Ways to attract happiness in life


(I usually write short posts. This long post of mine was sitting in my laptop for some time. Today, while going through some of my drafts, I discovered it and decided to post it anyway. Points discuss in this post are not new but what I wrote about them is what I feel)

Human beings, marvel of Divinity are wired in a way that if on a certain day they are feeling good then on very next day with no apparent reason they feel themselves losing interest in their lives.

When down in the dumps and feeling sad, they are in search of something to chin them up.

Below are six points which can be embraced to get rid of this sadness of mood in life.

1. Make your own grateful list


We don’t realize and we often ignore but there are lots of things in life for which we must need to show our gratitude.

For instance, while walking up and down the stairs we hardly notice that how firmly our feet hold the weight of our bodies. Any time we could lose our balance and we could fell from stairs and on every day if you are easily walking up and down the stairs without meeting any kind of accident then you are the one who is lucky and you need to show your gratitude for this.

According to an estimate there exist some 783 million people who don’t have access to clean water and if you are the one who is drinking clean water then it is a nice gesture to show your thanks and gratitude for this abundance of water in your life.

Make your own notebook or diary. In the night, make it your habit to list down three things for which you are grateful for.

At the end of the week or month, while going through it, you’ll find yourself discovering some very interesting things in your life which you haven’t noticed before.

Believe me showing your gratitude, and saying your thanks for hearing the chirping of birds and listening to the rhythmic tick-tock of the clock in your room would never allow you to feel sad next time.

2. Spend time with family


From Jane Austen to Arthur Miller and from Thomas Hardy to Charles Dickens, every great writer of English literature has laid stress upon the importance of the institution of family.

If there is anything common to the success of people around the world then it is nothing but the support of their family. In fact, the relationship which we share with our parents and siblings is priceless.

Harry in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire was once in need of some guidance. In the form of Ron and Hermione, he had some good friends but he needed to seek help from some father-like figure.

Rowling through her beloved character Harry Potter has also presented the importance of family in life. A family is a bond which never allows us to lose our spirits.
So, next time when you are sad, try spending time with your family because

• Family is there to support you in your bad times.
• Family is always there to protect you from evils of the world.
• Family is never late to share your feelings of happiness.
• Family is always there to give you confidence.

3. Go for a walk and embrace sunlight


When down and glum, go for a walk. There is such a magic and attraction in the natural beauty that with its therapeutic power it purifies our minds.

Scientists are agreed that there exists a healing power in sunlight. Try observing the shades of sunlight and try looking at the majestic beauty when the slanting rays of mellow sun come filtering through the leaves.

People who are in love with nature would start loving themselves and once they fall in love with themselves, the realization of the importance of their very existence emerges before their eyes which in turn would never allow them to feel sad again.

Next time when you are sad, go outside and standing beneath the sun, try to feel the warmth of sunshine. It appears absurd but standing there and appreciating the warmth of sunlight, you’ll be happy to find yourself shedding the very leaves of sadness.

4. Become a kid


Feeling downhearted and dejected? Go and become a kid.

Yes, it is true, for spending time with kids helps us and takes us back to that innocent period which we have left behind in the rat race of our lives.

You are still feeling yourself getting short of ideas? Don’t worry; try watching cartoons or what about doing some colors in the coloring book?

Kids have the power of imagination. Try imagining what you are lacking in your lives.
Don’t lose your spirit. Remember, becoming a kid is an excellent way of attracting happiness in life.

5. Write down your thoughts


Some researches have shown that people who are in habit of writing journals or doing blogging are less likely to feel themselves alone. In fact, they are more connected with their surroundings as compared to those people who are not in habit of writing down their thoughts.

Writing is a key to become systematic in life; it keeps you motivated and at times helps you in unveiling those beautiful aspects which remain obscure in the hurriedness of life.

Blogging is one such kind of positive activity which not only keeps your mind active but helps you to interact with different kind of people around the world. Once, you start doing blogging, the urge to share the beauty of Mother Nature in the form of writing and photography would never allow you to feel sad again.

Gloomy mood welcomes sad thoughts. A dejected person finds it hard to see light at the end of the dark tunnel, he is in need of some friend and pen and paper is one such friend which in any case never let you down.

6. Watch movies


Some people prefer reading books over watching movies but when down in spirits, it’s advisable to watch your favorite movie. There’s this kind of power in movies that you not only find yourself laughing at some comic scene but also find yourself pondering over some inspirational quote in the movie.

Watching a good movie with family and friends is a fun process, it soothes down nerves, and it relaxes our mind.

Apart from reading books watching movies can also be a source of attracting happiness in life.

So, in the presence of all these opportunities to attract laughter in life, there’s no need to become sad anymore.

Now what do you think about these ways of becoming happy? Do you have any other idea to attract happiness in life?

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Gratitude journal day 1


Yesterday, I came across a post on huffingtonpost. It was about benifits of keeping gratitude journal. The idea of maintaining one seemed nice and after reading it, I thought it’s been a long time that I haven’t sit and spend some time over this topic and thought to maintain my own online gratitude journal for atleast three consective days.

It’s ten in the morning when I’m going to read and make some changes in a draft which I wrote two and a half hours ago. The list is in no particular order and I’m going to keep it the way in which my stream of thoughts bombarded my mind this morning.

  •  I’m grateful for watching cricket match on TV with my siblings. After a hectic day watching this sport in evening helps in relaxing our minds. More than anything else it’s the first international match with foreign players playing here in Pakistan since 2009 terrorist attack on the then visiting Sirilankan team. It’s been a long time and people are looking happy about the return of cricket in country.
  • I’m happy and blessed to have a wonderful elder sister who despite being married always finds time in hearing my long speech on phone. She lives in another country but due to whatsapp and her caring nature she always seems near.
  • After watching some videos on youtube about killer whales, I explored a lot about them on internet. It feels good to learn about whales who preferrerd to live in families. The mother whale whose average life span is estimated somewhere around 90 years took care of her children throughout her life. I’m grateful for my internet connection which has helped me in exploring a lot about whales.
  • My Samsung Glaxy Tab is of Red color. I also have my mobile phone but I preferred to set morning alarm on my tab. I’m grateful to it for waking me up 5:30 in the morning. Offering the morning prayer is best way to strengthen your bond with God Almighty.
  • I’m grateful to hear all these morning voices outside. Sitting on top of trees, birds are chirping. Somewhere near the gardner is busy mowing lawn grass. It’s seven thirty and it’s school time. Two or three houses from my home, crow is sitting on wall. It’s harsh voice is giving background touch to noise of cars and motorbikes on road. I don’t mind hearing all this disturbance. It shows that life never rests, it moves on.
  • The sun is shining and the day is bright, I’m happy to start a brand new day

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It’s been almost an year that I wrote this post titled happiness is… on my blog. The list in a post is very close to my heart. My apologies for not creating hyperlink here.