What is it that you require to become a writer?


Is it about ‘writing space’ or is it about some kind of ‘inspiration’ that is necessary to write? Is it only good imagination that gives rise to powerful writing?

Lately, I’ve been trying to find answers for these questions and have recently came across a tedtalk by Markus Zusak on yout tube.

Zusak who is an author of New York Times bestseller The book Thief explains that these are problems in life for which a person wants some solution and in order to get away from them, he becomes a writer.

This phenomenon sounds interesting to me and Harry Potter’s writer J. K Rowling came to my mind. Prior to publishing her novel, Rowling was going through lots of troubles in her life. She was a single mother and in absence of any kind of permanent job, she was in need of money.

Rowling’s strong imagination was the reason behind her success but that were also problems in her life which compels her to use her imagination in an effective way.

Reign of Queen Victoria in England is famous for its novelists and Charles Dickens is considered one of the greatest English writers of his time. When his father was in debtors’ prison, Dicken left school to work in factory. Dickens’ was quite young when he was forced to live a life away from his family and while working as a child, he experienced the problems which poor working class faced in society.

Facing issues and on getting first hand experience of life, Dicken with the help of his imagination created some unforgettable characters in literature.

Wilkins Micawber, Ebenzer Scrooge and Oliver Twist are considered some of his memorable characters.

An author while writing her memoir writes

” My sharpest memory is of a single instant surrounded by dark”

Which means that these are dark moments in life which leave strong impression on our minds and writer is a sensative person to express his emotions well from such moments.

Tolstoy in Anna Karenina writes

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Which shows that in unhappiness there are many shades while in happy moments we often don’t find much which can stir or move our soul. Troubles in life provides us with many ideas to get away from them.

It’s not always necessary for a writer to own some perfect writing space, it’s anywhere that an idea can struck him.

Going back to that tedtalk by Markus Zusak, he tells that while writing a draft for his book, he literally tore and threw away many pages. He was confused about selecting his narrator and while looking at the pile of crumpled papers, an idea came to his mind.

Previously when he was considering taking girl to be his narrator, he was facing lots of issues but when he decided to make death a narrator of his book, everything went smooth.

It was out of the box thinking and once the novel was well received, he concluded that his journey of writing The book thief was not easy. He was sure that problems helped him in creating such a compelling piece of writing.

Have you read this book by Markus Zusak? Do you agree that these are problems in life which often helps writer in his writing.

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A Tale Of Two Cities!

a tale of two cities

I’ve just checked. The level of humidity in my city is 84 percent. It’s July and the area is experiencing the monsoon rains. The muggy weather has made the job of breathing difficult.In the midst of all these conditions, I’ve finished reading my book.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…”

It’s been more than two days that I have finished the book, and I’m still hearing the echo of these words.

The feelings of love, hatred, vengeance and sacrifice are present in the novel. Written against the backdrop of “French Revolution”, the novel beautifully narrates the story of human suffering.

I admire the character of “Dr. Manette”. The feelings of pathos arose for “Charles Draney” but my heart ached for “Sydney Carton”. The tragic hero of the novel stands tall and brilliant.

This is the story of love and hatred. The lovely heart of “Lucie” nourished the withered heart of her father.

“A tale of two cities” is all about “Resurrection”. In the beginning the doctor was “Called to Life”. Charles Darnay was resurrected more than thrice and finally the heart touching sacrifice of “Sydney Carton” which resurrected him in the end.

Sydney Carton, a wastrel fellow was an ordinary man. There is nothing about him which admires us in the beginning but in the end he simply outshined others.

“A tale of two Cities” is a story of horror and bloodshed. And, in the midst of this bloody revolution, the good characters emerge. For, the selfless doctor and the pure hearts of Lucie and Carton give us hope.

“Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” is the national motto of France and it finds its origin in “French Revolution”. The difference between haves and have not was wide. The aristocracy was enjoying and the ordinary man was suffering.

Thus, “seething cauldron” of hatred gave rise to horror and bloodshed in France.  And, I’m of the view that bloodshed and mob violence would never bring heaven on earth.

Do you agree? What really inspires you about this novel?