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An episode in a drama series “House” showed a patient who was a blogger. The situation became interesting when a woman being a blogger expressed her desire in sharing each and every detail of her treatment at the hospital while on the other hand the medical team wanted to have some privacy.

I’m not sure if that is the case with all bloggers but my sister who is studying to become a doctor enjoyed watching that episode. She thought I’m also a kind of a blogger who is always keen to share each and every detail.

I respect her thoughts and I admit that I’m more like a diarist but then every other personal blog is about sharing one’s thoughts.

I remember, in the beginning when I started writing, I always looked forward to get some likes and comments on my post. True, for a blogger these likes and comments mean a lot but with the passage of time my priorities started to change.

I don’t know whether it’s true for everyone but I think that maturity of mind comes with writing. Again, I admit that I’m more of a diarist but I love to share what I love to read.

So, these days I’m reading a book by Markus Zusak in which “Death” tells a story of a girl who’s a book thief and lives in a Nazi Germany.

book thief

The sentence formation in a novel is simple. I haven’t completed “The Book thief” yet but I felt that these are not the complex ideas that confuse us but these are some simple thoughts which require complete attention of our minds.

Now, when my siblings think that I’m a kind of a “Dr. House type blogger” then I can’t help mentioning cricket here. Like the rest of the world people in Asia also love football but they’re quite crazy about playing cricket.

The other day I was watching a match on a TV. The score was only sixty seven when a last man came to play.

Fearless and determined both tail-enders played really well. They fought for their team and added an important sixty runs to the total. Though, their team didn’t win the game, but the enthusiasm of those two players has become a history in cricket.

In the face of difficulties and the wake of some drastic moments this is the human courage which helps him in ascending the success steps and Markus Zusak never forgets to mention this. There is a quote in his book which I read more than thrice.

The “death” before telling the story of a girl says

“Yes, often I’m reminded of her, and in one of my vast array of pockets, I have kept her story to retell. It is one of the small legion I carry, each one extraordinary in its own right. Each one an attempt…an immense leap of an attempt…to prove to me that you, and your human existence are worth it.”

Starting with Dr.House, I shared my thoughts about Mark Zusak book and then I find it really hard to avoid mentioning cricket here.

I’ve tried to create a connection between my thoughts here. For, life is in a constant motion and human beings are all connected with each other. So, this is the job of a blogger to connect and to bridge the gap between the things which apparently seem disconnected and to tell you a truth this is a purpose of my blog to write and share stories which could add some wisdom in our lives.

bridge a gap

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Jerry: The bravest man

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of forest.”

Jerry, was known as a man of strong nerves and when everyone was assuming little Daniel to be dead, he proposed to look into that forest.

The younger son of Bob the truck driver was missing. Every nook and cranny of the town was searched but to no avail.

So, Jerry took two men with him but on reaching at that spot, they refused to move farther and holding torch in his hand, Jerry decided to enter alone.

Deep in the woods the owls were hooting and cupping his hands, he was shouting Daniel’s name.

Suddenly, he heard someone sobbing. Moving his torch in the direction of the voice, Jerry saw the white face of Daniel. Sitting beside the tree, the kid looked frightened.

Jerry took him in his arms and rest is a history.

It’s been a long time and Daniel while narrating this tale to his son never forgets to conclude.

“Never get afraid of darkness. You must learn to take risk.”

(166 words)


This post is a response to Mondays Finish the Story. The first sentence is given and we are suppose to write a story between 100-150 words.

A letter to Chile!


Dear Chile!

I hadn’t got a chance to witness the strength of human courage till the time came when I realized that man’s strength and power can make him achieve impossible tasks.

I can never forget that day of 2010. For, watching the rescue operation in Chile was a life changing moment for me.

It was a live telecast and my family was gathered around the television. The day light of early morning was making it difficult for me to conceal my tears. I hate being sensitive and that was a tissue worthy moment.

By the time the first miner appeared on a surface, the emotions were pouring out of my eyes. I can never forget that thunderous applause. Rescue workers were embracing each other. The television camera was showing a contented smile on President’s face.

