A new start

Author Tim Wynne Jones considers writers to be like crows, much like crows, writers like to steal shiny bits of the world and hoard them away in their nest.

For a writer, his story is his nest.

I’m not sure what went wrong but life was moving so fast that I found it really hard to keep pace with it.

In all these months when I was not writing, I was busy observing.

A lot has been changed in my surrounding and we’re finally here in our newly constructed home.

Away from city, this society was originally a mango orchard. There are still lots of mango trees here and these mango trees are home to birds.

Some of these are rare birds.

In city, I never saw them but here I can see lots of starlings.

Starlings are noisy birds.

Bully birds is a most common name for them.

Last month, I completed my training and started conducting after school Maths and English classes from my home.

Few months back, my niece and nephew moved with us, they’re here for their higher studies.

Apart from noisy starlings, there’s no noise of cars here but in my home in the presence of my niece and nephew, there’s lot going on.

Waking them up for school is a hectic work but a fun job that I’m enjoying doing.

Life is busy but it has never been so kind before and while I’m guilty of not writing, I’m more happy for the start of this new year.

I’m grateful for all this beauty in my life.

View from my window

New year with new hopes


It’s new year with fresh beginning in new home. I like this change in my environment for in the abscence of any kind of traffic noise, this place seems more comfortable to me.

It’s nine thirty in the morning. I’m sitting in my lounge and while writing, I can hear the sweet notes of birds that are chirping outside.

It’s cold and the sky is not yet clear for the sun to appear.

I’m happy that this change in my environment has once again ignited flames of creativity in my mind.

If you’re also one who in this previous year didn’t remain much creative or if you’re one who for some reason remained down in dumps then you should not lose hope in this new year for life is generous in giving us this one more chance in the form of time.

Once agin we’ve this year to rectify our mistakes, once again we’ve time to hone our skills and once again we’re offered with time to express our gratitude for all the blessings in life.

Wishing you all a creative and blessed new year. May this year brings lots of happiness for everyone.