by preparing breakfast and by making lunch for my younger sister. While eating breakfast, I was thinking about the book which I haven’t finished reading yet. “The story of my life” by Hellen Keller is a  powerful narrative. The reader is likely to fall in love with this strong and powerful descriptive piece of writing.

Writing this reminds me of my first ever book which I read in childhood. That was a book about the stories of different villages. The pictures were really beautiful. It took me on a wonderful journey of the villages of Asia.

My younger sister who also love to read books. She is a student of 8th grade. She’s a stubborn girl but recently she has shown improvement in her studies. Earlier, she was afraid of Maths, but I’m glad that she’s started to take an interest in this subject.

My sister often asks me about the benefits of writing blog.

At times, I also wonder that why I’m blogging. But, then I heard an inner voice which tells me that in this short journey of five months, I have discovered a whole new world and this discovery of a new world has inspired me and has motivated me to move forward in my life.

I have still some time left for writing. I’m thankful to writing 101 for this interesting prompt. I enjoyed writing it, but I’m sure that editing would be a tough task 🙂