I wander lonely as a cloud

Writers are like thieves, they like to get inspire by their environment.

Sometimes they simply steal ideas.

Like WordsWorth in Daffodils who wanders lonely as a cloud. Today, I too allowed myself to become a cloud.

In the glittering shine of calm January Sun, I was feeling light-hearted and considering myself in a WordsWorth’s world, I took a chance to wander and appreciate my surrounding.

It all started with the arrival of Rofus Treepie in home today.

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This Indian Treepie who belongs to crow family likes to come at the time in morning when there’s still darkness in sky.

Birds are early riser but this specific bird wakes way too early.

While going to park, I took this picture.


There’s something special about different shades of green in it.

Leaves are yellow, they’re of dark green colour and they appear light green and when the sun is allowing them to make shadows on ground, I like the leafiness of those trees in background.

Under this bridge is a way for a small stream to flow.

In winter there’s no water in it but when there’ll be summer, the coolness of water and kindness of trees will provide much needed relief to a wanderer standing on this bridge beneath these trees.

After bleak winter days, sun sprinkled it’s glitter on earth today.

Standing in my yard, when I heard chirping of birds up in a tree, I can’t help remembring these words by Hellen Keller

“The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched_they must be felt by a heart.”



This post is in response to ragtag daily prompt wander.


Indian treepie bird  courtesy:

Google Image.

A new start

Author Tim Wynne Jones considers writers to be like crows, much like crows, writers like to steal shiny bits of the world and hoard them away in their nest.

For a writer, his story is his nest.

I’m not sure what went wrong but life was moving so fast that I found it really hard to keep pace with it.

In all these months when I was not writing, I was busy observing.

A lot has been changed in my surrounding and we’re finally here in our newly constructed home.

Away from city, this society was originally a mango orchard. There are still lots of mango trees here and these mango trees are home to birds.

Some of these are rare birds.

In city, I never saw them but here I can see lots of starlings.

Starlings are noisy birds.

Bully birds is a most common name for them.

Last month, I completed my training and started conducting after school Maths and English classes from my home.

Few months back, my niece and nephew moved with us, they’re here for their higher studies.

Apart from noisy starlings, there’s no noise of cars here but in my home in the presence of my niece and nephew, there’s lot going on.

Waking them up for school is a hectic work but a fun job that I’m enjoying doing.

Life is busy but it has never been so kind before and while I’m guilty of not writing, I’m more happy for the start of this new year.

I’m grateful for all this beauty in my life.

View from my window

Glad to have routine in life


It’s seven in the morning and sitting at my favorite spot in drawing room, I’m thinking that at times it feels good to get back in routine.

There are school going kids at home and it’s my duty to make breakfast and lunch for them but with the extra holiday on Friday, this weekend was quite relaxed, it was a long weekend. Somehow, I got relaxed too and on Sunday I woke up round eight thirty in the morning which for me was quite late.

Getting relax on weekend feels good but after spending some time in laziness, it feels equally good to get back in routine on Monday.

This space in drawing room is my favorite, it’s quite secluded from rest of home and the thing which I like most about it is a clear view of sky from window here. On the other side of street, there are shades of dull winter sun on the front wall of double story home. It’s been more than two hours that sun is up, yet, I’m not able to see shimmer of yellow rays on the familiar tree upon which I observed the effect of early morning sun a month ago.

Perhaps in sky above the winter sun is still busy yawning.

Life feels joyous when we get chance to take a breath outside the monotony of daily routine but there also exist beauty in systematic life. Nature with all its grandeur is a manifestation of this very fact of life.

This morning when my alarm went off at five forty five, I was reluctant to leave the bed and lying under my warm blanket, I was doing nothing but was busy killing time when I heard the sweet melody of little black sparrow outside window of my room.

Now, the windows of the house located on the back of my home have some space on their outer ledges which this bird has intelligently used for its living. It won’t care for Sunday or Monday, for the bird is an early riser. This morning hearing its sweet melodious sound made me embarrassed, I thought if a bird can wakes up this early than why can’t I.

Today, I’m feeling good getting back in routine. I’m happy to wake up early in morning. I’m pretty sure this is going to leave positive effect on my mood this day.

Well, for me routine is good. Do you feel the same for yourself?

Two faces of Mother Nature


The idea of taking a day off appears refreshing. It helps in rejuvenating one’s mind and today when I’m writing after fifteen days, my mind is fresh and while typing; my fingers are actually cooperating with me.

