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November 18, 2016

In these past five years, I had been living in a house where in the absence of any kind of traffic noise, my ears got accustomed to hearing nothing but songs of birds.

The window of my room which was on the first floor of that small double story home opened in terrace, my blogging journey started in that room. So, while hearing the chirping of sparrows and observing the shades of sunlight filtering through the green leaves, my mind started to work and my fingers never failed to keep pace with it.

It’s been a week that we have moved to a new place. This new home is better; it’s bigger and airy but the thing which is disturbing me is traffic on road. All day long, I can hear the noise of motorbikes, cars and buses outside. Previously, my house was located on a street where during the day children remained busy in playing cricket and sitting in my room and while working in the kitchen, I could hear the sound of moving tricycle which was a signal that twins had come on street.

Trying to remain optimistic, I can take this traffic outside my home as movement of life but if there exists any difference between that noise of children on that street and this noise of vehicles here then it’s nothing but the fact that in that crying and laughing voices of children on street, I found hope and this sound of traffic reminds me of moving life which remains indifferent to its surrounding.

November 21, 2016

It’s eleven ten in the morning when here in my bedroom sitting on my bed, I can observe sunlight coming through window and making shades on my bed. These days when nights are getting cold, days are also losing their warmness and when I can hear the footsteps of winter approaching, I am enjoying this golden sunshine in my bedroom.

Three days ago while writing, I was kind of sad about change in my environment but right now I think that sometimes change is good. For the change negates the concept of monotonous life, it keeps us alive.

On October 26, I wrote this poem Creative day and then got busy and didn’t find time for writing. Today, when I’ve finally get my internet connection back, I’m posting what I’ve written and saved on my laptop.

On November 18, I was down in dumps and this very morning when I was observing the shades of sunlight, I could find myself in high spirits. I ‘m posting what I was feeling and while re-reading these thoughts, I’m convinced that nature can evoke different feelings in us, I’m happy that this morning, golden gleam of November sunlight helped me in getting back to writing.


Starry Sky


Tired of this rat race

I want to embrace nature,

No phone, no worries

Glitter of light in the sky

I can feel magical stars.

This post is written in response to Silver’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #2 Magic & Glitter by Silver Threading.


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I like grapes


Previously, I was trying to write that there are some slight issues with my laptop but now I’ve edited it for I can’t help  mentioning truth here. These days my laptop is facing lots of issues. It not only gets heat up but it also starts vibrating when I try to move it while its on and in order to soothe my nerves and relax my mind, I’ve chose above picture as my desktop background.

I like green color and I like grapes. This past week when I was getting tired of looking at the appearance of my blog, I decided to change its header image. I selected a picture of a bunch of grapes with a background effect of bright sunlight shining through them. Yesterday, my sister was looking down in spirits. She normally shows no interest in my blog and when I asked her to have a look at my new header image, she came with reluctance and the moment she saw grapes, a refreshing smile appeared on her face.

Two weeks ago, mother wanted to watch some movie on my laptop and when she looked at the above picture of green grapes on my desktop she exclaimed with joy that it was a lovely picture.

It’s interesting that how a mere look of some refreshing pictures of fruits can bring smile on our faces and this very moment when I’m also smiling, I’d like to share this new tagline of my blog.

Probably you have heard it before but I need to remind myself this message that with sweet and sour experiences, life is full of colors.

New and different day !


Once on getting out of hall, I felt that golden rays of yellow sun were smiling at me. Walking down the stairs, I noticed my friends were looking calm, standing in pairs; they were all busy in talking.

On my way back to home, we met with severe jam on road. It was hot and the car’s A.C was also not working. My father sitting in a driving seat was getting angry and my mother who normally remain calm in such situations was looking frustrated while I on a backseat was feeling relaxed.

The reason is simple, for my parents and for everyone on road, today was an ordinary day but for me this day was a special day…




Two faces of Mother Nature


The idea of taking a day off appears refreshing. It helps in rejuvenating one’s mind and today when I’m writing after fifteen days, my mind is fresh and while typing; my fingers are actually cooperating with me.

It seems harsh and it appears horrible but there’s this strange aspect of Mother Nature that if it is calm and kind then it’s also rude and harsh.

Helen Keller in her autobiography writes

“Miss Sullivan had taught me to find beauty in the fragrant woods, in every blade of grass and in the curves and dimples of my baby sister’s hand… But by this time I had an experience that taught me that nature is not always kind.”

Sitting alone on the tree top, little Helen experienced the sudden change in her surroundings. The warm and calm sun disappeared and as trees swayed and strayed, she realized that the thunderstorm was approaching. On that day her teacher ultimately rescued her but young Hellen learned a lesson from her experience.

She writes

“Nature wages open war against her children, and under softest touch hides treacherous claws.”

That was eleven in the morning when I drafted this piece and while looking outside the window of my room, I found my terrace bathed in morning sunlight. Hopping and jumping among the green leaves, sparrows were busy in uttering the notes of mirth and joy. Under the calm and kind sun, the green leaves were casting majestic shades. Today was a scenic morning but it all appeared indifferent to the chaos that has occurred down in my garage.

In the lamp hanging down the roof of car porch, there’s a bulbul birds’ nest but when the sparrows were busy in singing their merry songs, the stillness haunted the nest. For, the two of the baby birds are missing and in the absence of both father and mother birds, one of the eggs lay unattended.  The nest was quite safe and we’re not sure about what calamity had struck it but we can assume that some predator has devoured the baby birds and being afraid the bulbul bird has also left her nest.

