Story: The Restless Heart!

The life in a small house was miserable. Travelling was an escape and money was my passion.

One day, my mother broke in tears. She pleaded me to change my attitude. But, I had made the decision. On that evening, under the shade of crimson rays of setting sun, I left my house.

It’s been twenty years and today I’m known as a wealthiest person of the country. I owned a large amount of property but my health is deteriorating.

Doctors have advised me to spend some time away from noise.

So, sitting beside the window of my castle, I’m looking at the calm sea. The dinner is served and the smoked chicken is ready but I’m not hungry.

Doctors are trying to figure it out but the aroma of food has no effect on me. This island is my refuge from the world ,but today my heart is heavy with the weight of my wrongdoings.

No one knows that poverty stricken faces of my siblings still haunt me in my dreams.


This is my submission to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.This weeks photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris. Thank you TJ!

The word count is 155. Many thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting this event.


Story: The Grapevines!

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She was still staring at that picture when I gently took her hands into mine. They were cold.

Grapevines are never to be trusted”. Her voice shivered with pain as she spoke

I smiled and said, “But, grapevines are looking majestic”.

You are a liar. They’re ruthless”, she shrieked.

The redness of her eyes frightened me.

But you can always move forward”, I tried to make her calm.

I can’t. I have got nothing left in my life”. Her weary voice shook with the fear of uncertain future.

She clutched my arm as if she was scared and whispered, “The ecstasy of the feeling of my love made me blind. I left my parents and in these grapevines he rejected me. He left me.”

She let out a loud cry and became unconscious. The next moment, doctors huddled around her bed and I assisted them.

Once, my mother scolded me on my decision but I’m happy with my professional career.

 My patients put their trust in me. I’m a nurse and I’m proud of my decision.

————————————————————————————————————————This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. This weeks photo is provided by Vanessa Rodriguez. 

The word count is 176. Thanks Priceless Joy for this opportunity.

The Story of a Golden fish!

“Goldy, Beware! the water is deep” the Golden fish cried

But little Goldy remained calm and said “Don’t worry Mama, I’m brave! I’m a “super fish!”

On hearing these words ,she put her hands on her head. It was too much. It was vacations and the little Goldy was doing nothing but watching TV.

Next morning, she took him on an early morning swimming. The Goldy was still half asleep when she asked her to inhale some air and took him up on the surface.

Goldy saw a man standing on a ship. His eyes were red and he looked furious.

“Have you heard about Nimo”? Her mother whispered, “He also wanted to become a super fish. He never listened to his father and this man took him away. Son, the movies are not always real”.

She took a pause and added,

Nimo, never returned!”

Expressions of fear appeared on Goldy’s face and his mother smiled. She was satisfied that her little fish was not going to waste his vacations in watching too much TV now .

This story is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The word count is 172.

This week’s prompt photo is supplied to us by Sonya O. Thanks Sonya and thank you Priceless Joy for all your efforts here 🙂


Story: The friendship tree

People in the town used to quote their example. Their friendship was unique. They were known to risk their lives for each other.

Then, like the colors of the morning sun which slowly melts in a daylight, their childhood plant gradually turned into a youthful tree.

With passionate hearts and different perspectives, they chose unique paths in their lives. The money came in abundance and love and care disappeared.The serpent of wealth played a fatal trick and the poisonous venom of jealousy proved lethal.

One day, people of the town woke up to find their friendship tree was withered away.

Mission accomplished!” the hoarse voice of monster of hatred announced

A thunderous applause from junior members caused the night to shiver with fear.

Deep, in a wood, the bird took its last breath.

Its final words were

Once, in a warm sunshine they used to play. Long ago, they love each other!”

This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The word count is 153.

Thankyou, Priceless Joy for hosting this event 🙂

FFfAW: The Worried Mother

Photo prompt - © PricelessJoy

They had been walking for a long time and the little duck was now exhausted.

It was a bright Sunday morning and he was missing his bed. He looked down at his swollen feet, and then looked above at the thin white clouds. They were smiling at him.

But, the shrill voice of Mother Duck brought him back in reality. She was saying, “Hurry up, we are getting late!”

He started to run.

At last, they reached their desired spot. The white building of church seemed to be soaked in sunlight. He was still enjoying the dazzling beauty of his surrounding when the loud voice of her mother startled him. She was asking, “Do you remember the spellings of a church now?”

He yawned as if he had just been woken up and said, “Oh, they are easy. C, H, U, R, C, H”.

The mother duck took a sigh of relief. At last, her method of seeing the place has worked.

Her baby duck had learned to spell the Church.

This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring WritersThe word count is 171. This is my first time. I’ll try to come up with better posts in future.

Thanks, Priceless Joy for hosting this event 🙂