It seems harsh and it appears horrible but there’s this strange aspect of Mother Nature that if it is calm and kind then it’s also rude and harsh.

Helen Keller in her autobiography writes

“Miss Sullivan had taught me to find beauty in the fragrant woods, in every blade of grass and in the curves and dimples of my baby sister’s hand… But by this time I had an experience that taught me that nature is not always kind.”

Sitting alone on the tree top, little Helen experienced the sudden change in her surroundings. The warm and calm sun disappeared and as trees swayed and strayed, she realized that the thunderstorm was approaching. On that day her teacher ultimately rescued her but young Hellen learned a lesson from her experience.

She writes

“Nature wages open war against her children, and under softest touch hides treacherous claws.”

That was eleven in the morning when I drafted this piece and while looking outside the window of my room, I found my terrace bathed in morning sunlight. Hopping and jumping among the green leaves, sparrows were busy in uttering the notes of mirth and joy. Under the calm and kind sun, the green leaves were casting majestic shades. Today was a scenic morning but it all appeared indifferent to the chaos that has occurred down in my garage.

In the lamp hanging down the roof of car porch, there’s a bulbul birds’ nest but when the sparrows were busy in singing their merry songs, the stillness haunted the nest. For, the two of the baby birds are missing and in the absence of both father and mother birds, one of the eggs lay unattended.  The nest was quite safe and we’re not sure about what calamity had struck it but we can assume that some predator has devoured the baby birds and being afraid the bulbul bird has also left her nest.

There exist this stark contrast in nature and Thomas Hardy Shakespeare of English Literature beautifully describes it in his writings. Unlike Browning who only praises nature, Hardy accepts nature with all its fury. So, when Browning says

God is in His heaven

All is right with the world

Thomas Hardy writes

“If a way to the better there be

It implies a good look at the worst.”

Ugly as well as beautiful and dark as well as calming, there exist both sides of nature and when Thomas Hardy advocates these phenomena in his novels; I can’t help relating it to the situation outside my room.

I’m sure this is what life is all about. The short lived moment of happiness and joy require our attention to embrace it wholeheartedly and the long and dreary nights of darkness demands an alert and intelligent mind to ascertain the situation and to quote Hardy one needs to take a good look at the worst.

Baby birds

baby birds

Those were some warm days of June 2015 when I took these pictures and today while going through some of my older posts, I decided to share them again. In my house there’s a lamp above the car porch and the Bulbul bird thought it would be a nice place to design her nest.

For some days the father and mother birds preferred to remain closer to their nest and one night when mother bird finally decided to spent her time in her home, I made a reckless mistake.

In my excitement to capture the moment, I quietly mounted a stool and slowly took my camera closer to the nest but what happened next is a history, for the bird got frightened and left her nest.

My parents were angry, for in the middle of the night my act of capturing a picture has created a whole trouble and I was so embarrassed that the whole night I continued watching a dream about a bird.

Luckily, in the morning the birds were back and I took a sigh of relief. For, previous night everyone at home was so angry that I was considering myself to be a culprit 🙂

In the next days I remained conscious and with some help from my mother, I succeeded in capturing these pictures.





My parents weren’t satisfied so they made this protective layer of cloth beneath the lamp.


In this whole process of making a nest safe the birds made a lot of noise.


After some days of finishing this stunt of making a protective layer, I decided to look for eggs.The shape of the nest was such that despite standing on the ladder, I wasn’t able to look inside. So, I took my camera closer and clicked the button. Once, I got down I was happy to see the picture of these eggs.


After some days of wait the baby birds finally arrived.


They were pink and featherless.


Within days they were big and they looked ready to fly.

Freshness in air


Sitting on a new office chair in front of my computer table, I’m enjoying this new working environment in my room. Outside, the song of chirping sparrows is a welcome note for a spring. February is already packing up and it’s time for March to appear on screen.

It’s such a joy to get rid of sweaters and warm clothes. For, the winter remained strict in its rules. I wasn’t supposed to open the windows and doors and this morning when the door in the corridor is open, I can see the shades of genial sunlight on my terrace. Under the tickling sensation of morning sun, the green leaves are smiling and hopping and jumping among the branches of climbing leaves, sparrows are busy in eating birds’ seeds.

