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blog anniversary

Two years ago, it all started with a day when, while searching for some writing tips, I came across a website of Mike Wallagher and the moment, I started reading his blog, the window to the whole new world of writing opened for me.

To quote Mike’s words, he wrote that if a person can draft an email than he can also write his blog and the sentence which really inspired me was that the wise and energetic people instead of wasting their time on Facebook go on adopting for some healthy activity and Mike considered blogging one such constructive activity.

Mike Wallagher blog was all about guiding newbies in the world of blogging. I was little bit hesitant but mailed some of my writings to Mike and asked him to guide me accordingly and felt really pleased to receive his reply next day. There was this sentence which was really motivating for me, he wrote

Thanks for your email! The writings look really promising, definitely start a blog…

I wasn’t sure about choosing a blogging platform and he suggested me to start with WordPress, I started and once on receiving a go ahead, I never looked back.

The journey of these two years is more like a voyage of self-discovery. I never realized that I can write and share about myself and this very beauty of sharing one’s world was one of the reason behind starting this blog.

It’s the beauty of blogging that a person enjoys the experience of writing about his world and in this process of writing, he discovers some aspects of his life which he tends to overlooks but blogging makes him realize that his little world is beautiful and it can offer a lot to share with a world.

In these past years, I’ve experienced various genres of writing. There was a time when I started participating in fiction writing but I soon got tired. Maybe, I was missing that inner urge of sharing my thoughts and feelings about daily happenings and once I sensed monotony in my fiction writing, I stopped writing it and for the time being, I’m enjoying writing what I observe and at times I also love penning down the experience of relating what I read in books.

If someone asks me about this journey of past two years, I won’t take much time and would reply that this is more like an expedition which has given me a lot of confidence.I’m thankful to each and every reader who has always remained kind in finding some time in reading and commenting on my posts. I’ve learned a lot by reading your comments.

It’s a common knowledge that blogging community is friendly but my experience here on wordpress taught me that blogging family is simply awesome 🙂



I’m a blogger…


An episode in a drama series “House” showed a patient who was a blogger. The situation became interesting when a woman being a blogger expressed her desire in sharing each and every detail of her treatment at the hospital while on the other hand the medical team wanted to have some privacy.

I’m not sure if that is the case with all bloggers but my sister who is studying to become a doctor enjoyed watching that episode. She thought I’m also a kind of a blogger who is always keen to share each and every detail.

I respect her thoughts and I admit that I’m more like a diarist but then every other personal blog is about sharing one’s thoughts.

I remember, in the beginning when I started writing, I always looked forward to get some likes and comments on my post. True, for a blogger these likes and comments mean a lot but with the passage of time my priorities started to change.

I don’t know whether it’s true for everyone but I think that maturity of mind comes with writing. Again, I admit that I’m more of a diarist but I love to share what I love to read.

So, these days I’m reading a book by Markus Zusak in which “Death” tells a story of a girl who’s a book thief and lives in a Nazi Germany.

book thief

The sentence formation in a novel is simple. I haven’t completed “The Book thief” yet but I felt that these are not the complex ideas that confuse us but these are some simple thoughts which require complete attention of our minds.

Now, when my siblings think that I’m a kind of a “Dr. House type blogger” then I can’t help mentioning cricket here. Like the rest of the world people in Asia also love football but they’re quite crazy about playing cricket.

The other day I was watching a match on a TV. The score was only sixty seven when a last man came to play.

Fearless and determined both tail-enders played really well. They fought for their team and added an important sixty runs to the total. Though, their team didn’t win the game, but the enthusiasm of those two players has become a history in cricket.

In the face of difficulties and the wake of some drastic moments this is the human courage which helps him in ascending the success steps and Markus Zusak never forgets to mention this. There is a quote in his book which I read more than thrice.

The “death” before telling the story of a girl says

“Yes, often I’m reminded of her, and in one of my vast array of pockets, I have kept her story to retell. It is one of the small legion I carry, each one extraordinary in its own right. Each one an attempt…an immense leap of an attempt…to prove to me that you, and your human existence are worth it.”

Starting with Dr.House, I shared my thoughts about Mark Zusak book and then I find it really hard to avoid mentioning cricket here.

I’ve tried to create a connection between my thoughts here. For, life is in a constant motion and human beings are all connected with each other. So, this is the job of a blogger to connect and to bridge the gap between the things which apparently seem disconnected and to tell you a truth this is a purpose of my blog to write and share stories which could add some wisdom in our lives.

bridge a gap

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Award Time!






I’m thankful to Prakash Hegade and Nimmi for nominating me for a versatile blogger award. I am very happy and believe me this is wonderful experience.


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Here are seven things about myself

1. I am not a cat lover:)

2. I like to eat rice.

3. Love to watch good English movies.

4. I find pleasure in reading books.

5. I like to write favourite quotes in my diary.

6. Cleanliness is my passion.

7. I am good at teaching Maths:)

My Nominees are:

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Thank you to Prakash and Nimmi for sending me this beautiful gift and love to all my followers. You are all special to me. Your very presence on my blog motivates me to write more beautifully.

Stay Well:)