Moth and sparrow


In my home, a screen door opens in terrace. This wooden frame hinged door provides us a good view of a sunlit day.

There’s hardly a distance of six to seven steps between my room and the door and this morning while reading newspaper, I observed an interesting scene.

On the inner side of a screen door, a flying moth was giving a hard time to a sparrow which on the other side was getting restless. The male sparrow with dark black and brown marks was fluttering its wings. For some moments, ascending above, both moth and sparrow continued to fly in to and fro motion. But, unlike the slow motion of a pendulum, there see saw movement was quick and frustrated and observing the agitated sparrow, I thought to open the door and makes it easy for him to catch the moth but then I remember that the life of moth is already short, for its life span is not more then a week.

It took some time before sparrow realized that his desire to catch a moth was nothing more than a futile attempt. The moment the sparrow flew, the moth also disappeared and turning my attention back to my laptop, I liked reading these quotes

“Life is a frail moth flying caught in the web of the years that pass”

“Between our birth and death we may touch understanding, As a moth brushes a window with its wing”


Once it happened in a garden!

bench in a garden

The bird uttered a melancholy tone of loneliness and the autumn leaves gave a crunching sound under their feet’s.

Hand in hand, they entered the garden. Sarah with her firm hold on his hand was walking steadily while the man with his rough brown hair was faltering behind her.

“John, look the kids are playing. Do you want to join them?” she asked, but his vacant eyes and expressionless face made her feel dispirited.

She gently placed her hands on his shoulders and said, “John, you need to speak up. You need to share your feelings.”But he continued to stare at something and following his direction of gaze, she saw an old woman sitting on a bench. That old lady was busy in knitting a sweater.

Sarah felt something strange in John’s eyes. He freed his hand from her grip and started to walk towards the bench.

Holding needles in her wrinkled hands, Susan got surprised by their presence. She cast an inquisitive look upon those strangers and before she could say something the man felled on his knees and started to cry like a child. Tears were rolling down his eyes and in his hysterical voice he was saying,

“You looked like my mother please let me see your face for a while”.

Susan felt as if someone had clenched her heart.  The distant image of her lost child appeared in her eyes. She saw the man in front of her was sobbing uncontrollably.

At that very moment, the crusty brown leaves reflected the golden sunshine and Susan took that youthful figure in her fragile arms. She gently stroked his hair and whispered,

“Shhh!  All your sorrows are ended in my embrace”.

The little sparrow uttered a musical note of joy and Sarah smiled contentedly. She was happy as at last John had decided to share his feelings.

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