They’re large in number, I haven’t count but I suppose they are almost sixty in count and when their beaks peck the seeds spread on floor then that collective movement produces a rhythmic sound of “tick tick”.

It all looks majestic.

After cold winter, I like this waft of warm freshness. Nonetheless, it gives me hope and no matter what it encourages me to move forward 🙂

Things we leave behind


Heidi by Johanna Spyri is an excellent work of literature. I remember reading it in my childhood and the process of rereading it brought tears in my eyes. I assume Heidi was a lucky girl that finally got reunited with her grandfather but everyone is not as lucky as Heidi.

I’ll be honest, I’m really trying hard to put off all those old memories aside but I had little control over my subconscious. So, in spite of all my struggles, the memories of my old home always find their way in my dreams.

Like Heidi’s house my home also appeared to gleam in golden sunshine. I can vividly recall the beauty of those green shrubs and flowery bushes. How can I forget those sweet songs of sparrows and how can I neglect those green leaves that were home to many birds?

Like Heidi, I was associated with that home. That house meant everything to me. Those walls were my best friends. Playing, fighting and studying together, we spent a long span of sixteen years together.

The place witnessed many special moments of my life. I moved into that house as a school girl and left that place as a university graduate.

Those were some sad prospects in which we had to leave that place and while typing these words on my laptop, I’m sure that Heidi and I’ve got one thing in common and that is our love for our home.

Heidi beats me as she succeeds in getting back to her home.


writing 101 prompt: Things we leave behind

Baby birds have finally arrived!

There is a pin drop silence in my home. My nieces and nephews are gone and I’m missing them.

These fourteen days were very busy and I found little time to read and write. So, my apologies for late response 🙂

Now, I like to share these pics. Remember reading about “Bulbul bird” in my home. Yes, the baby birds are here and both father and mother birds are excited.


They were pink and featherless

The third one was yet to come

I can’t believe. Within days they looked so big


These days the parents are vigilantly observing their babies. The little birds seem to be naughty and I guess they are ready for their first flight 🙂

Bird in my home!

It’s really hot here. Yesterday, the temperature in my city was 109.4 F. The sun looks furious but we are not taking it seriously. In fact, we have some other matters to enjoy 🙂

The reason for this happiness in our moods is Bulbul bird. Yes, the bird has laid eggs and we are all waiting for its hatchlings.

Here are some pictures.



The design looks quite intricate and the hard work of the little bird is evident.


The bird found the light bulbs in our car porch to be a safe place.



My parents were not satisfied. So, they just made a safety covering beneath it.


It was a great scene. As, we were busy in covering its house, the little birds became so anxious. They continued to make noise and remained close to their nest. The picture is not clear but the bird can be seen among the leaves.



One day, I saw the Bulbul was not inside her nest. I climbed up the ladder and tried to look. But, the design of the nest is such that it looks like a deep bowl. So, I placed the camera closer and took the picture. When, I saw it there were three eggs. It was a moment of joy. My younger sister and my niece got excited.

The birds had arrived. So, I immediately got down.

Later, what we saw from the window, brought smile on our faces. The Bulbul peeked inside her nest as if she was making sure about the presence of eggs.

These days we are also enjoying listening to the melodious voice of this bird.We are all waiting for nestlings. I’ll update you about them.

Hope you enjoy seeing these pics 🙂

The view from my window!

No sparrow is visible here, but I like these shades of sunlight!

The genial white sunlight is filtering through the green leaves. Its 11 in the morning and the sparrows are enjoying their feast.

Sitting in my bedroom, I can observe them through my window. Now, they are circling above the pottery bowl.

I have placed crumbled pieces of a loaf and some millet seeds outside. The feeling of their ecstasy is quite evident in their movement. For, they are jumping and hopping from one branch to another.

The weather is pleasant and the furious sun is looking soft-hearted today. Perhaps, the rainfall in the past days had done its job in calming the sun.

Right at this moment, the sweet notes of chitter and chatter of sparrows are audible to me.

While, transforming my feelings into words, I’m thinking that how blessed I am to see all these colors in my life.

This reminds me of the earthquake tragedy in Nepal. The other day, I was watching some videos on BBC. The rubbles of building and the tears of a mother who lost her nine-day-old child made me realize the worth of “life”.

Dear friends, I’m thankful to Allah Almighty for all His blessings and I’m grateful to Him for all these hues in my life.