Movies: Some great moments

(This post is a response to Deb Cowdrey 3 days three quotes challenge. Deb‘s “daily greatful post” is a highly commendable work. She’s a dedicated blogger who writes from her heart.

It’s a bit different approach to this challenge but I enjoyed doing it 🙂 )

In an ordinary day of daily life, some moments become precious and while watching movies, I’ve experienced a similar thing. For, some scenes become so special that the particular time of watching them becomes an “aha moment”.

These scenes make us to feel for a character. We cry with him and a particular dialogue continued to resonate in our minds.

Gifted Hands:

gifted hands

I always cherished the moment when I decided to watch this movie. The true story of a neurosurgeon, Dr Ben Carson is an inspiring tale. He performed a first successful operation on conjoined twins. It’s a story of a child who was living an ignorant life and his mother made him to realize his abilities. Thus, fighting with all difficulties in his life, Carson became a famous neurosurgeon.

The last scene in which the successful team of doctors led by Ben Carson emerged gives me a goose bump. I know that was a movie but the thunderous applause, the flash lights of cameras and the swarm of reporters were all very beautiful.

There are lots of dialogues which I love to share but this one is close to my heart.

“You can do anything anyone else can do. Only you can do it better”.

Pursuit of Happyness:

pursuit of happyness

The inspiring tale of Chris Gardener and his struggle in raising his child on his own is a real treat to watch.

The soft and beautiful sound track complements the movie and the moment in which the Will Smith came to know about his permanent position as a stockbroker is a tissue worthy scene.

This quote from a movie has always inspired me

You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it”.

Captain Philips

capt philips

Tom Hanks in a pirate movie was a sufficient reason to watch it. It’s a true tale of Captain Phillips and his experience of becoming a hostage.

The moment the white knuckled scene of hostage rescue operation ended the compassionate scene of love and care started.

The last scene, in which the doctor examined Philips is my favorite scene. The Phillips was under a great shock, while the calm and soothing voice of a doctor sounds music to ears.

The Great Debaters:

the great debators

The art of public speaking has always inspired me. My main reason of watching that movie was “Denzel Washington”. It’s the true story of Malvin.B.Tolson and his efforts in creating a successful debating team.

The particular scene, in which James Farmer narrates his experience of watching a lynch mob, makes me to shiver. Here is my favorite dialogue from the movie.

In Texas they lynch Negroes. My teammates and I saw a man strung up by his neck and set on fire. We drove through a lynch mob, pressed our faces against the floorboard. I looked at my teammates. I saw the fear in their eyes and, worse, the shame. What was this Negro’s crime that he should be hung without trial in a dark forest filled with fog. Was he a thief? Was he a killer? Or just a Negro? Was he a sharecropper? A preacher? Were his children waiting up for him? And who are we to just lie there and do nothing. No matter what he did, the mob was the criminal. But the law did nothing. Just left us wondering, ‘Why?’ My opponent says nothing that erodes the rule of law can be moral. But there is no rule of law in the Jim Crow south. Not when Negroes are denied housing. Turned away from schools, hospitals. And not when we are lynched. St Augustine said, ‘An unjust law in no law at all.’ Which means I have a right, even a duty to resist. With violence or civil disobedience. You should pray I choose the latter.” – James Farmer Jr.

So, in my opinion the movies can also be a great source of learning. Have you watched these movies? Do you agree with this notion?