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When I was young, we for some time lived in a home where there was a small neat garden.

I liked doing cycling in sunlit court-yard of that home.

There was enough space in a house for playing but my favorite spot was in the garden.

In the evening, I would take my kitchen toy set with me and after plucking some leaves, I loved to make my own very food under the green shady leaves of tree.

Child as I was, I imagined my cooking pots were real. Those were the days when I considered real world was fake.

With the passage of time my perspective has changed. Today, I know that real world is not fake but my belief has become more strengthen in a fact that with little bit of effort, I can re-create my life from my imagination.

This past Sunday, I was under weather and for some change decided to go outside with family. Once in a car, I observed street ahead, it was all covered with fallen leaves. I thought of changing season and imagined that fallen leaves were my own past days which I had left behind only to move forward. This very thought gave me such strength that I found myself quite energetic during rest of my day.

After all Roald Dahl is never wrong when he writes

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

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Five Photos-Five stories Day 3











On one bright Sunday morning, Maggie was busy in getting everything ready for preparing sweet potato chips. Her husband was out of city due to his work. So, Maggie had some free time which she had decided to spend in the kitchen.

She was slicing the potatoes when her younger daughter Susan came running inside the home. She had been playing outside with her elder sister Anna and her cheeks seemed bright red. Out of breath she asked, “Mom, When can we have chips?” Maggie smiled at her show of impatience and said, “Soon Dear!”.

Susan ran away shouting in excitement, “Hurrah! Mama is great”. It reminded Maggie of some faded image from her past but she tried to ignore it by keeping herself busy in her work.

She tossed the chips with the seasoning of coconut oil. Spreading them out in a layer on a baking tray, she placed them in the oven.

After twenty minutes the chips were ready to eat. The girls had already set the table and their happy faces made Maggie’s effort worthwhile.

Sitting on a table she observed her daughters. Little Susan had just uttered a jest that filled Anna with the mirth. They were laughing and they were enjoying eating chips.

Maggie was quite absorbed in her thoughts when Anna insisted that she taste them. She stroked her hair tenderly and took a bite. It was then that she felt a lump in her mouth.

Till then she had been trying hard to stop her tears. But, now tears came rolling down her eyes.

It’s strange that eating food sometimes elicits sad memory from our past. The mere taste of sweet potato chips reminded Maggie of her mother.



Many thanks to Ruchi for giving me an opportunity to participate in this “Five Photos – Five Stories” challenge. I’m supposed to post a picture, one per day for five days, and write five stories one for each day.

Today, I’d like to select saadia peerzada to come and join me in this challenge.

You need to post a picture every day for five days and write a story that go along with it. It can be a piece of fiction or non fiction. Don’t worry there is no restriction for the length of your writing.

This challenge is not mandatory. But, I hope you’ll accept it. Believe me you’ll have a lot of fun.

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Lahore: The city of Lively hearts

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It’s a human nature that he loves and admires the place where he lives. It seems strange but it’s true that the man often appears unaware of this fact in his life.

Last year I visited my sister who lives in another city. It so happened that after five days I started to feel “home sick” and at that very moment I realized that I was actually missing my very own city of “lively hearts”.

Lahore is my city and I had spent my whole childhood here. Lahore is often known as a city of beautiful gardens and colleges.

I personally admires the semi arid climate of my city. So, the scorching sun of July always fills my heart with the warmth of happiness. It is a month in which temperature rises above 40 degree Celsius. This rise in temperature provides “Lahoris” with an excellent opportunity of enjoying their evenings in swimming. Mangoes, watermelon and Grewia Asiatica are among some of the summer fruits which provide some relief from the sweltering summer.

Lahore is a city of lively people. “Lahoris” are popular because of their nature of enjoying each and every moment of their lives. They love to eat and the city is known for its delicious “Lahori cuisine”.

This is only a bird’s eye view of my beautiful city. My people are “amazing” and this city is “worth visiting”.

Dear reader, thank you for taking a virtual tour of my city.

God Bless you!

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