Happiness is…


Silky, soft and sunny side up fried egg is a treat to watch. For me the happiness is to see this perfect shape fried egg.


Happiness is to help my younger sister in her studies. My sister is in ninth grade, she has to appear in board exams this year. In the beginning she was facing some problems but these days when she’s showing good grades in her tests and is looking calm and relax, I’m happy for my sister is happy.

washed laundry.jpg

Happiness is feeling the scent of washed laundry. In the warm summer putting washed laundry on cloth line feels refreshing.


Happiness is discovering some drama by chance and later finding it to be of high quality. The enjoyment gets double when family members also joined you in this adventure. It’s fun to watch your favorite play and later to read its quotes on imdb.


Happiness is to wake up in the middle of the night and find it’s still time before your alarm clock goes off. The priceless moment in the morning when someone is in the washroom and waiting for your turn you take a deep sleep is sure a moment of great satisfaction.


Happiness is eating corn, happiness is eating tomato with salt.


Happiness is to read some old posts on your blog.

Happiness is to find some time for writing after a hectic day and last but not least, happiness is to go through some old conversation in your comment section.

It makes you feel to realize the fact that if there’s anything important in life then it’s our connections.

While conversing with people around the world, the experience I’ve gained is a continuous source of joy and happiness for me 🙂

Happy Birthday Pakistan!


Today, was a bright day. You’ll probably think that it would be a sunny day. Perhaps, you are right but today we celebrated the birthday of my country and I’m glad that my land has turned 68.

May be you won’t feel anything unique when I’ll say that I love my country. But, there is a passion in my love. My ancestors were there to witness the miracle of creation of Pakistan. My parents have lost their grandparents in partition. The pain is deep but the sufferings of partition have made me realized the importance of independence and I know the worth of freedom.

This very day, I woke up early in the morning and offered my prayers. Later, we hoisted flag and enjoyed listening to national songs.


Green is the color of my country. So, my sister and my niece enjoyed wearing green clothes.



It was a national holiday and all my family was at home. We enjoyed our time together.

It’s not an exaggeration but there exists a charm in the beauty of my country. No doubt, there are difficulties but I know only one thing and that is no matter what I‘ll be known as a Pakistani.


naga parbat

Pakistan is my identity. It is my land and it is my duty to keep my home clean.

It’s 8:00 pm, and before the clock will strike 12, I’m taking an oath that I’ll never forget my duty towards my country.

I’m proud to be Pakistani.

Long Live Pakistan

Pakistan Zindabad!

(Landscape pictures courtesy Dawn)

The story of my Grandmother


Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return. My grandmother has passed away and the life for my whole family has been changed forever.

She was known for her farsightedness and her in-laws admired her for her judicious decisions. At the time of the death of my grandfather, she was only 35 but she appeared to be an epitome of great courage and like a hen she provided warmth and kept her children safe under her feathers.

The Eid for Muslims is an occasion of happiness. After offering our Eid prayers, we were in a habit of gathering around her. The fairies of mirth and happiness used to dance in her room and I can recall all those moments of joy and laughter.

I could recall the traces of pleasure and satisfaction on her face and the contentment which she used to feel in the presence of her children and her grandchildren.

The day before her death, she visited a doctor. The doctor examined her and gave a pat on her back. He said that she was doing very well. My grandmother was so inspired by that gesture that she said to my aunt that when her grandchildren will become doctors they will also encourage their patients in that way. (My sister and one of my cousin are pursuing their medical degrees)

On the day of her death, she recited Holy Quran and offered her morning prayer.

After some time, she felt difficulty in breathing. In no time, she was rushed to the hospital. The doctors did their best, but they couldn’t revive her. Before losing her consciousness, she was reciting the kalima (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). She insisted on calling upon her children and lost her consciousness.

Many occasions will come and we’ll gather again. Life goes on and there will be many moments of joy and happiness in our lives. But, nothing will compensate for this loss. This void of our lives can never be filled.

I have realized that time flies quickly so seize every moment and take a very good care of your loved ones.

May Allah bless her highest rank in Jannah (Ameen).

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One of the precious picture of my grandmother

Holiday is a great fun!

I love to take family pictures. I believe that these moments of merry gathering possess a strange power of healing.

Last year my family decided to make a picnic. My aunt is quite good at cooking. She fried chicken and made some special dishes.

Children were especially excited. Here are some memorable photos which I’d like to share. These pictures are a great reminder of that friendly day in cold December, which was kind enough to give us an opportunity to sit together and spend some time in love and laughter.

The most memorable moment is indeed eating together.







These smiling faces of my niece and my cousin depict the innocence of childhood.







Childhood is all about enjoying each and every moment of life.







Sprawling on a grass is a great fun.







Kids enjoy riding on merry go round.









These pictures bring a smile to my face and they often remind me of my favourite song.



Here are the lyrics of this song

Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
What a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday
Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
Sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
It’s a holi-holiday

There’s a country fair not far from there – heydiheydihoh
On a carousel the dingdong bell – heydiheydihoh
On the loop di loop we swing and swoop – heydiheydihoh
And what else we’ll do is up to you – heydiheydihoh

Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
What a world of fun for everyone, holi-holiday
Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
Sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
It’s a holi-holiday

Well, I’m game
Fun is the thing I’m after
Now let’s a’live it up today
Get set for love and laughter

Well, let’s go
Time isn’t here for wasting
Life is so full of sweet sweet things
I’d like to do some tasting

Dear Reader, thank you for reading this post.

I’ll be very glad if you’ll be kind enough to let me know about your own special moments of joy and happiness with your family.

Take a very good care of yourself:)





My little sister!








That foggy day of December 25 is associated with the birth of my little sister. She was so soft that she looked like a stuffed doll. Her hair were golden and she was simply adorable.

We were all very excited. We captured each and every moment of her life. Here is the picture of her first baby food.







The appearance of her first baby tooth was a great fun. She was drinking water from the glass when we heard the unusual sound of ” tick tick”. That was a moment of great joy for us. We simply celebrated that unforgettable moment.







She loved to play with dolls and my father used to bring stuffed dolls for her.







She was quite happy on her first day at school. Here is her picture on her first day at school.









She loved to go outside. Parks had always remained her favorite place for outing.







My mother used to sew special frocks for her. Here is a picture of my sister wearing one of the beautiful frock sewn by my mother.







Her birthdays have always remained a special occasion for us.








Recently she has turned 13. She loves to write and she is quite good at cooking. I guess she is more mature but she is still afraid of Maths and to this day I haven’t found anyway to minimize her anxiety for Maths:)







Time flies quickly and we don’t realize it. So, I have decided to refresh those lovely moments of joy and happiness.

This is my way of showing my love for my little sister.







Stay Blessed and always remember me in your prayers!