I’m afraid of cats!







It was a cold and misty night and everyone was getting ready to sleep. In those days, I used to throw off my quilt while sleeping. So, my mother told me to close the door and asked me to get into my sleeping bag.

As, a child I didn’t listen to her properly and went to sleep without closing the room door.

The much-needed warmth of the sleeping bag provided me comfort and I was soon fast asleep. In the middle of the night, the strange sounds of snoring startled me. I woke up and tried to look around and the sight froze me.

It was a cat lying beside me. The furry creäture was lying so close to me that I could hear it breathing heavily.I was so terrified by that intruder that I let out a loud shriek.

My family arrived to rescue me but before they could reach my room, they saw a cat running outside. In fact, my piercing sound was enough to wake it up from its dreams of mouse and cheese.

Later, my mother scolded me for not closing the door and I was so terrified to see the hair of cat beside my pillow that I preferred to sleep with my sister for the rest of that night.

I have often been asked about the reason of my bitter attitude towards the cats. So, this is the reason. I admit that all cats are not bad. But, that intrusion in my room made me so terrified that despite all my efforts to reduce this fear, I have still not succeeded in discovering any innocence in this cat family.

I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings because I know that most of you love their cats 🙂

Still, I wonder if you have something similar to share. What animals are you afraid off?

A day of horrible experience!






That roaring sound of sirens still reverberates in my ears. There was a scene of chaos. The ambulance drivers were constantly shouting and asking for space and I stood there quite petrified.

All we knew was that that there was a suicide attack near High court and as a result lots of police men were injured.

The High Court was quite near. So, as soon as the news broke out, all the students started to receive frantic calls from their homes. The classes got dismissed. We were told that buses were not likely to come. So, I and three of my friends decided to take rickshaw.

As I stepped outside from the University premises, I sensed the smell of horror in the air. Cars whizzed past us and everyone seemed to be in a hurry.

Soon, the sirens of ambulances added fear and anxiety to the scene. The paramedics were shouting, “Step aside. Clear the area.”  I can still recall their panic stricken voices. Those shouting human voices were enough to make me terrified.

My palms were sweating and my heart was racing. I could feel the strange sensation in my head and I was not able to comprehend the situation.

Soon, the traffic police came into action .In no time the road got cleared and the traffic was diverted.

An elderly man approached us and warned us that it was not safe for us to remain there. Terrified as we were, we turned back.

The roads were blocked and it was difficult for our parents to reach us. We had no choice but to wait. We remained there till evening when somehow the brother of my friend managed to come.

As, I reached home, my family took a sigh of relief. My mother was especially worried for me. My ordeal of the day finally got ended.

There is no denying the fact that that was a horrific experience and today while writing it down, I can find some great lessons hidden in it.

On that day my teacher was delivering us an important lecture. He was called outside by his colleague and was informed about the situation but he didn’t show any sign of anxiety and carried out with his lecture.

The traffic police man and those ambulance drivers all kept their nerves. They wholeheartedly fulfilled their duties.

On my way back to home, I saw young people standing outside the Hospital. They seemed eager in donating their blood.

Many police men died on that day and lots of them got injured.

Yes, there is a blood and horror in this narration but deep in this tale there exist a story of courage and bravery.  As, from my teacher to that lonely traffic policeman and from that ambulance driver to all those young people, there prevails a story of great sacrifice and courage.

My experience had taught me that they all performed their duty very well.I’d like to salute them all.