I wander lonely as a cloud

Writers are like thieves, they like to get inspire by their environment.

Sometimes they simply steal ideas.

Like WordsWorth in Daffodils who wanders lonely as a cloud. Today, I too allowed myself to become a cloud.

In the glittering shine of calm January Sun, I was feeling light-hearted and considering myself in a WordsWorth’s world, I took a chance to wander and appreciate my surrounding.

It all started with the arrival of Rofus Treepie in home today.

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This Indian Treepie who belongs to crow family likes to come at the time in morning when there’s still darkness in sky.

Birds are early riser but this specific bird wakes way too early.

While going to park, I took this picture.


There’s something special about different shades of green in it.

Leaves are yellow, they’re of dark green colour and they appear light green and when the sun is allowing them to make shadows on ground, I like the leafiness of those trees in background.

Under this bridge is a way for a small stream to flow.

In winter there’s no water in it but when there’ll be summer, the coolness of water and kindness of trees will provide much needed relief to a wanderer standing on this bridge beneath these trees.

After bleak winter days, sun sprinkled it’s glitter on earth today.

Standing in my yard, when I heard chirping of birds up in a tree, I can’t help remembring these words by Hellen Keller

“The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched_they must be felt by a heart.”



This post is in response to ragtag daily prompt wander.


Indian treepie bird  courtesy:

Google Image.

Year 2017: That’s what I believe in…

Since his birth man has endured many natural calamities and has faced various horrific incidents and today when he still exists on this planet earth then it is due to the strong will power of man that has always forced him to continue doing his resistance. Human brain, the marvel of Divinity is wired in a way that in any unusual circumstances it automatically starts working on finding the exit routes. The history of mankind is also witness to many such occasions when the mere show of courage and bravery on the part of man changed the entire course of human life. On unfolding the pages of the book of history, one can see that whenever human beings decided to confront the threat, life emerges from the debris of death. Therefore, I being an optimistic learner of life believe in this power of human courage and I trust on this show of human strength which in the midst of dark night can give birth to a bright sunshine.

Art in the form of literature and movies can be a depiction of life. They both have this strange capability of influencing our minds that writers have effectively used them to impart their messages. Ernest Hemingway the great American writer believes that courage is grace under pressure. His hero Robert Jordan in for whom the bell tolls remained true to his cause and by serving his nation embraced the courage of grace. The famous World War II movie Von Ryan’s express is a story of daring escape of allied prisoners of war by German occupied Italy. The inspiring collective effort of successful escape of those prisoners depict the power of human courage and when in the end the leader of the allied forces Col. Ryan got gunned down, we feel that human courage never shook for a second, for the ending dialogue “if only one gets out, it’s a victory” is a clear depiction of the height of the strength of human spirit.

It’s only the wise and intelligent man who knows the essence of time, he’s aware that time is limited and he knows that it’s useless to get trapped by Dogma in life and Galileo Galilei the great philosopher, astronomer and mathematician realizing this truth never backed off from his stance, he was of the view that earth moves around the sun. Orthodox Church posed great resistance for him but he remained committed. There is an example of Helen Keller whose struggle against all the hardships in her life is inspirational. She was the first deaf-blind person who earns a Bachelor of Arts degree. Finally, the great fighter Nelson Mandela believed that courage was not the absence of fear but triumph over it and those were his strong nerves that despite getting twenty years sentence in prison, he led a famous struggle that eventually gave rise to free South Africa.

Brave and courageous people are aware that if life is not about taking risks and making bold steps then it’s simply meaningless. J.K Rowling the famous children writer was aware that without courage nothing can be accomplished in life. Her manuscript of first Harry Potter novel was rejected multiple times. In those days she was newly divorced and was struggling to make both ends meet but she never lost her hope. Her strong imagination was her strength and once, her first novel got published the rest became history. The extraordinary show of courage by her characters in the magical world of Harry Potter has inspired many young minds in pursuing their dreams in life.

A mere look at our surrounding will reveal that a single drop of water might not hold that kind of importance but once it shakes hands with other drops, together they all become a reason of satiating the thirst of barren land. Such is the power in unity and the world saw the similar show of great human strength on July 16, 2016 in Turkey. The drama of military coup attempt reached its climax when the citizen’s hand-in-hand decided to confront the threat. Military was equipped and the people were bare-handed but lying in front of tanks they stopped the military advancement and together they proved that there’s no limit to the show of human strength.

Living in this world of uncertain events, I often get sad but no matter what I never lose my hope, for I believe that in the midst of all the darkness in life, it’s the power of human courage that makes all the difference.

I know there are problems but I’m hopeful, for I believe in strength of human courage that’s capable of performing many unbelievable tasks in life.

Two faces of Mother Nature


The idea of taking a day off appears refreshing. It helps in rejuvenating one’s mind and today when I’m writing after fifteen days, my mind is fresh and while typing; my fingers are actually cooperating with me.

It seems harsh and it appears horrible but there’s this strange aspect of Mother Nature that if it is calm and kind then it’s also rude and harsh.