There exist this stark contrast in nature and Thomas Hardy Shakespeare of English Literature beautifully describes it in his writings. Unlike Browning who only praises nature, Hardy accepts nature with all its fury. So, when Browning says

God is in His heaven

All is right with the world

Thomas Hardy writes

“If a way to the better there be

It implies a good look at the worst.”

Ugly as well as beautiful and dark as well as calming, there exist both sides of nature and when Thomas Hardy advocates these phenomena in his novels; I can’t help relating it to the situation outside my room.

I’m sure this is what life is all about. The short lived moment of happiness and joy require our attention to embrace it wholeheartedly and the long and dreary nights of darkness demands an alert and intelligent mind to ascertain the situation and to quote Hardy one needs to take a good look at the worst.

Baby birds

baby birds

Those were some warm days of June 2015 when I took these pictures and today while going through some of my older posts, I decided to share them again. In my house there’s a lamp above the car porch and the Bulbul bird thought it would be a nice place to design her nest.

For some days the father and mother birds preferred to remain closer to their nest and one night when mother bird finally decided to spent her time in her home, I made a reckless mistake.

In my excitement to capture the moment, I quietly mounted a stool and slowly took my camera closer to the nest but what happened next is a history, for the bird got frightened and left her nest.

My parents were angry, for in the middle of the night my act of capturing a picture has created a whole trouble and I was so embarrassed that the whole night I continued watching a dream about a bird.

Luckily, in the morning the birds were back and I took a sigh of relief. For, previous night everyone at home was so angry that I was considering myself to be a culprit 🙂

In the next days I remained conscious and with some help from my mother, I succeeded in capturing these pictures.





My parents weren’t satisfied so they made this protective layer of cloth beneath the lamp.


In this whole process of making a nest safe the birds made a lot of noise.


After some days of finishing this stunt of making a protective layer, I decided to look for eggs.The shape of the nest was such that despite standing on the ladder, I wasn’t able to look inside. So, I took my camera closer and clicked the button. Once, I got down I was happy to see the picture of these eggs.


After some days of wait the baby birds finally arrived.


They were pink and featherless.


Within days they were big and they looked ready to fly.

Freshness in air


Sitting on a new office chair in front of my computer table, I’m enjoying this new working environment in my room. Outside, the song of chirping sparrows is a welcome note for a spring. February is already packing up and it’s time for March to appear on screen.

It’s such a joy to get rid of sweaters and warm clothes. For, the winter remained strict in its rules. I wasn’t supposed to open the windows and doors and this morning when the door in the corridor is open, I can see the shades of genial sunlight on my terrace. Under the tickling sensation of morning sun, the green leaves are smiling and hopping and jumping among the branches of climbing leaves, sparrows are busy in eating birds’ seeds.

They’re large in number, I haven’t count but I suppose they are almost sixty in count and when their beaks peck the seeds spread on floor then that collective movement produces a rhythmic sound of “tick tick”.

It all looks majestic.

After cold winter, I like this waft of warm freshness. Nonetheless, it gives me hope and no matter what it encourages me to move forward 🙂

Poppies in October!


Even the sun-clouds this morning cannot manage such skirts.

Nor the woman in the ambulance

Whose red heart blooms through her coat so astoundingly—


A gift, a love gift

Utterly unasked for

By a sky


Palely and flamily

Igniting its carbon monoxides, by eyes

Dulled to a hault under bowlers,


O my God, what am I

That these late mouths should cry open

In a forest of frost, in a dawn of cornflowers 

(Sylvia Plath)


This morning is bright and with sun smiling in the sky, I’m glad that I’m reading this beautiful poem.

While searching on internet, I came to know that Poppy is a symbol of death, peace and sleep. Its red color symbolizes death and perhaps it’s a reason that “Remembrance Day” is also known as “Poppy day”.

The poetess describes Poppies as a symbol of hope. For, the woman lying in ambulance is also spell bound. Sylvia Plath is talking about her earlier suicide attempt and her good luck of surviving it. Indeed, it’s an unasked gift from a sky and these scarlet color poppies act like a whiff of fresh air in a forest of frost.

Have you read this poem? What are your observations regarding these flowers?

Sunday is a Fun Day!


One more week and there would be an end to “Summer Vacations” in Schools. My sister and my niece are both looking excited.

The days are passing quickly and I’m observing a mixture of feelings upon their faces. The mere idea of meeting school friends after a long time has made them thrilled.

And, like kids they are also worried about the fact that they haven’t got any chance to go outside in these vacations. So, this Sunday was a “fun day”.

Today, they enjoyed their time in a garden and I spend my time in taking their pictures. Though, my niece is quite angry with me. She’s of the view that my act of taking picture was an interruption as she wanted more time on swings 🙂

Despite her unwillingness, I succeeded in taking these pictures.

And while, finishing my post I’m thinking about my own school days. School days are precious. Aren’t they?





Baby birds have finally arrived!

There is a pin drop silence in my home. My nieces and nephews are gone and I’m missing them.

These fourteen days were very busy and I found little time to read and write. So, my apologies for late response 🙂

Now, I like to share these pics. Remember reading about “Bulbul bird” in my home. Yes, the baby birds are here and both father and mother birds are excited.


They were pink and featherless
The third one was yet to come
I can’t believe. Within days they looked so big


These days the parents are vigilantly observing their babies. The little birds seem to be naughty and I guess they are ready for their first flight 🙂