A fun filled day

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There’s a scene in a Home Alone movie where the family members after getting late from their flight were shown running on airport. Today, we were not on airport but when mother was worried about cooking food and I and my sister needed to get shoes; on entering mart in order to save time, we all three were mentally prepared for running.

It was twelve in the noon when we left home for market. Father wanted to have food prepared for some colleagues in his office and to make some special dish, mother needed to get chicken and vegetables for kitchen.

The shoe shop was on the way to mart and though, time was short, I and my sister also accompanied mother. First my sister bought some canvas shoes for her college. Now, she’s never satisfied and takes long in choosing shoes and when after spending some twenty minutes she finally chose her shoes, I and my mother took a sigh of relief.

Later, on entering mart we grab hold of trolley and noticing the presence of people, we dropped the idea of running and opted for brisk walking.

At one moment, when I and my mother were moving trolley, I asked my sister to lend a hand but she being a medical student refused saying that it seemed as if some orderlies are moving stretcher in hospital.

Nonetheless, I admired her foresightedness.

In normal circumstances mother like a stroll in park prefer to spend some time in observing things in mart but today when the clock was ticking fast, we all three took hold of bags and started putting vegetables in them.

The scene was something like this, I was asking, “Where’re cucumbers?” and my sister getting panicked was saying, “I can’t find coriander!” and then we both helping each other running to get our desired vegetables.

Today, it felt as if the counter boy was not willing to work and escalators appeared as if they were not moving at all.

Back at home, I helped my mother and when the clock struck two p.m. the food was ready to serve.

With lots of running, it was a day full of fun and excitement and right now when I’m recalling the events of this day, I’m convinced that we need not to waste our time in searching for happiness, for these are little moments and unexpected events that can bring laughter in our lives.

(I and my sister preferred different shoe shops and on the way back home, I also got shoes for myself 🙂  )

Happiness is…


Silky, soft and sunny side up fried egg is a treat to watch. For me the happiness is to see this perfect shape fried egg.


Happiness is to help my younger sister in her studies. My sister is in ninth grade, she has to appear in board exams this year. In the beginning she was facing some problems but these days when she’s showing good grades in her tests and is looking calm and relax, I’m happy for my sister is happy.

washed laundry.jpg

Happiness is feeling the scent of washed laundry. In the warm summer putting washed laundry on cloth line feels refreshing.


Happiness is discovering some drama by chance and later finding it to be of high quality. The enjoyment gets double when family members also joined you in this adventure. It’s fun to watch your favorite play and later to read its quotes on imdb.


Happiness is to wake up in the middle of the night and find it’s still time before your alarm clock goes off. The priceless moment in the morning when someone is in the washroom and waiting for your turn you take a deep sleep is sure a moment of great satisfaction.


Happiness is eating corn, happiness is eating tomato with salt.


Happiness is to read some old posts on your blog.

Happiness is to find some time for writing after a hectic day and last but not least, happiness is to go through some old conversation in your comment section.

It makes you feel to realize the fact that if there’s anything important in life then it’s our connections.

While conversing with people around the world, the experience I’ve gained is a continuous source of joy and happiness for me 🙂

The Monster of Jealousy!


Othello is regarded as a most popular play of a Shakespeare. But, for me it was hard to read. Like “The Winter’s Tale”, I was expecting some touch of joy and happiness. But, here, Shakespeare has woven a tragedy.

“Jealousy” is the most prominent theme of the play and as its dire consequences, the protagonist, Othello not only destroys his own life but also takes the life of his beloved wife.In fact, it is a most common factor which disrupts human relationships and the jealousy among siblings tops the list.

I think, jealousy is the most common factor which disrupts human relationships and the jealousy among siblings tops the list.

I have experienced that I feel envious of my sister when she gets better things. I feel jealous of her when my mother gives her more attention and this stands true for all of us.

Have you ever observed a jealous person?  Their lives are a mess. The jealousy factor ruins their happiness.  They won’t see anything good in their lives.  The very factor makes them restless and their faces depict their feelings.

But, all of us like to appear good and charming. Once, I was reading that mirrors best describe our personality. So, why not devise a way to get rid of this monster?

So, next time when you find yourself in a similar situation, stand in front of a mirror and look at your facial expressions.

Ask yourself, am I looking good?

And, the negative response will force you to get rid of jealousy in your lives.

Have you read this play by Shakespeare? How you perceive the negative aspect of jealousy in life?

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Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?


My breakfast table is usually laden with butter and eggs. Twice a day, I’m in a habit of taking tea.

The lunch and dinner time also offer the delicious food items. Like all the mothers, my mother is also worried about our health. So, it happened that yesterday, my sister brought me strawberry shake and while studying I enjoyed drinking it.

In the searing heat of blazing sun, I’m blessed to have all the comforts in my home. Drinking cold water provides me relief and while the ferocious sun continued to warm the earth, I take an afternoon nap in my cozy bedding.

These past days, I was not feeling well and while lying on my bed; somehow this verse of Holy Quran came upon my lips.

Which is it, of the favours of your Lord, that ye deny? (Surh Rehman)

This reminds me of an old woman who came to our door yesterday. I opened the door and found her lying in front of a gate. She asked for an old piece of cloth as the mosquitoes were disturbing her in the night and she wanted to wrap herself in the cloth.My mother gave her an old bed sheet and she became so happy to have it.

This incident reminds me of all the blessings of Allah Almighty in my life and here I’m sharing the most beautiful recitation of Surah Rehman.

In this Surah from the beginning to the end the manifestation and fruits of Allah’s attribute of mercy and grace have been mentioned.

