Lost and found


It’s been three weeks in new home and today my sister after getting tired of continuously requesting everyone to find her diaries finally decided to take her own responsibility and got succeeded.

My sister is in ninth grade and it’s been a long time that she’s in a habit of writing her favorite quotes and thoughts in her diary. In these past days when everyone was busy and no one was ready to help her, I could feel restlessness on her face.

Now, she being younger at home always counts on us to solve her problems. As she’s getting older, we’re trying to make it sure that she takes her own responsibility and today I took a sigh of relief when she found her diaries in a drawer placed in store. She can also lose her temper easily. I tried hard to make her clear that while shifting when some thirty five boxes are involve, such minor incidents can happen but she was not ready to listen anything and was of the view that in any case it was I who put them there and forget about them.

Well, all’s well that ends well and while writing it; I’m also silently praying that she could also learn to press her uniform.

Yes, I’m the one at home whom she thinks is responsible of pressing her uniform 🙂

Dearest Ava

Dearest Ava,

This is a cold winter day and while my fingers are busy in writing, my mind is strolling in that street.The cloudy sky of that evening is still fresh in my mind.

I and you, we were just two there. That was the last day of our university and while walking on that street, I had said that no matter what I would never get married and you in your calm voice had replied that sooner or later I would change my perception and here I confess that I was wrong.

I agree that marriage is the most beautiful relationship and never before I had imagined that life could be so full of colors.

Sharp and bright, soft and light this is now how I defines my life and when everyone complains that winter sun is getting lazy, I believe it’s still okay.

Happy wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife.

I originally wrote this for the challenge named it’sStillOkay, put forth by Prakash Hegade. This time on seeing the picture above, I found it beautiful and can’t resist re-posting the letter.

Thank you Louise from the storyteller’s Abode for the beautiful picture. Many thanks to PricelessJoy for hosting this event.

Thanks and beginning

Plants in a Window --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Each day is a hope
In every morning there is scope
When duties become tough
Early morning sun gives me strength
I feel blessed to start new day.

This post is in response to Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #9 – THANKS & BEGINNINGS.

Thanks reminds me of being blessed and for me beginning is a fresh start, I’ve used new for the word beginning here.

My Diary


November 18, 2016

In these past five years, I had been living in a house where in the absence of any kind of traffic noise, my ears got accustomed to hearing nothing but songs of birds.

The window of my room which was on the first floor of that small double story home opened in terrace, my blogging journey started in that room. So, while hearing the chirping of sparrows and observing the shades of sunlight filtering through the green leaves, my mind started to work and my fingers never failed to keep pace with it.

It’s been a week that we have moved to a new place. This new home is better; it’s bigger and airy but the thing which is disturbing me is traffic on road. All day long, I can hear the noise of motorbikes, cars and buses outside. Previously, my house was located on a street where during the day children remained busy in playing cricket and sitting in my room and while working in the kitchen, I could hear the sound of moving tricycle which was a signal that twins had come on street.

Trying to remain optimistic, I can take this traffic outside my home as movement of life but if there exists any difference between that noise of children on that street and this noise of vehicles here then it’s nothing but the fact that in that crying and laughing voices of children on street, I found hope and this sound of traffic reminds me of moving life which remains indifferent to its surrounding.

November 21, 2016

It’s eleven ten in the morning when here in my bedroom sitting on my bed, I can observe sunlight coming through window and making shades on my bed. These days when nights are getting cold, days are also losing their warmness and when I can hear the footsteps of winter approaching, I am enjoying this golden sunshine in my bedroom.

Three days ago while writing, I was kind of sad about change in my environment but right now I think that sometimes change is good. For the change negates the concept of monotonous life, it keeps us alive.

On October 26, I wrote this poem Creative day and then got busy and didn’t find time for writing. Today, when I’ve finally get my internet connection back, I’m posting what I’ve written and saved on my laptop.

On November 18, I was down in dumps and this very morning when I was observing the shades of sunlight, I could find myself in high spirits. I ‘m posting what I was feeling and while re-reading these thoughts, I’m convinced that nature can evoke different feelings in us, I’m happy that this morning, golden gleam of November sunlight helped me in getting back to writing.


Creative day


Sound of lawn mower

Singing myna, hopping sparrows

My haven for writing,

Embracing this form of day

I have fallen in love with life.

Lately, I’ve been noticing this change in my writing habit that stillness of night creates hindrance in my creative writing process. During the day when there’s the sound of life on the street outside my home, my mind remains active.

This morning, when I could hear the sound of lawn mower in my neighbor’s garden and twittering of sparrows on my terrace, I was thinking nothing but this very line that “I’m in love with life”.

This post is response to Silver’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #5 SHAPES & HEART.


