My student is making progress.


When mother of my six year old student initially came, she was  worried about her kid who was reluctant to write with her.

Her son was enjoying doing reading at home. He could answer comprehension questions well but when it came to writing, he simply refused to express his thoughts.

Mother wanted my help and I was eager to try.

On first day, before starting our class, I took him to window and asked him to explain what he was seeing outside, he replied that the grass was green and the sky was blue with white fluffy clouds in it.

It was our warm-up session. After he did reading from manual, I encouraged him to move toward workbook and worksheets.

At first, he got confused because I was asking him to do something which was a least favourite thing for him.

In order to show my love for him, I gave him a quick hug which brought smile on his face. Later, I asked him to give me a high-five so that I could check his energy level.

He liked that activity.


Before start of the class when I was going through this worksheet, I prepared some questions that could help him in writing better about picture but it didn’t require much effort on my part as being a kid, he loved imagining what was going on in a house and wrote about a person who was sleeping in it.


This, I’m poem he composed is lovely and close to my heart.

I’m happy that my student is enjoying doing writing with me.

I’m small and my age is six.

I wonder why the sun is shiny?

I hear your secret.

I see a walking monster.

I want a new pencil box.

I’m small and my age is six.

I pretend to be a spider man.

I feel hot.

I touch pencil.

I worry that shopkeeper won’t give me a bat.

I cry when my sister hits me.

I’m small and my age is six.

Lion and a mouse


While lying in a bed, my sister asked her three-year-old some questions. The conversation between mother and daughter went something like this

Mother: If you’re walking in a jungle and a lion comes, what would you do?

Daughter: (with confidence) I’ll beat him so hard with hanger that he’ll start bleeding.

Mother: (trying to put her daughter in different situation) what would you do if you’ll find mouse there?

Daughter: (quite innocently) I’ll run fast and come to you.

Mother: (Now put her five-year-old son in a scenario) what would you do if you’ll find Ayan in jungle?

Daughter: (again with confidence) we will both take out our lighters and will start looking for lion in a jungle.

Choke-masters South Africa live up to their tag

South Africa team

For girls “choker” would be a necklace or a band that fits closely around their necks but a person who fails to keep his nerves calm at crucial moments is also known as “choker” and in the world of cricket this term is reserved for “South African” team.

An idiom “monkey on the back” means a serious problem which is hard to forget and this word “choker” has now become a monkey on the back of South African team.

Since 1991, the team has participated in six world cup events. In every event they have performed well but despite playing good cricket, South African cricket team has developed this identity of getting choked at crucial moments that the semi-final of world cup 2015 saw them putting a tough target but in the end they left the ground whimpering.

players crying

Recently, I was reading an article by a sport’s psychologist in which after ascertaining the situation of South Africa cricket team, he prescribed yoga as a relaxation technique for them. For, it’s a common perception that the team works so hard in ground that they find little or no time to enjoy their game.

Truth be told, mere hard work cannot always guarantee a successful result and it’s been a long time that while working as a teacher at school, I experienced the same.

With no prior experience, teaching kids was a hell of a task for me. The boys are generally considered to be full of energy but my class was a “basket full” of energy.

In those days, I longed for an opportunity to leave that job but before quitting I decided to give it another chance.

I noticed that though I was working hard but deep in my heart, I was not enjoying my job. I wasn’t happy of my designation but once I accepted the reality, things started to change.

Getting back to cricket, in every game South Africa enters like a strong contender but it was painful to watch them leaving whimpering in 2015. At times, it seems that they’re not enjoying playing their game. They appeared burdened and it’s been a long time that in every world cup event the history is repeating itself.

Not sure when this “jinx” is going to break but one thing is for sure the day the South Africa started to enjoy their game will bring refreshing change for them. For, a mere victory can break this jinx for them.

That being said, I like to share some of my old memories here. Back in 2013, my students made these beautiful drawings for me 🙂

My student made that beautiful drawing for me.

This is one of my personal favorite.



The things that do attain love


The love of parents for their children is unconditional. There’s no jealousy involve in this relationship and my mother never forgets to mention it. She’s very right in reminding us this message again and again, for we the children often forget it.

The other day, I was reading the poem the things that do attain love which somehow reminds me of a large collection of pictures in my home. There’s this vivid memory from my childhood when my mother would dress us in nice and colorful clothes. Those were the days of photographic film cameras. Mother didn’t want to waste that film. So, she asked us to clap or laugh.

The whole exercise was meant to make the picture memorable and when all the pictures were taken, the film was sent to develop and then the long hours of wait started.

That was the pure and unconditional love and “Henry Howard” explains it in these words

MY friend, the things that do attain

The happy life be these, I find:

The riches left, not got with pain;

The fruitful ground; the quiet mind;


The equal friend; no grudge; no strife;

No charge of rule, nor governance;

Without disease, the healthy life;

The household of continuance;


The mean diet, no dainty fare;

Wisdom joined with simpleness;

The night discharged of all care,

Where wine the wit may not oppress:


The faithful wife, without debate;

Such sleeps as may beguile the night;

Content thyself with thine estate,

Neither wish death, nor fear his might.

