Story: The dark magic


Down the hallway, the grandfather clock chimed and adds fear to the night.

In the library, time flew, as she frantically searched for the magical spell.

She knew it was her last opportunity, but as she looked at the endless rows of books, she felt helpless. She approached a window, and when she looked down in the garden, she got terrified.

It was there!

The shadow was there in the garden, yet she didn’t have a spell to ward it off. Hands trembling, she raced towards the bookshelf and immediately began looking for the magical book.

Then a staircase jolted from heavy footsteps.

The jolt jarred loose the books from her hands, and when she leaned down to pick them up, she sensed someone behind the door. Mouth dried and hands still trembling, she noticed the worn pages of the book…the magical spell was lying there in front of her eyes.

She started to recite while watching the door now turn. Whoever was behind the door wanted to come.

“Abdubia.Adadadoodi Skippadoodi.Afa afca Nostra…” , she read aloud while shaking with fear.

Suddenly, the door flung open and she closed her eyes.

“What the hell is going on here? Its way past midnight and you are still up?”  she opened her eyes. It was just her mother.

“Sorry mom I was writing my story”, she explained.

“Enough! I’m sick of this nonsense. My goodness, you are supposed to wake up for school in the morning and you are only writing this useless stuff. I need to talk to your father about you”, she yelled.

She tucked her in the blanket and turned the light off. And, as she heard the receding footsteps of her mother, she got up from her bed.

How could she sleep without completing her story?

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