You can find the English translation of this Surah here.


May these verses of Holy Quran give you peace and comfort.

The story of my Grandmother


Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return. My grandmother has passed away and the life for my whole family has been changed forever.

She was known for her farsightedness and her in-laws admired her for her judicious decisions. At the time of the death of my grandfather, she was only 35 but she appeared to be an epitome of great courage and like a hen she provided warmth and kept her children safe under her feathers.

The Eid for Muslims is an occasion of happiness. After offering our Eid prayers, we were in a habit of gathering around her. The fairies of mirth and happiness used to dance in her room and I can recall all those moments of joy and laughter.

I could recall the traces of pleasure and satisfaction on her face and the contentment which she used to feel in the presence of her children and her grandchildren.

The day before her death, she visited a doctor. The doctor examined her and gave a pat on her back. He said that she was doing very well. My grandmother was so inspired by that gesture that she said to my aunt that when her grandchildren will become doctors they will also encourage their patients in that way. (My sister and one of my cousin are pursuing their medical degrees)

On the day of her death, she recited Holy Quran and offered her morning prayer.

After some time, she felt difficulty in breathing. In no time, she was rushed to the hospital. The doctors did their best, but they couldn’t revive her. Before losing her consciousness, she was reciting the kalima (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). She insisted on calling upon her children and lost her consciousness.

Many occasions will come and we’ll gather again. Life goes on and there will be many moments of joy and happiness in our lives. But, nothing will compensate for this loss. This void of our lives can never be filled.

I have realized that time flies quickly so seize every moment and take a very good care of your loved ones.

May Allah bless her highest rank in Jannah (Ameen).

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One of the precious picture of my grandmother

Thankful heart!






I remember the time from my university days when I was so exhausted at the end of the day that I used to lumber towards my university bus and when I was about to climb up , I was greeted with the warm and gentle voice of our bus conductor. He used to say, ” Easy Ma’am,Be careful!”.

In fact, he was never tired of reminding us again and again to take our seats.

In the sweltering heat of blazing sun, that man of calm and cool demeanor appeared so satisfied that in those days I used to wonder that how a person could be so happy with that kind of tough job and meagre income.

It’s been six years now and the dust of time has erased many of my memories but that memory of my university bus is ineffaceable. With the passage of time, I have realized that the very secret of happiness of human nature lies in a fact of giving thanks to God for all his blessings.

Dear reader, the chaos in life is capable of creating a mess which gives birth to a confused state of human minds. These men, unaware of their destinations and goals are of no use to society but in the midst of all these disturbing ripples, there appears a ray of hope in the form of ordinary stories of such bus conductors.

Apparently, these common men possess nothing special but deep in their hearts their lies a priceless possession of a “great thankful gem”.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”
― Oprah Winfrey

I owe to that bus conductor whose thankful nature has taught me a great lesson of my life.

Have you ever encountered such ordinary people of great thankful heart?

Holiday is a great fun!

I love to take family pictures. I believe that these moments of merry gathering possess a strange power of healing.

Last year my family decided to make a picnic. My aunt is quite good at cooking. She fried chicken and made some special dishes.

Children were especially excited. Here are some memorable photos which I’d like to share. These pictures are a great reminder of that friendly day in cold December, which was kind enough to give us an opportunity to sit together and spend some time in love and laughter.

The most memorable moment is indeed eating together.







These smiling faces of my niece and my cousin depict the innocence of childhood.







Childhood is all about enjoying each and every moment of life.







Sprawling on a grass is a great fun.







Kids enjoy riding on merry go round.









These pictures bring a smile to my face and they often remind me of my favourite song.



Here are the lyrics of this song

Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
What a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday
Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
Sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
It’s a holi-holiday

There’s a country fair not far from there – heydiheydihoh
On a carousel the dingdong bell – heydiheydihoh
On the loop di loop we swing and swoop – heydiheydihoh
And what else we’ll do is up to you – heydiheydihoh

Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
What a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday
Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
Sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
It’s a holi-holiday

Well, I’m game
Fun is the thing I’m after
Now let’s a’live it up today
Get set for love and laughter

Well, let’s go
Time isn’t here for wasting
Life is so full of sweet sweet things
I’d like to do some tasting

Dear Reader, thank you for reading this post.

I’ll be very glad if you’ll be kind enough to let me know about your own special moments of joy and happiness with your family.

Take a very good care of yourself:)





My little sister!








That foggy day of December 25 is associated with the birth of my little sister. She was so soft that she looked like a stuffed doll. Her hair were golden and she was simply adorable.

We were all very excited. We captured each and every moment of her life. Here is the picture of her first baby food.







The appearance of her first baby tooth was a great fun. She was drinking water from the glass when we heard the unusual sound of ” tick tick”. That was a moment of great joy for us. We simply celebrated that unforgettable moment.







She loved to play with dolls and my father used to bring stuffed dolls for her.







She was quite happy on her first day at school. Here is her picture on her first day at school.









She loved to go outside. Parks had always remained her favorite place for outing.







My mother used to sew special frocks for her. Here is a picture of my sister wearing one of the beautiful frock sewn by my mother.







Her birthdays have always remained a special occasion for us.








Recently she has turned 13. She loves to write and she is quite good at cooking. I guess she is more mature but she is still afraid of Maths and to this day I haven’t found anyway to minimize her anxiety for Maths:)







Time flies quickly and we don’t realize it. So, I have decided to refresh those lovely moments of joy and happiness.

This is my way of showing my love for my little sister.







Stay Blessed and always remember me in your prayers!