Rainy Monday morning.

View of street outside my home

This morning my alarm was supposed to go off at five thirty but something went wrong with the settings but I was lucky to leave my bed at six due to sound of falling drops of rain on the cover of washing machine outside.

It kept on raining for six hours today.

Ten in the morning was my scheduled interview for the post of an ESL teacher. Before the start of an interview, I was bit nervous but the voice of interviewer was soft and it made me feel comfortable.

I can’t help mentioning Murphey’s law here, I’m not a believer in it but somehow at eleventh hour despite prior preparations, my laptop and headset started creating problem for me.

The interviewer was nice.

She gave me time and with positive approach, I was able to reach her and enjoyed my interview. Whatever the results are, I’ve enjoyed this experience.

While sitting on my sofa, I can see green leaves are looking fresh outside. In wind they’re moving and looking as if they’re busy doing their merry dance.

As I’m looking at these leaves, I can also hear a sound of hanging bells outside the screen door on entrance. This jingling sound gives me notion that it’s going to be a lovely week ahead.

A new start

Author Tim Wynne Jones considers writers to be like crows, much like crows, writers like to steal shiny bits of the world and hoard them away in their nest.

For a writer, his story is his nest.

I’m not sure what went wrong but life was moving so fast that I found it really hard to keep pace with it.

In all these months when I was not writing, I was busy observing.

A lot has been changed in my surrounding and we’re finally here in our newly constructed home.

Away from city, this society was originally a mango orchard. There are still lots of mango trees here and these mango trees are home to birds.

Some of these are rare birds.

In city, I never saw them but here I can see lots of starlings.

Starlings are noisy birds.

Bully birds is a most common name for them.

Last month, I completed my training and started conducting after school Maths and English classes from my home.

Few months back, my niece and nephew moved with us, they’re here for their higher studies.

Apart from noisy starlings, there’s no noise of cars here but in my home in the presence of my niece and nephew, there’s lot going on.

Waking them up for school is a hectic work but a fun job that I’m enjoying doing.

Life is busy but it has never been so kind before and while I’m guilty of not writing, I’m more happy for the start of this new year.

I’m grateful for all this beauty in my life.

View from my window

Some random thoughts

images (1)

When the mother board of my touch screen mobile phone got corrupted, I lived months without mobile and I’ve lived without social media and believe me, I’m very much alive.

It’s been more than a year that I made my last tweet on Twitter and today when my blog got published on a newspaper website, I thought to share the link on my twitter account but I was totally blanked how to tweet.

Social media and mobile devices help us in making connection but at times life seem easy and free in their absence.

Well, these days I have this old mobile phone with buttons to make call. Right now when it’s fulfilling my basic needs of receiving and making calls, I’m happy and contended.

October sun


Mellow light of October sun is looking gloomy these days, summer has already packed up and winter season is looking ready to appear on screen.

I have always found winter to be a bit sad in appearance. I like bright sunlight and when it gets fade, I became sad.

But, then like John Keats who in his poem “ode to autumn” tries to find some beauty in that season, I too succeeded in capturing some beauty of October season.

It was three in the afternoon when lying on couch, I took this picture. The effect of lazy rays of late afternoon sun coming through these screened windows looked majestic to me.

I like grapes


Previously, I was trying to write that there are some slight issues with my laptop but now I’ve edited it for I can’t help  mentioning truth here. These days my laptop is facing lots of issues. It not only gets heat up but it also starts vibrating when I try to move it while its on and in order to soothe my nerves and relax my mind, I’ve chose above picture as my desktop background.

I like green color and I like grapes. This past week when I was getting tired of looking at the appearance of my blog, I decided to change its header image. I selected a picture of a bunch of grapes with a background effect of bright sunlight shining through them. Yesterday, my sister was looking down in spirits. She normally shows no interest in my blog and when I asked her to have a look at my new header image, she came with reluctance and the moment she saw grapes, a refreshing smile appeared on her face.

Two weeks ago, mother wanted to watch some movie on my laptop and when she looked at the above picture of green grapes on my desktop she exclaimed with joy that it was a lovely picture.

It’s interesting that how a mere look of some refreshing pictures of fruits can bring smile on our faces and this very moment when I’m also smiling, I’d like to share this new tagline of my blog.

Probably you have heard it before but I need to remind myself this message that with sweet and sour experiences, life is full of colors.

My blogging journey

blog anniversary

Two years ago, it all started with a day when, while searching for some writing tips, I came across a website of Mike Wallagher and the moment, I started reading his blog, the window to the whole new world of writing opened for me.

To quote Mike’s words, he wrote that if a person can draft an email than he can also write his blog and the sentence which really inspired me was that the wise and energetic people instead of wasting their time on Facebook go on adopting for some healthy activity and Mike considered blogging one such constructive activity.

Mike Wallagher blog was all about guiding newbies in the world of blogging. I was little bit hesitant but mailed some of my writings to Mike and asked him to guide me accordingly and felt really pleased to receive his reply next day. There was this sentence which was really motivating for me, he wrote

Thanks for your email! The writings look really promising, definitely start a blog…

I wasn’t sure about choosing a blogging platform and he suggested me to start with WordPress, I started and once on receiving a go ahead, I never looked back.

The journey of these two years is more like a voyage of self-discovery. I never realized that I can write and share about myself and this very beauty of sharing one’s world was one of the reason behind starting this blog.

It’s the beauty of blogging that a person enjoys the experience of writing about his world and in this process of writing, he discovers some aspects of his life which he tends to overlooks but blogging makes him realize that his little world is beautiful and it can offer a lot to share with a world.

In these past years, I’ve experienced various genres of writing. There was a time when I started participating in fiction writing but I soon got tired. Maybe, I was missing that inner urge of sharing my thoughts and feelings about daily happenings and once I sensed monotony in my fiction writing, I stopped writing it and for the time being, I’m enjoying writing what I observe and at times I also love penning down the experience of relating what I read in books.

If someone asks me about this journey of past two years, I won’t take much time and would reply that this is more like an expedition which has given me a lot of confidence.I’m thankful to each and every reader who has always remained kind in finding some time in reading and commenting on my posts. I’ve learned a lot by reading your comments.

It’s a common knowledge that blogging community is friendly but my experience here on wordpress taught me that blogging family is simply awesome 🙂