For heart I’ve used love and for shapes, I’ve used form.

Image Courtesy: flickr.com

Starlight blogger Award

Starlight Blogger Award 05/30/2015

Hearing that I’ve been nominated for starlight blogger award is a beautiful surprise. Lately, I’ve not been accepting some awards, thinking that they’re for new bloggers but this one comes from a very diligent blogger Prakash Hegade and the fact that he is among those readers of my blog who have been here with me from the beginning of my writing journey made me feel that I need to accept this kind gesture of him.

Do check his book Run – The Secret Destination. Once, you’ll finish reading his book, you’ll find yourself looking at life with a whole new perspective.

Here are my answers to his three  questions

Share the link of your first blog post you made on your blog?

Hmm.. it’s tough, actually before writing here on WordPress, I started with some writing forums. I posted some of my posts there then I shared them here. Once, joining here on WordPress, I was lucky that I discovered a blog named the writers’ hub with weekly hub challenges which were intended to motivate and help bloggers in writing.

I wrote these six words stories for the hub challenge.

Thrice defeated; still charged, I’m optimistic.

Hospital sounds haunt me, she’s gone.

 Associate a meaning and describe black and white?

I don’t believe that things in life needed to be black and white. There are lots of colors between them, why not enjoy little bit ambiguity?  🙂

If you were to invent something, what would be it?

A medicine, people would take in the morning which would force them to keep a smile on their face throughout the day but ignore it what I’ve written for I believe it is very much in our own control 🙂

That reminds me of a Mathematics teacher in our ninth grade, who was stern in her appearance and responded to our queries quite rudely. Gradually, students stopped asking her questions, she noticed that change and as she was young, we took liberty and discussed our issue with her. Surprisingly, she readily accepted that problem in her attitude and from the next day, I saw a smile on her face.

She’s still teaching in same school and last week when I met her after some more than ten years, she welcomed me with a great big smile on her face 🙂

Keeping the beautiful gesture showed by Prakash Hegade in mind, I’m also including three of my nominees for this award here.

Deb author of the blog ONCE UPON A HOT FLASH believes in showing gratitude for every blessing in her life.

A positive attitude with an abundance of gratitude and a laugh at menopause is her tagline. She has taught me to remain hopeful in life.

Ancient Skies believes in compassion and love for nature.He’s among those readers who have been here from the day one of my writing journey. He writes that he’s always learning and growing, I like his humble attitude.

I’m so glad to discover Nashrah author of the blog PAINTED IN WORDS. I like her photography and reading her posts is always a refreshing experience for me.

Here are three simple rules

–Thank the giver and link their blog to your post

–Answer the three questions

–Nominate others

My questions for my nominees

1. Any quote from movie or book which has remained a source of inspiration for you?

2. The post on your blog for which you feel that you’re emotionally attached to it?

3. What keeps you motivated for doing blogging?

Those were some volunteers


2005 earthquake in Pakistan is considered deadliest in country’s history. The 7.6 magnitude earthquake claimed some 76,000 lives.

October 8, 2005 was the month of Ramzan. On that day, I was on leave from college. It was around 8: 55 in the morning and I was busy solving Mathematics questions when I felt, the sofa on which I was sitting was shaking. At first, I stayed where I was but when shaking got worse, we all went outside.

Standing in my courtyard, grabbing my register, I looked at the houses; it was so bad that they were swaying like trees. I can’t remember the exact duration but it all lasted for few minutes.

That was a horrible experience. Though, I was reciting kalma but being a human being my heart was beating profusely. Once, on getting inside, I performed ablution and offered prayer. It gave me some satisfaction but the news on T.V channels weren’t good. It took some time before we realized the intensity of devastation. In capital city of Islamabad, a building got collapsed. It was named Margalla tower and the death toll in the northern areas of Pakistan was extremely high.

Once the news broke out, Pakistanis living abroad started leaving for their country. Volunteers from around the world offered their services.

That was the holy month of Ramzan in which Muslims abstain themselves from eating before the break of the dawn till sunset. In those days, I remember at the time of fast there were lots of blessings of Allah on our dining table and on every other day, I could see such pictures in newspapers in which group of volunteers were sitting patiently waiting to break their fast with nothing but water and some dates.

Those were some tough and painful days. There were stories of death and there were miracles of re-birth. Volunteers from the country and from all around the world performed their selfless service.

Reading the word “volunteer” for daily post took me back to that time, I can vividly recall watching all those faces in newspapers and on T.V which needed nothing but ready to give everything.

Those were some volunteers, mostly they were ordinary people, they didn’t need any kind of accolades and yet performed their selfless services and saved many lives.

Written for the daily post Volunteer