A stroll down memory lane

On drawing the curtains of my memory aside, I had always found myself playing with my siblings.


Our home was a place filled with toys and to be honest my parents remained more interested in imparting the love for books in us. So, the gift on my sixth birthday was not a toy but it was a children magazine.

It was a time when I was learning to read and my parents thought that a magazine would be a nice gift for me.

I remember, once my parents bought us some books which include a book of Ladybird’s series of learning time and then there was a colorful book about the villages of Asia. I wish I could have them today but I’m lucky to find this picture on Google.


The pleasure of reading and feeling the pages of those books is difficult to express in words and never in my life, I had ever come closer to such an experience again. For, kids tend to develop a strong bond with the pictures and I can vividly recall the colorful illustrations of those books.

Well, I won’t like to appear Matilda here but the prompt reminds me of those sweet days of my life when I find pleasure in reading books and truth be told, for a long time I can’t sleep without listening to stories. Yes, my elder sister was a great storyteller.

One thing more it’s not an exaggeration that never in my life I had ever sighed for some toy. For, my parents had always kept us busy in reading books and I guess they were wise enough in taking that decision 🙂

My dear sister!


My sweet little sister,

You are like a blooming bud. You are young and your mind is immature. At this stage, your life revolves around school and homework. Meanwhile, you also like to watch movies in your free time.

Do you remember watching “Horton hears a who”? I remember you enjoyed watching it but do you know that that movie also imparts a great lesson?

Dear sister, in this limitless world of mighty oceans and huge mountains, we human beings exist like a speck. Yes, there exist a huge world beyond our imaginations. You need to discover it and I know that you are quite fond of astronomy and you like to read about planets.

And, do you know that in order to conquer this world you need to remain “focus”? Yes, my dear sister, your main problem is the lack of your attention.

Why boy fails in college by Herbert Hawkes has always inspired me.

He writes that there is the boy who sits down to study, open his book but before starting on his work says to himself, “I think that I had better sharpen my pencil; it needs it badly.” And when he has sharpened it, he observes that all his pencils need sharpening.

This idea about the student psyche is very true. In order, to achieve good grades you need to remain alert and focus. You are afraid of Math’s. Mathematics is all about practice. You need to get rid of your fears. Just let go of your fears and try to embrace the realities.

My dear sister,Mother often scolds you upon your sitting posture. Father wants to you to walk with straight back and you gets angry upon these things. Remember, family and especially parents are our best friends in this world. They are actually sincere with us. So, don’t lose temper upon trivial matters.

I believe you can achieve whatever you want and in order to succeed in life, you need to believe in yourself. Yes, the self-belief is the key to success in life.

Remember, the movie “The pursuit of Happyness”. You haven’t watched it but I have seen it multiple times and I’d like to end this letter with my favorite quote from this movie

Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something

Not even me

You gotta dream, you gotta protect it

People can’t do something themselves

They wanna tell you that you can’t do it

You want something, go get it

With lots of love

Your sister

image courtesy: (maggielindleydesigns.com)