Helen Keller in her autobiography writes

“Miss Sullivan had taught me to find beauty in the fragrant woods, in every blade of grass and in the curves and dimples of my baby sister’s hand… But by this time I had an experience that taught me that nature is not always kind.”

Sitting alone on the tree top, little Helen experienced the sudden change in her surroundings. The warm and calm sun disappeared and as trees swayed and strayed, she realized that the thunderstorm was approaching. On that day her teacher ultimately rescued her but young Hellen learned a lesson from her experience.

She writes

“Nature wages open war against her children, and under softest touch hides treacherous claws.”

That was eleven in the morning when I drafted this piece and while looking outside the window of my room, I found my terrace bathed in morning sunlight. Hopping and jumping among the green leaves, sparrows were busy in uttering the notes of mirth and joy. Under the calm and kind sun, the green leaves were casting majestic shades. Today was a scenic morning but it all appeared indifferent to the chaos that has occurred down in my garage.

In the lamp hanging down the roof of car porch, there’s a bulbul birds’ nest but when the sparrows were busy in singing their merry songs, the stillness haunted the nest. For, the two of the baby birds are missing and in the absence of both father and mother birds, one of the eggs lay unattended.  The nest was quite safe and we’re not sure about what calamity had struck it but we can assume that some predator has devoured the baby birds and being afraid the bulbul bird has also left her nest.

There exist this stark contrast in nature and Thomas Hardy Shakespeare of English Literature beautifully describes it in his writings. Unlike Browning who only praises nature, Hardy accepts nature with all its fury. So, when Browning says

God is in His heaven

All is right with the world

Thomas Hardy writes

“If a way to the better there be

It implies a good look at the worst.”

Ugly as well as beautiful and dark as well as calming, there exist both sides of nature and when Thomas Hardy advocates these phenomena in his novels; I can’t help relating it to the situation outside my room.

I’m sure this is what life is all about. The short lived moment of happiness and joy require our attention to embrace it wholeheartedly and the long and dreary nights of darkness demands an alert and intelligent mind to ascertain the situation and to quote Hardy one needs to take a good look at the worst.

The vastness of planet

vast space

The other day, I was reading the story of Helen Keller, when I came across this quote

The one I felt and still feel most is lack of time. I used to have time to think, to reflect, my mind and I. We would sit together of an evening and listen to the inner melodies of the spirit, which one hears only in the leisure moments when the words of some loved poet touch a deep, sweet chord in the soul that until then had been silent.”

So, today, while listening to my inner melodies, that college class came to my mind.

Once, my teacher was busy in delivering her lecture when one of my friend, started to ask unnecessary questions.

My teacher showed great patience but at one point she became exhausted. I remember she drew a large circle on a blackboard and marked a tiny dot in its center. She asked us to explain what that was.

We replied that it was only a circle. She shook her head and a smile appeared on her face.

She said,

The circle represents the vastness of this planet. The world is huge and this tiny dot represents the very existence of human being. The life is a never ending race. So, don’t waste your time in asking purposeless questions.”

Don’t know about my friend but from that day on, I avoid asking unnecessary questions 🙂

Writer’s Quote: Hellen Keller


Life can be defined as a constant fight to survive against all odds.The student strives for better grades, youngsters look for better jobs and men work hard to provide relief to their family. The circle goes on.

This is what we call a life, a never ending tale of a “daring adventure”.

This post is a submission to Silver Threading writer’s quote Wednesday.

writers quote

Free writing for twenty minutes

20 minutes






I have decided to write for twenty minutes. Somehow, I’m not at ease with writing in this way with some time constraint but I have decided to give it a try.

It is 8:39 in the morning. The cold breeze is blowing outside. The voice of crow is normally considered as hoarse and rough but for me it is a sign of a new day. So, here sitting in my drawing room I can hear the lovely voices of birds. The sparrows are chirping and the Myna bird is whistling. All these voices symbolize the beginning of a new day.

My morning started by preparing breakfast and by making lunch for my younger sister. While eating breakfast, I was thinking about the book which I haven’t finished reading yet. “The story of my life” by Hellen Keller is a  powerful narrative. The reader is likely to fall in love with this strong and powerful descriptive piece of writing.

Writing this reminds me of my first ever book which I read in childhood. That was a book about the stories of different villages. The pictures were really beautiful. It took me on a wonderful journey of the villages of Asia.

My younger sister who also love to read books. She is a student of 8th grade. She’s a stubborn girl but recently she has shown improvement in her studies. Earlier, she was afraid of Maths, but I’m glad that she’s started to take an interest in this subject.

My sister often asks me about the benefits of writing blog.

At times, I also wonder that why I’m blogging. But, then I heard an inner voice which tells me that in this short journey of five months, I have discovered a whole new world and this discovery of a new world has inspired me and has motivated me to move forward in my life.

I have still some time left for writing. I’m thankful to writing 101 for this interesting prompt. I enjoyed writing it, but I’m sure that editing would be a tough task 🙂