Rain, fog and Sun

In rain, these flowers looked magical.

In these past days when one after another, rain, fog and sun appeared, this week for me has become memorable.

On Monday evening, it rained.

Weather was so pleasant on that day that I who normally hate getting wet in rain, asked my niece to come and join me outside. 

A puddle was formed on street and I didn’t mind standing in it.


Water found its way inside my sneakers and my socks got wet.

At that moment, I looked at my niece who was enjoying playing with leaf in water, she was considering it a boat.

On seeing that, I decided to enjoy the moment anyway and allowed water to find more ways to wet my socks.

Reflection of trees in water on street looked beautiful.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were cold and foggy days. They didn’t allow us to explore much outside.


Even this Saturday morning there was fog in sky but later sun appeared with all its might.

Under the canopy of yellow shine, earth got warm and calm today.

This is an outside view of library. While taking this picture, I inhaled the sweet fragrance of yellow flowers in air.

Sitting in a park observing shades of sunlight on grass, I thought how different facets of Mother Nature has successfully allowed themselves to fuse in a single week.


When it rained, it was cool.

When there was fog, driving was difficult and today with the sprinkle of golden sunshine on earth, each and everything regained its lost vigour.

Divinity in its might is kind and diverse, It has many colors. If a certain day is dull than a next day can become fun.

Brilliant integration of fog, rain and sun has made this week beautiful for me.

Even Jack and Jill while fetching water from well were also looking happy today.

Word of the day: Integrated


Creative day


Sound of lawn mower

Singing myna, hopping sparrows

My haven for writing,

Embracing this form of day

I have fallen in love with life.

Lately, I’ve been noticing this change in my writing habit that stillness of night creates hindrance in my creative writing process. During the day when there’s the sound of life on the street outside my home, my mind remains active.

This morning, when I could hear the sound of lawn mower in my neighbor’s garden and twittering of sparrows on my terrace, I was thinking nothing but this very line that “I’m in love with life”.

This post is response to Silver’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #5 SHAPES & HEART.


For heart I’ve used love and for shapes, I’ve used form.

Image Courtesy: flickr.com

Bloggers have taught me

Beauty in life


Bloggers with love for nature have taught me to discover beauty in tiny droplets of water, bloggers have taught me to find calm and peace in genial rays of sun on my terrace.



I had always showed interest in reading books but bloggers around the world have taught me the real importance and the proper way of reading which could make our written expression beautiful.

Positive Approach


Blogging and more precisely bloggers have taught me to remain hopeful. I’ve learned that we can’t escape the realities in life and positive approach towards life is what makes us strong.

Gratitude and thanks


I’ve always tried but these are the bloggers who have taught me to express my gratitude over the presence of little things in life, I’m thankful to find some time in writing this post on word press.

Rules in writing



In my initial days of writing, bloggers taught me some basic rules of writing. I’ve been using too many adjectives and I can’t remember the name of blogger but I’ll always remain thankful to him for he was the one who advised me to stop using excessive use of flowery speech in writing.



Two years ago when I started doing blogging, I wasn’t sure about my expertise and these are the bloggers who have inspired me to explore different genres of writing.



No experience in life could ever told me and those were the bloggers who have actually taught me that though the human beings practicing different religions are living on different continents, yet they’re all connected.

Embracing change


A big many thanks to all bloggers who have helped me in coming out of my cocoon.

From Asia to America and from Australia to Africa, people have taught me to embrace and welcome change in life.

My dear brother


I admit I was elder but it was you who always acted like a responsible child. I was nervous; you were confident, I was reserved; you were frank and despite the age difference of five years you were my best friend.

I had complete trust in you. Once, getting furious, I was on the brink of losing my control when you came to rescue me. Holding my hand you took me into a garden. There we both planted flowers and you asked me to water them daily. I took great care of them and on that calm morning after taking their picture you never forget to remind me the importance of spreading love in life.

On that day, standing beside you, I promised that I would never lose control of myself again.

It’s been a long time and I’m still keeping my promise. I’ve selected my dress and soon I’m going to start my new life. I very much like you to be here with me but I’m not going to lose my temper. For, I’m aware that where ever I’ll go your support would always be with me.

My brave pilot, May you always fly high

Lots of love from your sister

This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction – September 25th – October 2nd 2016 by Sunday Fiction.



Freshness in air


Sitting on a new office chair in front of my computer table, I’m enjoying this new working environment in my room. Outside, the song of chirping sparrows is a welcome note for a spring. February is already packing up and it’s time for March to appear on screen.

It’s such a joy to get rid of sweaters and warm clothes. For, the winter remained strict in its rules. I wasn’t supposed to open the windows and doors and this morning when the door in the corridor is open, I can see the shades of genial sunlight on my terrace. Under the tickling sensation of morning sun, the green leaves are smiling and hopping and jumping among the branches of climbing leaves, sparrows are busy in eating birds’ seeds.

They’re large in number, I haven’t count but I suppose they are almost sixty in count and when their beaks peck the seeds spread on floor then that collective movement produces a rhythmic sound of “tick tick”.