Neither wish death nor fear his might: this is the most beautiful message here. Do you feel the same? What other message in the poem do you like?

A walk to school

walk to school

Prompt: How did/do you get to school: bus, walk, drive or bike?

On drawing the curtains of my school memories aside, the details of those dreary winter mornings often become visible when on hearing the mother’s voice we reluctantly left our warm beds. It was cold and mother knew everything and in order to provide us relief; she used to warm our sweaters in front of heater.

Later, halfheartedly we ate breakfast and by the time we were ready to get into our car, the color of sky started to turn blue. The journey to school meant a drive of forty five minutes. That was a tough routine but my father never showed any sign of distress.

I remember there was a bakery on our way to school. I and my sister loved to eat its fresh buns and for a long time they remained our favorite school lunch.

The day we moved into our new house that routine changed.

The new home brought school on a walking distance and we children started to enjoy that new aspect of life.

Never before I had ever witnessed the beauty of sunshine and my experience of walking to school early in the morning took me closer to my environment. I can recall there was a ground in front of our house and instead of taking a walk on street , I and my sister preferred to cross that ground.

In that process my polished shoes often got mud on them. I was so scared of uniform inspection that I started to put a piece of cloth in my bag. So, by the time I reached school ,I found some time to clean the dust from them.

In summer walking back to home was an unforgettable experience. Under the sweltering heat of warm sun, my black leather shoes burned like fire. It was a distance of hardly seven minutes but often it seemed that that distance would never end and only the idea of drinking cold water and sitting in front of room cooler gave us strength and we continued walking towards our home.

In those days it all seemed a burden. The routine was tough and the days seemed hectic but today looking back at that time, I can conclude that in the absence of any harsh realities of practical life and in the presence of innocent school friendships, I swear that was the best time of my life.

(Image courtesy: Google Image)

A stroll down memory lane

On drawing the curtains of my memory aside, I had always found myself playing with my siblings.


Our home was a place filled with toys and to be honest my parents remained more interested in imparting the love for books in us. So, the gift on my sixth birthday was not a toy but it was a children magazine.

It was a time when I was learning to read and my parents thought that a magazine would be a nice gift for me.

I remember, once my parents bought us some books which include a book of Ladybird’s series of learning time and then there was a colorful book about the villages of Asia. I wish I could have them today but I’m lucky to find this picture on Google.


The pleasure of reading and feeling the pages of those books is difficult to express in words and never in my life, I had ever come closer to such an experience again. For, kids tend to develop a strong bond with the pictures and I can vividly recall the colorful illustrations of those books.

Well, I won’t like to appear Matilda here but the prompt reminds me of those sweet days of my life when I find pleasure in reading books and truth be told, for a long time I can’t sleep without listening to stories. Yes, my elder sister was a great storyteller.

One thing more it’s not an exaggeration that never in my life I had ever sighed for some toy. For, my parents had always kept us busy in reading books and I guess they were wise enough in taking that decision 🙂

A visit to grandma’s house!

The elder siblings were worried about their little sister. They were jumping and they were making noises but the two year old was constantly weeping and the aunt was trying hard to make her calm.


This is the story of five kids. Their parents were out of city and they were staying at their grandmother’s house for a week.

The aunt tried hard and within days the little kid developed a strong connection with her. She felt satisfaction in her presence and they both started to share a strong bond.


The kids enjoyed their stay at their grandmother’s house. At the end of the week, the parents arrived to pick their kids. Kids were happy but the grandparents were sad.



This past week, my nieces and my nephews kept me busy. I found little time to read and write. My apologies for late response. I’ll try to catch up with your posts.

And yes, I’m missing my little niece 🙂


Sunday is a Fun Day!


One more week and there would be an end to “Summer Vacations” in Schools. My sister and my niece are both looking excited.

The days are passing quickly and I’m observing a mixture of feelings upon their faces. The mere idea of meeting school friends after a long time has made them thrilled.

And, like kids they are also worried about the fact that they haven’t got any chance to go outside in these vacations. So, this Sunday was a “fun day”.

Today, they enjoyed their time in a garden and I spend my time in taking their pictures. Though, my niece is quite angry with me. She’s of the view that my act of taking picture was an interruption as she wanted more time on swings 🙂

Despite her unwillingness, I succeeded in taking these pictures.

And while, finishing my post I’m thinking about my own school days. School days are precious. Aren’t they?





3 Days, 3 Quotes- Day 2


This is day 2 and I’m thankful to afairymind for this interesting challenge. These days my nieces and nephews are here. It’s summer vacations and these days my house is a real mess. My nieces and nephews are naughty and I’m worried about my books 🙂

In fact, walls of my house are shaking with fear and crockery in the kitchen is praying for its life 🙂

And, to tell you a truth this is the beauty of life. These precious days of their childhood are priceless. So, this quote is a reminder for myself.

There presence here means a lot to me. So, I’m enjoying my time here.

What about you? Are you ready to live in a moment?

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