The moment of family reunion was an emotional scene. The father was embracing his child and the child was crying hysterically.

I was amazed by the bravery of rescue workers. They worked day and night and that too effortlessly. How can I forget that rescue worker named Gonzalez?.He was the last man out. He stayed there till end and only came out when the last miner got rescued.

It really showed his strong commitment to his work.

The 69 days ordeal of trapped miners came to an end when the TV camera showed the sign “Misión cumplida Chile” in English (Mission Accomplished).

Thank you Chile for reminding me this great lesson of life. This great story from the pages of your history will continue to inspire me.


chile mission accomplished

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I’ve just finished reading an article in Reader’s digest. “Buried Alive” from the book “Deep down dark” inspires me to write this post.

Story: A precious memory!

2015-08-24 - Photo taken of an old photo in 2014 - Barbara W. Beacham

“The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be a nation’s pride.”

Living a life in an extended family was a great fun. Luigi, a lively boy had keen black eyes and everyone loved him.

There were servants and there were chauffeurs but he didn’t like to give them orders.

It was a strange sight for neighbors, when they first saw him walking on foot under the scorching sun but it was his daily routine. Passionate soul of that tall and active guy, found refuge in military, and when he entered his house in his uniform, his black eyes were smiling.

Once, he was on a mission in an enemy area, when his plane got crashed. He got injured but before receiving bullets in his chest, he killed two men bare handedly.

A year later, staring at a picture, tears rolled down from his mother’s eyes. Indeed, time had frozen that precious memory of his brave son.


This is my submission to Mondays Finish the Story.

Mondays Finish the Story

The story of a fort!

The sound of a horn was a call of warning. Nevertheless, it charged the riders.

Snorting of horses was heard. The next moment, earth shook under the clatter of their hooves and the two armies collided with each other. The clanking of swords brought the smell of horror and the ground became red with the blood.

I was still under the charm of that place when the voice of my teacher brought me back to reality.

“Time to go back students”, she was saying.

While sitting in the bus, I recalled my history lesson. For, a long time the fort remained unconquered. Then a force of gallant soldiers raided it. It’s considered as a bloodiest chapter in the history of war.

The number of casualties was large but at last, the fort was conquered. I looked back upon that symbol of glory.

The sun was bright and its worn out walls were shining. Perhaps, they were smiling at the bravery of soldiers who were resting in a mass grave behind it.


This is my submission to FFfAW-Week of 08-11-2015. The word count is 170. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sonya with the blog, Only 100 Words. Thank you Sonya!

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Story: The bravery of my friend!

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My father wanted to see me strong but throughout my childhood I continued to remain a frightened boy.Today,I’m an altered person but that change in my personality is due to an accident.

It so happened that on one foggy day, I and my friend went for a morning walk when pack of wild dogs attacked us. The mere sight of furious dogs made me to shiver and I fell on the ground. The next moment, I saw my friend providing me a shield but the dogs confronted him. I remember them locking their jaws around his neck.

To this day, I’m ashamed of my decision.  I ran for my life.

Sitting beside the window, I’m watching the melancholy shades of late afternoon sun.It’s been ten years now but the memories of that incident are still fresh.

I remember reading that only horse is known to weep for its dying master but today the master is crying for his faithful friend.


This post is response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The weeks photo is provided by priceless joy.

The word count is 159.

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A day of horrible experience!






That roaring sound of sirens still reverberates in my ears. There was a scene of chaos. The ambulance drivers were constantly shouting and asking for space and I stood there quite petrified.

All we knew was that that there was a suicide attack near High court and as a result lots of police men were injured.

The High Court was quite near. So, as soon as the news broke out, all the students started to receive frantic calls from their homes. The classes got dismissed. We were told that buses were not likely to come. So, I and three of my friends decided to take rickshaw.

As I stepped outside from the University premises, I sensed the smell of horror in the air. Cars whizzed past us and everyone seemed to be in a hurry.

Soon, the sirens of ambulances added fear and anxiety to the scene. The paramedics were shouting, “Step aside. Clear the area.”  I can still recall their panic stricken voices. Those shouting human voices were enough to make me terrified.

