pond scene

Things concentrate at the edges; at the pond surface

Is bourne to fish and man and it is spread

In textile scum and damask light, on which

The lily pads are set; and there are also

            In laid ruddy twigs, becalmed pine leaves

            Air baubles, and the chain mail of froth.

Descending into sleep (as when the night lift

Falls past a brilliant floor) we glimpse a sublime

Décor and hear, perhaps, a complete music,

But this evades us, as in the night meadows

            The crickets’ million round song dies away

            From all advances, rising in every distance

Our riches are centrifugal, men compose

Daily, unwittingly, their final dreams

And those are our own voices whose remote

Consummate chorus rides on the whirlpool rim,

            Past which we flog are sails, toward which we drift,

            Plying our trades, in hopes of a good drowning

(Richard Wilbur)

“Marginalia” is a great philosophizing piece of poetry in which the poet has weaved some deep and strong messages. “Marginalia” is the margin of life and after reading this poem I was asking myself a question that isn’t it true that all human efforts are striving towards his end?

Man is mortal but the great conquerors, monarchs and kings of world had all lived a life with a notion of “immortality”. The poet has given us an example of a pond in which fish and man both exert a pressure towards its edges. Our riches are centrifugal. No matter how much we tried but sometimes we have to leave the center.

It reminds me of the story of “Heidi” in which she reluctantly leaves her house. Life in that city home was not easy for her, but the difficulties of that house changed her vision and when she returned she was not the same girl. The Heidi not only learned to keep her dress neat and clean but she also learned to read and write.

There is also a theme of dream versus reality here. I believe our daily activities are only keeping us busy. In the midst of tough schedules of life, our desires, hopes and aspirations find their way in our dreams. In our dreams, the sense of their very presence feels strong which clearly describes the fact that higher we ascent the steps of imagination, we’ll find reality at the edges not in the center.

It seems off the mark but I can’t help mentioning a movie dialogue here. I’m not much fan of watching horror movies but this is my favorite movie quote from “Abraham Lincoln and Vampire Hunters” and I think it somehow relates to the message in the above poem.

“Days are swift as an Indian arrow,

Flying like a shooting star,

The present day is here and then slides away in haste,

That we can never say is ours but only say is passed.”

My Scribbles!


The day seems languid today and watching “Too many Noddy” bring smile on my face. I’d love to become a part of that “Toy land”. The colors, the scenery and the pure feelings of love and care all inspire me. The life in toy land is a fun.

Sometimes, I wish I could sit in Noddy’s car. I dream about the soft and relaxing air caressing my cheeks and then the “melodious” horn of Noddy’s car wakes me up 🙂

Well, this is life. Our wishes, desires and dreams add colors to it. So, never stop dreaming and enjoy each and every moment of life 🙂

The Highest point in life!


Today’s Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29. What’s the first word that jumps off the page? Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

Dear Life,

I have always dreamed of conquering the “highest summit” and as, a school girl, I used to admire the seniority of the college girls.

For me, the college was superior but when I reached University, I realized that I was still a student and to achieve the high rank in life, I had to put a lot of efforts.

I remember admiring my teachers and then you gave me a chance to teach my Alma mater not once but twice.

Yes, I taught in my school and then in the same college in which I have been taught. That was a prestigious position and that was a great achievement but after some time I realized that that was not my destination. It dawned on me that no matter what, I had to move forward in my life. So, today’s prompt remind me of all those decisions which I have made in my life.

Dear Life, I must admit that with all these opportunities in life, you have always remained kind to me.My typical human nature has never allowed me to remain contented in life. I have a passion to go higher, I have a desire to achieve my dreams and I’m enthusiastic about doing “impossible” in life.

My dear Life, you have taught me to take a step forward not backward.

So, keeping an eye on that “mountain peak”, I’m still moving forward and my thirst for conquering the highest peak in life has not been satiated.

And, here I am making a firm decision that despite all the obstacles I’ll never cease to move forward. I’ll never look back and like a valiant warrior I’ll keep on fighting and the day will come when I’ll ascend that distant “mountain peak”.

Thank you for all the sweet and bitter experiences. I have learned a lot from you.

Yours lovingly

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Five Photos- Five Stories Day 5

Fragrance of flowers follows me in my dreams. In the midst of all the troubles, I sigh for those carefree moments of my life.

I wish that I could reverse the time, but I know that even if the clocks be reversed, there is no chance that the precious moments of my childhood will ever return.


Many thanks to Ruchi for giving me an opportunity to participate in this “Five Photos – Five Stories” challenge. This is my last day of submission. I have enjoyed my this challenge a lot.

Thank you dear reader for your precious time in reading my posts.

May God bless you

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