It all looks majestic.

After cold winter, I like this waft of warm freshness. Nonetheless, it gives me hope and no matter what it encourages me to move forward 🙂

Poppies in October!


Even the sun-clouds this morning cannot manage such skirts.

Nor the woman in the ambulance

Whose red heart blooms through her coat so astoundingly—


A gift, a love gift

Utterly unasked for

By a sky


Palely and flamily

Igniting its carbon monoxides, by eyes

Dulled to a hault under bowlers,


O my God, what am I

That these late mouths should cry open

In a forest of frost, in a dawn of cornflowers 

(Sylvia Plath)


This morning is bright and with sun smiling in the sky, I’m glad that I’m reading this beautiful poem.

While searching on internet, I came to know that Poppy is a symbol of death, peace and sleep. Its red color symbolizes death and perhaps it’s a reason that “Remembrance Day” is also known as “Poppy day”.

The poetess describes Poppies as a symbol of hope. For, the woman lying in ambulance is also spell bound. Sylvia Plath is talking about her earlier suicide attempt and her good luck of surviving it. Indeed, it’s an unasked gift from a sky and these scarlet color poppies act like a whiff of fresh air in a forest of frost.

Have you read this poem? What are your observations regarding these flowers?

visit to a magical land!

magical land

That land of kind people is surrounded by misty mountains but despite being covered by foggy clouds, the people in that land are learned and informed.

Once, I got a chance to visit that place. I found that the flowery meadows and the lush green fields covered every inch of that land. The beautiful winding streets were covered with the dense green trees. The leaves of the trees were thick and they formed a canopy which provided passersby with shade against the sweltering heat.

That land is known for its large number of libraries. Walking into one such library, I found the people were absorbed in reading. They were taking notes. There was a silence and only sound audible was that of the scribbling of pen on paper.

There prevailed an atmosphere of peacefulness. Outside the windows, the green leaves were trying to filter the warmth of sunshine and the shimmering rays of a distant sun were coming dancing through the windows.

I looked at the librarian. That old woman with her wrinkled skin was in her late sixties. I walked towards her and asked her about the book of descriptive writing. She looked up and smiled. Adjusting her glasses, she coughed and said, “You’ll find it there on the left side of that shelf.”

I said, “thank you” and moved towards the shelf when I heard her voice. She was saying, “Don’t forget to write something about our land”.

I smiled back. I had no doubt that the woman was wise enough to recognize me as a writer.

So, without the description of their houses, this post would not do justice to those kind people.

The people of that magical land keep their houses neat and clean. They grew a variety of flowers in their gardens. The windows of their bedrooms opened in their gardens. So, in the morning when the sunshine falls on the petals, the sweet fragrance escapes and gently strokes the hair of a sound sleeper.

The softness of their touch is so fascinating that a person wastes no time in leaving his bed.

Dear Reader, the people of that land of mesmerizing beauty took a great care of their neighbors. In the evening, when the sky is blue and the soft breeze is blowing, it’s a ritual that neighbors arrange a get together. So, before the sun could set in completely, the toasty nutty aroma of chocolate cake spreads in their houses and one could see the fairies of mirth and happiness dancing in their backyards.

I remained there for some time and before returning I asked a wizened man how one could find his way to their land.I saw something sparkling in his eyes. He smiled and said, “You only need to have a pure heart to find this land of peace and beauty.”

I returned with the promise of writing about their land. It was a heartfelt experience and this was the story of my visit to that far away land which lies hidden among those misty mountains.

Image courtesy:(pixshark.com/magical-land)

Writing 101, The sunrise


The shimmering rays gently tickled the petals, the red rose stretched and slowly opened its eyes and the gentle sunshine simply passed a smile to that sleepy flower.

That warm gesture was widely welcomed. The scent escaped from the flower and soon the garden became a fragrant paradise.

The sun was rising, the colors were melting and the furrowed clouds were in a hurry to give space to that giant glowing disc.

Standing on the wet grass, I was barefoot. The dawn chorus of birds sounded sweet to my ears.They were large in number. Sitting in the dark green trees, they were twittering. Their voice was full of passion as if they were trying to burst their lungs.

I moved towards a tree and tried to find them. But, my presence startled them. Their fluttering of wings produced a noise and I saw them flying in the air.

I was absorbed in watching them when my father called me and we left for home.

It is more than twenty years now, but that morning walk is fresh in my mind.

Every experience of childhood is priceless. So, I wish  that I could go back and from the pure heart of a child I once again want to observe the beauty of sunrise.

Five Photos- Five Stories Day 5

Fragrance of flowers follows me in my dreams. In the midst of all the troubles, I sigh for those carefree moments of my life.

I wish that I could reverse the time, but I know that even if the clocks be reversed, there is no chance that the precious moments of my childhood will ever return.


Many thanks to Ruchi for giving me an opportunity to participate in this “Five Photos – Five Stories” challenge. This is my last day of submission. I have enjoyed my this challenge a lot.

Thank you dear reader for your precious time in reading my posts.

May God bless you

Image Courtesy: (Google Image)