My palms were sweating and my heart was racing. I could feel the strange sensation in my head and I was not able to comprehend the situation.

Soon, the traffic police came into action .In no time the road got cleared and the traffic was diverted.

An elderly man approached us and warned us that it was not safe for us to remain there. Terrified as we were, we turned back.

The roads were blocked and it was difficult for our parents to reach us. We had no choice but to wait. We remained there till evening when somehow the brother of my friend managed to come.

As, I reached home, my family took a sigh of relief. My mother was especially worried for me. My ordeal of the day finally got ended.

There is no denying the fact that that was a horrific experience and today while writing it down, I can find some great lessons hidden in it.

On that day my teacher was delivering us an important lecture. He was called outside by his colleague and was informed about the situation but he didn’t show any sign of anxiety and carried out with his lecture.

The traffic police man and those ambulance drivers all kept their nerves. They wholeheartedly fulfilled their duties.

On my way back to home, I saw young people standing outside the Hospital. They seemed eager in donating their blood.

Many police men died on that day and lots of them got injured.

Yes, there is a blood and horror in this narration but deep in this tale there exist a story of courage and bravery.  As, from my teacher to that lonely traffic policeman and from that ambulance driver to all those young people, there prevails a story of great sacrifice and courage.

My experience had taught me that they all performed their duty very well.I’d like to salute them all.


“My Tribute to Tugce Albayrak”

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On that gloomy day of December, the nature was actually mourning the loss of that young girl. Under the bleakness of the sky, a huge congregation of people gathered to pay their last tribute to this brave 23-year-old woman.

The pages of history are filled with the repetitive stories of great courage, but such an example of extraordinary sacrifice is unlikely to occur again in the near future.

Tugce Albayrak was not an ordinary girl. She was a dreamer who always wanted to reach the heights of sky. She was a girl of great valor who was always ready to help others.

On that fateful day of November, when everyone tried to keep themselves away from the matter of girls who were being harassed, she intervened in the matter.

The girls were lucky as; Tugce albayrak was there to help them. But, fate was not on the side of Tugce as; the man followed her and hit her severely on her head. She was fatally injured and lost her battle of life on that very day of her 23rd birthday.

I’m feeling myself short of the words which can express the feelings of her grieved parents and their painful decision of switching off her life support.

Tugce you stepped into the matter when every other person tried to keep himself away from it. You were there to help those poor girls when every person tried to appear ignorant of them.

Tugce albayrak I owe to you because you stepped into that cruel world and raised your voice against the serious matter of woman harassment.

Tugce you’ll always remember for your “civil courage”.

May you rest in peace.

The Journey Of Life

The Hub Challenge #3 : Picture this

The Prompt:  Select one of these photos and free write about it.  The Twist:  Try all three photos.


The road to success in life is full of suspense, for the misty clouds of darkness and the fear of unknown tend to obscure one’s vision of gleaming sunshine.

This slippery path of life tests one’s strength and courage. Moreover, man encounters a “series of uncertain events” in his way of life.

His encounter with these uncertain events compels him to resist. So, despite the might of Divinity, he never ceases to “fight back”.


Pains and sufferings can be regarded as the most prominent aspect of this immortal life, for the death is an “inevitable fact” and we simply can’t deny this harsh reality.

And, then the closer look of one’s surrounding reveals the very fact that life never waits. It tends to “move on”. So, crying over failures and holding onto past pains and resentments will only hold us back.

This is the world of brave and courageous people,this is an ongoing battle and only the man of “strong nerves” tends to survive in the end.

It’s worth noting that life emerges from the debris of death and “warrior of lights” are wise enough to realize this reality of life. So, they kept on moving by believing that there is always a ray of hope at the end of dark tunnel.

This is the world of great oceans and mighty mountains and man is just a speck. And, despite of his fragile nature, he “keeps on fighting”.

Thus, In the end his zeal and passion prove fruitful and despite of all his tiredness, he embrace the success with a “smiling face”.