The picture in my home


All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost

(J.R.R Tolkien The Fellowship of the Ring)

When my mother asked me to clean the dust from the picture, I realized that it’s been a long time that I had stopped noticing it.

This scenery is hanging on the outside wall of my parents’ room. I’m not sure but I think that it was in 1992 that my mother brought this scenery along with two other pictures.

I remember one was a scenery from some Northern areas of Pakistan and other was a picture of a vase. These past years saw us changing home thrice. The ups and downs of life left its impact on our belongings.

After living a life to their fullest, two of the three pictures got worn out. Today, two new pictures have taken their place but this one still exists in our lives.

As a child my observation of this picture was different. I used to take a refuge in its calmness. In those days I wished to take a look inside a hut. For me there was a magic in the reflection of large trees in the water and the white sky with the tinge of pink color looked beautiful to my eyes.

For a long time, I wished to sketch a picture like this. And, today when I’m a grown up girl, I’m amazed that how could I forget such an innocent desire of my childhood. As a child my heart was pure and my mind was relaxed but now the germs of revenge and hatred have blackened my heart.

Today, I’m not relax but I’m restless. Never ending desires and wishes of my life have left me tired.

I don’t believe in keeping regrets but there is one in my life: I wanted to conquer the world and in order to reach the moon; I forget the simple pleasures in my life.


Day 2: Quote Challenge

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That’s how I define hope!

Moment the cold and dreary night ends the soft and bright morning emerges. I find hope in a golden gleam of a kind sun which sparkles to illuminate my path.

golden sunshine

I can hear the whisper of those pearls of wisdom which reminds me that in difficult hours of my life, I’m not alone. I find hope in books.


Watching the moments of extreme passion often energizes me and I become hopeful for a bright future.


Our dreams, aspirations, desires and wishes provide an excuse for the continuation of life. The life which will end in the absence of all these elements is beautiful. So, take a deep breath and embrace this precious moment of life.

Open your eyes and seize the moment because life is all about to remain hopeful.

free fall


Written for writing 101 prompt

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My Scribbles!


The day seems languid today and watching “Too many Noddy” bring smile on my face. I’d love to become a part of that “Toy land”. The colors, the scenery and the pure feelings of love and care all inspire me. The life in toy land is a fun.

Sometimes, I wish I could sit in Noddy’s car. I dream about the soft and relaxing air caressing my cheeks and then the “melodious” horn of Noddy’s car wakes me up 🙂

Well, this is life. Our wishes, desires and dreams add colors to it. So, never stop dreaming and enjoy each and every moment of life 🙂

The Highest point in life!


Today’s Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

Dear Life,

I have always dreamed of conquering the “highest summit” and as, a school girl, I used to admire the seniority of the college girls.

For me, the college was superior but when I reached University, I realized that I was still a student and to achieve the high rank in life, I had to put a lot of efforts.

I remember admiring my teachers and then you gave me a chance to teach my Alma mater not once but twice.

Yes, I taught in my school and then in the same college in which I have been taught. That was a prestigious position and that was a great achievement but after some time I realized that that was not my destination. It dawned on me that no matter what, I had to move forward in my life. So, today’s prompt remind me of all those decisions which I have made in my life.

Dear Life, I must admit that with all these opportunities in life, you have always remained kind to me.My typical human nature has never allowed me to remain contented in life. I have a passion to go higher, I have a desire to achieve my dreams and I’m enthusiastic about doing “impossible” in life.

My dear Life, you have taught me to take a step forward not backward.

So, keeping an eye on that “mountain peak”, I’m still moving forward and my thirst for conquering the highest peak in life has not been satiated.

And, here I am making a firm decision that despite all the obstacles I’ll never cease to move forward. I’ll never look back and like a valiant warrior I’ll keep on fighting and the day will come when I’ll ascend that distant “mountain peak”.

Thank you for all the sweet and bitter experiences. I have learned a lot from you.

Yours lovingly

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A page from my diary!

page from diary





If you ask me about a person who has woken me up from my deep slumber, I’ll feel no hesitation in saying that it is no other then my “housemaid”.

My maid is a widow who works really hard for the money. She washes dishes and cleans our floor. She’s an old lady who’s in a need for money. So, she tries to please us through her work.

My mother often gets angry when she finds that the dishes are not properly washed and the floor is not shining. In those moments, my maid with her calm voice says, “Don’t you worry, I’ll wash them again and they’ll be all fine.”

I often think that in this mortal life of materialistic desires she’s dependent upon others for the fulfillment of her necessities. And, yet she never forgets to say thanks to God for all His blessings. So, while washing dishes and mopping our floor she’s in a habit of paying thanks to God Almighty.

So, there she’s quite contended of what she’s getting and here I’m living a life which is thousand times better than hers. I have a family and I don’t need to clean the homes of other people for the sake of money. I can eat whatever I want, I can buy a dress whenever I desire and I can rest on a soft and clean bed.  But, still I find no time for offering my prayers and saying thanks to God Almighty.

Rhonda Byrne in her book “The Magic” beautifully explains this concept. She says

“Very nature of prayers in every culture and religion is giving thanks before having received what is desired.”

Here I’m sitting in my bedroom. It’s 1:00 pm and I can feel the warmth of daylight coming through my window. The chirping of sparrows is adding beauty to this golden sunshine. The lunch is ready and my mother is calling me downstairs.You see, there is no reason for me to remain unthankful to God Almighty.

Stay Blessed:)