Writer’s Block


On December 7, the incident of plane crash in my country was horrible. It left me dejected and feeling sorry for grieved families, I found it hard to come up with any ideas for writing.

It’s been more than two weeks that I wasn’t able to produce anything new and today while reading some of my posts, the header line of my blog caught my attention. It says that with sweet and sour experiences, life is full of colors.

It’s true that life is beautiful. We always need to remain thankful for every breath which we exhale and inhale. Life is a gift of God and just to share in Islam the act of taking one’s own life is considered a bad act. So, we have not only been asked to obey the teachings of God Almighty but we have also been told to remain happy and consider this life as a blessing of God. This very concept can also be found in other religions of world.

Right now when I’m busy typing these words, I’m feeling so very happy about the sunny day outside. It’s winter season and winter vacations are going to start soon. I can also hear the voices of my youngest sister and niece quarreling with each other in next room. There’s a difference of two years between them. Studying in same school, they both are more like friends and today when due to fault in car they weren’t able to go to school, they’re looking quite relaxed.

Writing about happy moments, I can think of the presence of mosquito racket in my home. The experience of getting rid of mosquitoes and flies have never been so easy before.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never remained good in taking aim with flying stick for flies and for that I’ve always admired my father who while eating or doing some work can easily take aim of “flying fly”.

Well, this post of mine is more like bombasting this page with some random thoughts of mine but I very much like to write whatever comes in my mind because I’m interested in getting out of writer’s block and I’m afraid I’m not like Dan Brown.

Yup, you got it right, I’m not trained enough to hang upside down with gravity boots  🙂


Plane Crash

After it fell on mountain, the plane caught fire.

It’s been more than sixteen hours of receiving a tragic news of plane crash in Pakistan, there were some forty eight people on board and the tragic incident has left no survivor.

Death is inevitable, it’s a reality and being Muslims it’s our belief that those who have lost their lives in plane crash have all embraced martyrdom but reading stories of the relatives who have lost their loved ones in this incident, I’m thinking nothing but the fact that at the moment no pill but only prayers would help them in lessening their grief.

The people on plane were from every walk of life; there was a twenty-four year old engineer, there was country’s popular personality on board and there was a young civil servant with his wife and infant daughter, they all have perished now.

Couple of hours before hearing the news of incident on TV, I was watching heroic and inspirational moments on you tube. There I also watched a link to last seconds conversation of pilots before their planes got crashed.

It’s been told that after take-off, pilot radioed Mayday call. He had no control over his plane and while imagining the failed attempt of the slain pilot who tried to take control of his plane before it hit the ground, I thought of the passengers and  felt a tingling sensation in my spine; they knew they were all going to die.

This is a sad news; the nation is mourning and I can feel the grief of bereaved families. Their loss is irreplaceable and in the midst of this entire scenario, I’m thinking that sooner or later we’ll forget about this incident for when the life is moving we cannot stop, we’ll move forward and will forget about the loss of all those precious lives that were on board.

On hearing the news of someone’s death the Muslims are asked to recite prayer. Here is an English translation

“We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

May they all rest in peace (Ameen)

The BBC has reported this news on its website


Fate & stars


Putting blame on fate
I found problems in others
I remained but blind,
Time was cruel to tell me late
Fault was never with my stars.

This post is in response to Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #10 – FATE & STARS by COLLEEN CHESEBRO.


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Apple-pie order

three line tales week 44: six macarons

photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash

When I opened the door of my room, I saw my three year and four year daughters were looking afraid.

I followed their gaze and on seeing the crumpled bed sheet, I smiled.

Later, when I joined my daughters in their adventure of jumping on my bed, they were amazed but I knew that it was necessary for I learned that things place in apple-pie order appear nice to eyes but at times too much order can makes it difficult to breath.

It’s been a while that I read some research on the importance of a bit of clutter in life. I too like to keep things in order but I’ve also noticed that too much obsession for neatness and order can make life really tough.

Above three lines are not directly link to the picture but in the morning when I was thinking to write some post on this topic, I though of nothing but the word apple-pie order.

This post is in response to Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Four by Sonya.


Lost and found


It’s been three weeks in new home and today my sister after getting tired of continuously requesting everyone to find her diaries finally decided to take her own responsibility and got succeeded.

My sister is in ninth grade and it’s been a long time that she’s in a habit of writing her favorite quotes and thoughts in her diary. In these past days when everyone was busy and no one was ready to help her, I could feel restlessness on her face.

Now, she being younger at home always counts on us to solve her problems. As she’s getting older, we’re trying to make it sure that she takes her own responsibility and today I took a sigh of relief when she found her diaries in a drawer placed in store. She can also lose her temper easily. I tried hard to make her clear that while shifting when some thirty five boxes are involve, such minor incidents can happen but she was not ready to listen anything and was of the view that in any case it was I who put them there and forget about them.

Well, all’s well that ends well and while writing it; I’m also silently praying that she could also learn to press her uniform.

Yes, I’m the one at home whom she thinks is responsible of pressing her uniform 🙂

Dearest Ava

Dearest Ava,

This is a cold winter day and while my fingers are busy in writing, my mind is strolling in that street.The cloudy sky of that evening is still fresh in my mind.

I and you, we were just two there. That was the last day of our university and while walking on that street, I had said that no matter what I would never get married and you in your calm voice had replied that sooner or later I would change my perception and here I confess that I was wrong.

I agree that marriage is the most beautiful relationship and never before I had imagined that life could be so full of colors.

Sharp and bright, soft and light this is now how I defines my life and when everyone complains that winter sun is getting lazy, I believe it’s still okay.

Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife.

I originally wrote this for the challenge named it’sStillOkay, put forth by Prakash Hegade. This time on seeing the picture above, I found it beautiful and can’t resist re-posting the letter.

Thank you Louise from the storyteller’s Abode for the beautiful picture. Many thanks to PricelessJoy for hosting this event.

Thanks and beginning

Plants in a Window --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Each day is a hope
In every morning there is scope
When duties become tough
Early morning sun gives me strength
I feel blessed to start new day.

This post is in response to Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #9 – THANKS & BEGINNINGS.

Thanks reminds me of being blessed and for me beginning is a fresh start, I’ve used new for the word beginning here.