I wander lonely as a cloud

Writers are like thieves, they like to get inspire by their environment.

Sometimes they simply steal ideas.

Like WordsWorth in Daffodils who wanders lonely as a cloud. Today, I too allowed myself to become a cloud.

In the glittering shine of calm January Sun, I was feeling light-hearted and considering myself in a WordsWorth’s world, I took a chance to wander and appreciate my surrounding.

It all started with the arrival of Rofus Treepie in home today.

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This Indian Treepie who belongs to crow family likes to come at the time in morning when there’s still darkness in sky.

Birds are early riser but this specific bird wakes way too early.

While going to park, I took this picture.


There’s something special about different shades of green in it.

Leaves are yellow, they’re of dark green colour and they appear light green and when the sun is allowing them to make shadows on ground, I like the leafiness of those trees in background.

Under this bridge is a way for a small stream to flow.

In winter there’s no water in it but when there’ll be summer, the coolness of water and kindness of trees will provide much needed relief to a wanderer standing on this bridge beneath these trees.

After bleak winter days, sun sprinkled it’s glitter on earth today.

Standing in my yard, when I heard chirping of birds up in a tree, I can’t help remembring these words by Hellen Keller

“The best and the most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched_they must be felt by a heart.”



This post is in response to ragtag daily prompt wander.


Indian treepie bird  courtesy:

Google Image.

I’m afraid of cats!







It was a cold and misty night and everyone was getting ready to sleep. In those days, I used to throw off my quilt while sleeping. So, my mother told me to close the door and asked me to get into my sleeping bag.

As, a child I didn’t listen to her properly and went to sleep without closing the room door.

The much-needed warmth of the sleeping bag provided me comfort and I was soon fast asleep. In the middle of the night, the strange sounds of snoring startled me. I woke up and tried to look around and the sight froze me.

It was a cat lying beside me. The furry creäture was lying so close to me that I could hear it breathing heavily.I was so terrified by that intruder that I let out a loud shriek.

My family arrived to rescue me but before they could reach my room, they saw a cat running outside. In fact, my piercing sound was enough to wake it up from its dreams of mouse and cheese.

Later, my mother scolded me for not closing the door and I was so terrified to see the hair of cat beside my pillow that I preferred to sleep with my sister for the rest of that night.

I have often been asked about the reason of my bitter attitude towards the cats. So, this is the reason. I admit that all cats are not bad. But, that intrusion in my room made me so terrified that despite all my efforts to reduce this fear, I have still not succeeded in discovering any innocence in this cat family.

I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings because I know that most of you love their cats 🙂

Still, I wonder if you have something similar to share. What animals are you afraid off?